Gua Kelam n the Big "Pau" Shop (@ Kedai Khuan Bee)

Our recent visit to Alor Setar had us revisited Gua Kelam the second time.  The first time we were there was more than five years ago.  Wah!  Time really passed so fast lei!  This visit, our dear good friends (TT and dear wife) played hosts, taking us to places after places of interest.

To the right to Gua Kelam!
Sampai dah!
(Reached already!)
Hey, so much changes here lei.
The last time we came here, I did not even notice there was a river or waterfall and there were no benches and fences.
This signboard must be intended to the locals only since it was in Bahasa Malaysia,
translated as ‘Drawing and carvings on stones in the cave are forbidden’.
The cave entrance looked familiar but we did not have to pay anything then.
Or did we?
Entrance Fee:
Adult RM1.00
Children RM0.50
So cheap!!
Maybe they could charge a little more to have the place better maintained!
Just a suggestion….
This must be the popular tourist (local or foreign) site for photography.
We took dozens of pictures here with different poses!
Even inside the cave way, we took many pictures.
Lighting not good enough, never mind!
As long as we can take pictures of our favourite people!
See, TT taking picture of his darling wife!
Brother TT took picture of darling wife, dear cousin took picture of TT taking picture
and I took picture of dear cousin taking picture!
Guess, this behaviour became a habit already!!
 This signboard was found in the middle of the cave; introducing the history of this cave – a mining system!
Honestly speaking, there was nothing spectacular about this cave, especially after we compared it to the Mulu Caves!
Maybe the only amazing feature about this place was at the end of the tunnel we will reach a ‘garden of paradise’!
This was it!  Out of the cave, into a garden!
If you are a nature lover, you would love this garden.
Though not very well maintained, nature was still at its best!
Even the hut had grass on its roof!
Never mind lor, can still sit and picnic mah!
From the garden looking back at the caves.
We had to walk through the cave to get out of the place!
‘Caves of Darkness’?
Going into the cave from the garden was the darkest stretch because we had walked into it from the bright sunlight!
We really could not see our hands when we stepped into it!
After the walk in the darkness, we stepped into lighted walkways again….
…. until we reached the exit which was the entrance itself!
Like this picture?
My favourite picture of this place!
Cute benches!  Wonder if anyone really sat on them!
Before we reached Gua Kelam, we had passed through a small town which had one shop very popular with its ‘pau’ (Chinese buns)!  We stopped to buy some for lunch but was told that the next batch of ‘pau’ out of the steamed oven would be about tea time.  Hence, we had no choice but to try again when we were leaving the place.
If you know how to read Chinese, you will understand the three Chinese words on the wall (which means “Big Pau Shop”)!
The paus were ready for sale!
They were famous for big pau but their meat pau (smaller version of their big pau) was as good!
Even their roasted pork pau was tasty!
However, we were not very happy with their services.
They were not keen in selling their paus to strangers or visitors.
The pau sellers, who spoke Hakka, assumed that we did not understand what they said.
Err, I really did not understand but Mrs TT did!
“They were telling the other stall seller to ignore us.
They said just tell us their paus are sold out.  No take aways!”
Dear cousin quickly ordered a few more paus to eat in, which we later asked for plastic bags to take them away!
Had to use some wits to get hold of some paus lei.
Mind you, they were not cheap, okay?!
For a small village, that was!
If you are still keen to experience how snobbish they are or just want to taste their yummy pau at a premium price, you could call them to place your orders!
All the best to you!

Have you visited Gua Kelam or/ and eaten this ‘famous’ tai (big) pau?!


8 responses to this post.

  1. woot woot! next time i should go visit this.

  2. ……better than our Taman Connought "Yip-Chi-Mei" [dolly parton] big pau?

  3. Aiyarr, so snobbish. I'll have no appetite to eat those paus.. ^.^

  4. Good sharing! Err…I'll skip the bao lo, since they so 'chuin', ask them makan sendiri… Or… Sit in ordered then bite once and scream… Walau so lousy geh the pao???!! Hahhahhaha

  5. Jeff, you wanna go to the cave or the pau shop lah? a2zee, both are different in taste and to be honest, this shop's big pau is better.Sharon n Casendra dears, give me five!!! Pay money also must see face colour! But then hor, they kind of made it, got money also cannot buy wor…..haizz…. Snobbish!! I'll ask dear cousin to learn to make! Humph! Hahaha!!!

  6. Sometime when facing this the lan chao, bar bar bai bai yeong, I rather not to eat, what ever so farmous u r, so what !No point we just want to eat something, and have no reason to see your stupid, lan chao face and listening the foolish talking and unpleasent attitude, go and yat chi kei (eat yourself). No second visit. what so big deal lan chao pau !!!I visit the Gua Kelam, it a nice place to go. Relaxing walking around, and taking photos.

  7. Dear cousin, as for me, I will want to try how "good" their stuff is one time and then they can carry on with their pa-pei services. In other words, they can only earn my money once!! Must know their reason for behaving such! Once know, cukup!! Right?!Cheers!

  8. I dislike lan-si traders who think too highly about their food and cannot be bothered [to waste my time] to find out the reasons why they are so cocky.

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