Day Trip ~ Klang to Sitiawan

The Power Ladies (a.k.a. lady bosses) were in action one more time!  This time, four of us decided to have a day trip along the Coastal Road. 

“Two of you come over to our place by 8am and we will travel in one car!  Sounds good?!  We shall decide whether to take the coastal road towards Port Dickson or towards Sitiawan at breakfast!  What to have for breakfast?  Let’s go for Klang Buk Kut Teh, okay?” 

You can find the staircase up the bridge by the side of the shop.

When you head towards Klang town, turn left at the roundabout,
turn left at the second traffice lights,
drive across the bridge
and turn left, and left and left. 
You will see the railway station on your right,
go straight and the shop is on the right at the end just beside the bridge!

After breakfast, we decided to go to Kuala Selangor’s Bukit Malawati to see the Silver Leaf Monkeys
This new signage was found at the top of the hill.

There were a lot of changes at this place.
Other than new signages, we also had to buy tickets at RM3 per adult riding this tram up and down the hill on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
Formerly, we could drive our car up the hill on our own, everyday!

The famous light house on the top of the hill together with the cannons!

Where the light house was, you can find their musuem too.
Found this interesting fact there!
Do you know???

I found this picture funny!
While the humans came all the way up here to see the monkeys,
some even bought food to feed them,
the monkeys were also sitting around watching the humans watching them!
After all the commotion of
“Oh, look at the monkeys!  Oh, their babies have golden hair one!”
everyone was doing their own ‘hanging around’!
Okay!  Those who live here, please stay;
those who come to visit, please leave!
After about an hour at the hill, we took the next tram down.
No way we would walk all the way down lei!

After visiting the monkeys, we drove to Pasir Penambang for fragrance coconut juice!
Really refreshing on a hot day!

We went to a local shop, Perniagaan Yeu Hock, which had varieties of local products on sale!
Popular with its prawn crackers!
And I love their fish crackers!

Look at the ladies, needed to consult each other before each purchase!
Peeping through the hanging products and discuss also can!

One of the many seafood restaurants found here!
Built by the river.
This one had “toddy” (fermented coconut flower juice)!
Don’t be fooled by it; sweet like champagne which knocked you down when you least expected!
I only took a sip!
Ahhh….. Higs!

No rice, please!
We had steamed mantis prawns, salted eggs crabs and stir fried hard shell “lala”!
We wanted to spare our tummy space for more food later!
What a hearty meal!
Good food, good company!

After lunch at Pasir Penambang, the decision was to travel north to Sitiawan!
Along the coastal road, we found one long stretch of lotus pond.
I practically drove the car cutting from the right lane to left and emergency braked at the road side so that dear cousin could take some beautiful pictures!
“Aiyoyo!  What are you doing?!  Thank goodness, we had our safety belts on!!”
Oophs!  Sorry ah!
Got excited when I saw those beautiful lotuses seeking attention from passing cars.

Due to time constraint, we decided to forgo visiting Teluk Intan for tea.
We did stop by Sungai Besar for a  cup of coffee.
First time at that big township, which if we did not take this trip, will never knew about!

From the road to Teluk Intan, we cut left to cross the Sungai Perak bridge towards Sitiawan.
The beautiful sceneries of palm oil trees, coconut trees, paddy fields (painted in the sunset mood) feasted our eyes…
Beautiful, simply beautiful…

The moment we reached Sitiawan town, we started hunting for their popular Fuzhou specialties!
We finally set foot at Restoran Bei King and ordered their Lam Mee, Sweet Sour Fish Maw Soup, Red Yeast Chicken Mee Suah and Fried Oyster.
Wonderful choices, except their Lam Mee was not the authentic Fuzhou Lam Mee that we know, so we asked the waitress there who recommended us to one of their local popular shop!

As we were leaving the restaurant we noticed this banner next to the door.
They will be shifting to Hotel Restoran Bei King!
Better take note so that we will know where to go if we want to revisit this restaurant.

This recommended stall was located at Simpang Empat.
Drive until you find the Pekan Gurney signboard, see Digi shop on left,
turn the next left and you will find this shop.

This shop did not have any signboard; meaning it had no name one!
When you turn into the road and you can see the 731 shop on your right,
this shop is diagonally to it at the cross road.

If you want to ask for directions, ask for Ah Choong Lam Mee @ Simpang Empat and everyone there would be more than willing to direct you there.

Our Sitiawan girlfriend told us that we must eat the Lam Mee with this KOKI Kg Koh Garlic Chilli Sauce, which was found on each table at the shop.
Also, the correct way to eat this noodle is to drink down the gravy!
Slurp!  Slurp!
Really yummy yummy!!

Authentic because it had bamboo shots and thinly sliced cuttlefish!
When Ah Choong opened the pot cover, the smell of the gravy was enticing enough for us to order two bowls instead of one.
You see, we intended to share one bowl by 4 of us since we were already filled to the brim at Bei King!

By the time, we had Lam Mee for supper, at 9.30pm, we had to start driving back to KL.  We did consider either spending a night at Sitiawan or driving to Ipoh for a night but one of the Power Ladies needed to be home because she was not mentally and ‘luggagely’ prepared for an overnight trip!  Haizz, must be prepared for anything lah when travelling with people like dear cousin and I!!  Hahaha!

From Simpang Empat, we had to find our way back to Sitiawan.  We were driving on dark roads and into “cowboy” towns when we were searching for this stall.  Now, we had to find our way out!  The best thing to do would be reading road signs and asking around (if there was anyone for you to ask!). 

I tell you ah, driving on roads without streetlights were no fun especially when you have never done it before!  First you have to watch the narrow and winding road which caters only for one car at any one time.  Then you have to watch out for on coming traffic and cars overtaking them!  Then also, you have to know when to hit the hi-light and when to click back to low light so that you do not get flashes from the on coming cars!
On top of that you have to look out for signboards, trying to make out if they were blue or green boards!  Blue signboard means coastal routes while the green signboard means highways!  Worst of all would be trying to stay awake as the night grew later!
As the night grew, the song “Nien Ching Ren” was repeatedly sung by everyone in the car!  Never heard of such song?  Of course not!  I was the composer of it and we had sung it at Mulu Caves to wake the last person to get up in the morning.  Wanna learn it?  Here it goes:
“Nien ching ren, nien ching ren,
Ni yau chi lai chi lai ah,
Nien ching ren, nien ching ren,
Ni yau chi lai chi lai ah!”
simply means:
Young people, young people,
You must wake up, wake up ah,
Young people, young people,
You must wake up, wake up ah!
Happy Singing!
Oh, coming back to the post!  Almost forgot to finish my story lei.  Hehe.  Now, where was I?  Oh, ya, I was specifically being advised to drive back to Sitiawan and then follow the road to Teluk Intan/ Bidor before getting into the highway from Bidor!  I did just that!  And yet, I could not get to the highway.  Must have missed the green signboard!  Haizzz…. 
As I kept following the blue signboard, I reached a fork road; straight to Bidor and right to Tg Malim/ Sungkai.  What should I do?  Quick, call someone to confirm!  The moment our friend’s hubby came to the phone, he said, “Both ways also wrong!”  Huh??!  Now, how?! 
It was about midnight when we reached the fork road.  No way I was going to reverse and drive back where we came from!  Gotta take a chance, right?  With four of us in the car, what could be the worst situation?!  Suddenly, panic overwhelmed me!  Still, I had to keep my cool because I was the driver! 
Gee, I never knew the burden and responsibility of being one until now!  Anyway, I took the chance turning right into Tg Malim’s direction (with consensus from the rest of the gals) and found the road newly opened, without streetlights and with a temporary signboard at the end of it!  Thank goodness, it led us to the highway!  Phew!  At last!  Hallelujah!!
After all the stress in finding the way out to the highway, I needed a break from driving!  We reached the Ulu Bernam RR which we stopped for coffee and snack!  Wow!  At 12 midnight, mind you! 
We hit the road back to KL after an hour break.  Dear cousin and I reached home at 3am!  Almost 20 hours adventure of a day trip from Klang to Sitiawan!  An adventure to be remembered, for a long, long time! 
Quote of the Day:
“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.”

When was the last time you had an adventurous day trip?

12 responses to this post.

  1. ah…. Sitiawan. My kampong

  2. What an adventure you all had. I think it was high time you invest in a good GPS unit.

  3. Great reporting, LG! Malaysia is proud of you for showcasing her beauty and offerings. VIVA to you! Cheers!

  4. So admiring! wish to visit there too… 🙂

  5. hmnmn… i remembered the tram as well 🙂

  6. MK, never knew you were from there! Must get you to play tour guide for our next visit, yah? Any hills to climb there ah?Sean, for all you know the GPS would be asking me to drive the same routes I took that night! Hahaha!"Turn right and drive through the paddy field!" Ahahaha!Lily, so glad to see your comment here. Thanks for the compliment. I thought you gals said I should get a "Datukship"! Hahaha! Let's have another adventure soon, okay?!eezance, it would be a fun trip if taken with the right company! Crazy women like us will make any trips adventurous one! Hehehe.Casendra dear, when was the last time you saw that tram lah? My first time seeing it lei. Kind of fun riding it. The driver showed off sikit with every corners he made! Cute!

  7. Me ah, many many hrs ago liao :p I kind of hv a special emotional attachment to this kind of tram…reminds me the one in our zoo when I was kid…

  8. Wah, you gals really went ronda-ronda along the kampong roads until didn't know how to come home.Missed lah all that fun & noise esp Sitiawan, my mum's kampung. Next time, fun comes first b4 work.

  9. Casendra dear, wanna go to the zoo one day? Gonna be fun! Am planning to go to Singapore Zoo, the nearest n the best ever, especially their Night Safari!JK, you really missed it lei. We plan one more when you are back in M'sia, k? Gonna b a night somewhere instead of a day trip only. Don't want anymore stress like this one. Want a more relax trip for more fun! Agree?!

  10. A correction or two, LG; in Sitiawan the mee with very dark sause and a bit sourish is called "Loh Mee" and not "Lam Mee"!Simpang Empat is the crossroad where the town of Sitiawan is identified! Normally, this is the locaation of what is commonly known as Sitiawan, the town has joined up with places around it like Kampung Koh, Kampung Cina, Simpang Lima and so forth.The easiest way out of Sitiawan is to take the Kg. Koh road out to Lekir and follow the same road you entered Sitiawan to the Coast Road to Sungai Besar, Sikinchang, Kuala Selangor and home to KL.I warned you about travelling this road at night as it is not safe as it is straigth and vehicles (especially lorries) overtake recklessly. I advised taking the wider road to Ipoh but turn off from Batu Gajah junction to the Highway – further but safer at night. I suppose, you never listened to old man's advice and landed up going round and round!You are lucky no one stopped you to rob or rape! In rural roads, motorcyclist spot ladies in cars and phone ahead to their friends to set up road blocks!It may be fun after you are safe,but I wouldn't advice such a trip ever again unless you have people who are sure of the routes in your car or carry a GPS along.

  11. UV, I thought it was lor mee too but my Sitiawan girlfriend insisted that it is known as lam mee. I also confused lei.There was definitely a lesson learnt from this trip! We will not go too far for a day's trip. If yes, it has to be a 2 days 1 night trip!Thanks UV for your advices! Thanks!

  12. You wanna get it right how the foochow call the mee? It's loo mien! Haizz…late night adventure huh…until didn't know how to come back.

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