Eagle Ranch Resort @ PD, before we found it….. (Part 1 of 2)

Now, now, let me tell you a story first before I proceed to tell you about this place, the Eagle Ranch Resort.

Once upon a time, we were hanging around the house with no intention to go anywhere during the long Raya/ Merdeka break. Did not want to be part of the traffic jam mah! Then, at about 11pm, dear nephew started to stir some commotion about driving to Tg Sepat and probably staying a night at Port Dickson (PD). Dear cousin got very excited and immediately logged in her computer to search for information about the route and hotels in PD.

“I think I better call up and check if there are any more rooms left. Better to have a place to stay than go there and search for one lah!”

I, still hangover from the last few trips, did not lift a finger. Instead, I went to brush my teeth, washed my face and got ready for bed when I overheard dear cousin talking foreign. Huh? Who was she speaking with? Unable to curb my curiosity, I sneaked out from the bedroom to check her out. Ohhh, she was talking to a hotel operator and confirming some rooms! Wah! Serious one, ah? We are going to PD for a night ke?

By 1.30am, the decision was firmed when dear nephew said, “We start at 8.30am tomorrow morning. Sleep now and start packing in the morning before we depart, okay?” Huh? Okay lor!

And the story ended, we went for a 2 nights 3 days trip and came back happy ever after! Ahahaha!!!

This was how the trip went:

We started an hour late, at about 9.30am; reached Klang for Bak Kut Teh for breakfast at about 10.30am. Reached FGS at about noon before departing to Tg Sepat for lunch. Lunch? Yah! And lunch was at 3pm! Hahaha!

On the way to PD, we stopped by Sg Pelek to visit a longan farm before stopping by at a stall at Sepang to buy some dragon fruits. We reached PD about 6.30pm and dear Mrs Nephew teasingly said, “Hey, why don’t we check out those hotels which signboards are lining along the road side lah?” Ya ah, why not?

First attempt: “Hello, any rooms available? Full house ah? Okay, thanks.”

Second attempt: “Hello, any rooms available? Hah? Got ah? How much per night? RM200 for an apartment with 2 bedrooms ah? We can come over to see? Can? Okay, we will be there!”

We could not believe our luck. The hotel which dear cousin booked at 1am costed RM400 per room and this one, RM200 for an apartment of 2 rooms! Must be a windfall! Wait; don’t be too happy, there must be some fishy, fishy thing to the place one. See first then only celebrate!

“There are two blocks here; the hotel block and the apartment block. The hotel block is under renovation and the hotel owns 30 units of the apartment block which we are now renting out at RM200 per night. Normal days, one apartment will cost RM400 one.”

Wahahaha! Strike gold lei! Except for the low occupancy, the unit was perfect to sleep over for one night! Facing the sea some more. Everyone was very happy!

The next day, we walked the beach, walked… oophs, drove for our breakfast (although the coffee shop was within walking distance) and finally checked out at 12 noon.

Now, where should we go? Let’s just drive to Tg Tuan’s Light House! One of the tourist site here wor, according to the internet google search. Drive, drive, drive…. Hey, did we miss a turning ah? Better turnaround before we end up in Malacca lei! Let’s drive the coastal way since we are already “lost”, and…. we found the Eagle Ranch Resort!


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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