Muzium Padi, Kedah

The next day, after visiting Gua Kelam at Perlis, we hung around the state of Kedah only.  TT told dear cousin and I that we would be going to the Muzium Padi.  Ah, that much talked about muzuem!  The last time I was there, it was still under construction.  Gee, I could not wait to see the finishings of some foreign artists drawing our local livelihood.
We had to cross this bridge to go to where we wanted.
But dear brother TT took a detour to…..
Huh?  Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia Pangkalan Kuala Kedah???
Why lah??
Wah!  Because this place was like a theme park!  Hahaha!
See!  Did not bluff you one!
What a waste to have this as an office, right??
The place we intended to go!
The left side of the building was decorated with these two statutes;
a farmer and a buffalo in the paddy “field”
(such small plot can call field meh?)!
It was interesting to see the plant before it turned into rice.
What was that pink thingy?
I was blur blur until dear Mrs TT said those were snail eggs!
Ah, I learnt something from this trip lei – snail eggs look like this one!
I never understood why management of our tourist places do not take pride in the places concerned!
It is either they do not have working toilets or the place is not well maintained!
Look at the signages!  Covered with dirt also not bothered to clean!
Information about fees and operating hours on this board at the ticket counter.
Dear cousin had to pay RM2 for her DSLR.
Okay lah, not too expensive, I say.
The moment we entered the place, after paying for our tickets, we were directed to this entrance:
Welcome to Gunung Keriang Peak“!
Eh, I thought we are here to see paddy?
What has this mountain gotta do with paddy lah?
Before anyone could answer me, I was already walking up a winding stairway to…
….a platform!
Wow!  This looked spectacular lei!
Wait!  Must find a good seat first!
Because this was a rotating platform!
Hold tight!!!
Eh, no safety feature ke?  Eg. helmet, life jacket etc?
Crazy ah you!  Just sit down and enjoy yourself!!!
Beautiful paintings on the wall!
Our country had to invite 60 North Korean artists to draw all these?
Why?  We had no local talents meh?
I must say they were beautifully drawn!
Colourful piece of different mood and life in the paddy land.
You just have to be there to see them for yourself.
These paintings look so small in the blogpage compared to it covering the full wall of the rotating room!
‘Tak sama rasa’ (Does not feel the same) one!
There were traces of peeled off painting at some places of the whole painting.
I wonder if the management will touch up on those places before more peelings take place…
Of the whole piece of artwork, these coconut trees were my favourite paint work!
They looked so real when you stood there to look at it!
Lovely!  Lovely!  Lovely! 
That I could even feel the breeze on my face wor!
So “kuah cheong” (exaggerating) meh?
The interior of the building was different from many because of its round structure!
Semi circles everywhere!
This piece of art was a maze!
Search and thou shall find your favourite politicians look alike!
Err, I thought I saw Dr M! 
There!  Abdullah also got!
There were many displayed items found in this muzuem; from hand tools to big machines and buffaloes, different types of rice, countries that produce rice and  what not of paddy!

Out of the many displays, this one was my favourite lah!  The signage read “Kucing Bodoh” which simply means Stupid Cat!  Ahahaha!  Now, now, if the rat got caught, was the rat stupid or the cat stupid lah!  It was just an old fashioned mouse trap named as Stupid Cat!  Cute name for a gadget!

Aye, I should have taken a picture with this paddy lei!  It stood at the entrance and everyone just walked pass it.  Nobody was interested in knowing the name of the parts that made up a grain of rice.  For something you eat everyday, you will not be bothered where the Embryo is or the Hull is etc, right?  Unless, you must take an exam before biting into your rice!  Ahahaha!  Oophs!  Swallowed already!  How??

Honestly speaking, to me, I found Laman Padi Langkawi more educational than this muzuem.  There, one could get hands on to plant and extract paddy, understand how the whole paddy planting process is and they also have a better souvenir shop lei!  Here, the shop was pathetic but the staff’s attitude was even more pathetic!!  Haizz….

One thing that puzzled me when I was walking outside the building;
I did not understand what an eagle, a lion and geese had anything to do with paddy!
You can find their statues displayed outside the building, just like this one at the entrance.
The only attraction here, to me, was appreciating the wall painting on the rotating platform.  If you are in Kedah, you may still want to visit this place to see the masterpiece by 60 foreigners on Malaysia’s “muhhibah” (multi racial) life in a village with paddy background!  Did they draw what they saw or was a piece of photo given to them to draw what they drew???  Do you know?
Have you visited this muzuem before?

8 responses to this post.

  1. Nothing much to read on FB and Ymail, so i decide to take a tour with you to where ever you may be taking your readers. You have missed out a very attractive exhibit found in that muzium padi – the giant swimming crawlies.May be you have tactfully left them out for fear that you might create a puking spell among your readers.Thanks for the lively tour.Stay cheerful!jl9

  2. jl9, you made it sound as if my blog is the stepchild lei – read only when nothing else is interesting! Sob!We saw the crawlies (l-e-e-c-h)! Yup, did not take pictures of them for the blog coz don't want to have my readers (fearful of them) throwing away their computers! Ahahahaha!

  3. A very sensitive lioness, that's what you are. I didn't mean your blog is inferior to the other blog la. Just like when i am reading the daily newspapers, i like to attack the sports pages first and that does not make the other pages not worthy for me to read.Just like taking part in sports, must warm up first. Sau tow moau? (Understand?)Enjoy your go-carting?Cheers!jl9

  4. LG, Visited last year during our family trip to Penang. Well, to me Muzium is not an exciting place. But anyhow, I think we should be proud of the paintinglah.HF

  5. wah wah wah… this place looks very 'ada standard' leh 😛 great painting, nice sharing, hehee.. u very good in exploring new stuff 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  6. jl9, all females are sensitive one. I, rating 2/10 saje in sensitive scale la! Hehe.Oh, talk about that go-cart ah, very chee gaik lah! Look out for my next post on my experience! Coming soon….HF, if our local artists were the ones who'd drawn the masterpiece, I would be prouder! Honest! Casendra dear, this place is worth going if you have never been; just to see the much talked about painting. Educational wise, I believe the Laman Padi Langkawi's concept is better though that is a much smaller muzuem.

  7. hye nice to met u:))actually i'm form alor star village at near muzium padi..hehee:))

  8. DQ, so nice to meet you too! Alor Star is a very nice place. I will be there again in Dec! Just could not get enough of it! So happy that you stay there! So, you still have to pay entrance fee ke when you masuk the muzium?? Hehe.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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