Gunung Mulu National Park: The Fast Lane in Lagang Cave

The Fast Lane’ in Lagang Cave
A short boat ride, a 500 metre walk through the rainforest and a climb up the steps to the cave entrance brings you to the beginning of your 1.5km underground adventure. This tour is unlike any other offered in Mulu. The group is limited to 12 persons and as the only ones in the cave you can fully enjoy the story of the cave’s origins.

The tour begins by torchlight encouraging you to ‘discover’ for yourself. Cave fauna is easily seen at the beginning of this trip; twinkling spider eyes stare back at you, beautiful blue Racer snakes sit waiting to catch a bat flying by, white crabs feed blindly in the shallow pools of water and the long antennae of cave crickets pickup your movements as you pass by.

As the cave becomes larger some of the best formations in Mulu are presented to you via stunning lighting. The wide plank walk path allows you to look around you and thoroughly enjoy this amazing experience.”

After the Canopy Skywalk, dear buddy and dear Labuan girlfriend declared that they could not take another cave walk anymore!  Both went to the office to cancel their participation; dear buddy with her knee problem and dear Labuan girlfriend having food poisoning!  Huh?!  Aiyah, anything to get back their refund lah!

Dear cousin and I wanted to pull out too, after our lunch, but were not allowed!  We looked too fit and healthy to excuse ourselves.  The person at the counter assured us we would love the place!
(For your information, we did not read the above website before we visited the Park.)

When the time to report ourselves, we found that there were only three person for this tour, a French guy who joined last minute, dear cousin and I!  The same lady guide from the morning led us there!

We took a longboat ride along the Melinau river again this afternoon.
The water was so calm.
This time we headed straight to the destination.

Along the way, we intruded the locals in their daily life again.
This time, they were busy washing and taking their bath; ignoring tourists like us taking their pictures while they were in action. 

WoW!  This virgin forest, really gave us a pleasant surprise!
The most beautiful trees and greens were found here!
Dear cousin and the French guy took so many pictures of the woods!
Aiyah, only three of us mah, so we took our time lor!
The guide was kind enough to wait for us and even showed us how to find insects under leaves!
She was the best guide we had for the whole trip!

Here, we no longer have wooden platform to walk on and the guide told us,
“When you walk on the ground, the chances of touching the grass and leaves of the shrubs are higher.
In other words, chances of leeches getting on you is higher! 
The best way to avoid getting one on you is to be the first person to walk through!
Because,  the leeches will be alerted by the first movement and will jump onto the second and third person through!”
Let me through first!  Let me through first!!
This cave had Moon Milk too which was found at Clearwater Cave.

This cave was unique because this worm trap can be found in this cave!
It was interesting to find such a tiny worm could build such big curtain of sticky insect trap!

Found a spider in a bird’s nest and got us wondering if it had eaten the chick!

These were traces of water hitting the surface of the rock!
Signs of strong current used to flow through this cave!  Wah!

Fossils found on the rock surface!

You can even find shark’s fin hanging in this cave!
The low ceiling of this cave allowed us to have better views of the bats hanging upside down.
Of course our lights disturbed their sleep!

Our guide stopped to find this crab for us.
“This crab is blind; never seen the sun and never had sun tan!”
“Take it out and it will die!”

Though we were as blind as the bat in this cave, its low ceiling allowed lights from our torchlight and camera flashlight to reflect brightness better than the high ceiling ones!
Also, thank goodness, we still had wooden plank for our feet!
Dear cousin was so excited when she saw this.
After awhile, she asked, “Is this thing dead ah?”
Guess so, dear, and that means you were taking pictures of a corpse!

This cave had columns too, just like the King’s Chamber.
It also had an interesting fountain from the top!  Huh?
Really, the water just kept flowing from the top into this cuppa!
This place was so low that we could almost touch this nest if we dare step on the ground!
Baby swifts crying for food!
So cute!
Our guide’s eyesight was so sharp!
She could see this spider on a rock which was about six feet away from  the wooden plank!
Dear cousin had to zoom to get this picture of the spider!
I loved strolling through this cave.
So mysterious and exciting!
Could it be the quietness, the darkness or because it was still pretty virgin?
This cave was opened to the public only a few years ago and only 12 can be here at any one time.
This is definitely a great cave to visit!!
Both entrances of the cave, the in and the out, were fenced up and locked.
Only the licence guides have the keys.
So, don’t try to sneak in, okay?
Told you, the guide got to lock up before we leave!
Sunlight!  And views of beautiful greens soon!
Back to the virgin jungle!
Beautiful tall trees, again!
Walking down this flight was a piece of cake!
After all my days walking in and out of the caves!
But having to go over and under some fallen trees was different!
We did not need to do that when we tour the other caves!
Adventure, adventure!
We took the same longboat back to where we came from.
This time we saw children having fun in the river!
What joy!  What joy!
Wish I could be like them too!
This will be our last ride along this river!

11 responses to this post.

  1. I've never thought of caves as a place to visit when I travel..but these are really beautiful. I'm motivated to explore one next time ^.^

  2. You should, Sharon, you should! There are more to come! Look out for my next blogpost!Cheers!

  3. Although I like camping, mountains and streams, seaside and nature, I am not fond of caves [too enclosed]… not until I visited the one in Halong Bay, Hanoi recently. If you are planning another trip, let me know.

  4. a2zee, I think I have caught up with your plan A-Z fever! Look out for my next post about my "One Day Trip – KL to Sitiawan"!! You will know what I mean about catching your fever then! Hahahaha!

  5. I really enjoyed my visit here. Great pictures and I love you enthusiastic descriptions.

  6. Thanks, AJ! Glad you enjoy your visit!! Cheers!!!

  7. Great imagination LG, sharks fin hanging in the cave? Fat tat lor!Very lively writing and lots of beautiful pictures to feast the eyes.Stay cheerful always!

  8. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  9. Thanks, jl9! Glad you enjoy reading this post! My imagination could be out of control sometimes though. Hehe…

  10. Why is it called Fast Lane? But I think this is interesting!

  11. HF, I did ask the guide but I forgotten if she answered me. Age is catching up, turning forgetful already! Hahaha! Yah, this cave was interesting! Told you it was my favourite of them all! Did you visit it when you were there??

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