Happy Birthday to Me… n still celebrating…..

“Happy Birthday!!!” 
I had one of the most memorable birthday this year!  The longest and furthest celebration of all!  Longest as for days and furthest as for distance!  Thankful, thankful!  Thankful to everyone who had celebrated it with me!!
Birthday started early for me this year!  Instead of celebrating the day itself, I have started celebrating from the 6th August!  Hahaha!  Thanks to dear niece who married a Japanese!  You see, her husband has recently been transferred to Singapore and the family shifted over with him.  Since they were here for holidays and it was also his birthday on the 6th, 5 of us celebrated our birthday together!!  Yeay!!!

Birthday boys n girls!
Birthdate from the left:
6th, 9th, 11th, 11th and 14th of August!
Happy Birthday to all!!!!
Best wishes from loved ones, family and friends!
Thank you!  Thank you!
Another round in Ipoh on the 10th!
Dinner at a Japanese restaurant before we walked down the road for our dessert!
“We sing birthday song and blow candle?”
No need!  Shy la!  Just give me a piece of cake and be done with it, ok?!  Hehe…
We were lured to Batu Kurau on the 11th!
Yup!  My birth date itself!
Dear Sifu could not resist in buying us lunch at Bukit Tambun
when we travelled with them to Balik Pulau (BP), Penang.
Yey!  Cheers to the birthday girl!
Yum Seng to good friends!!
Err, coconut for me lah!
Sifu insisted to get me a birthday cake that night.  So touched!
The next best thing, after rounding BP but could not find any cake house, was this;
Walls Selection’s Vienetta!
Simply delicious ~ from the heart out…..
Thank you, thank you!
We went to the Pasir Panjang beach the next morning and had a wonderful time there!
“Eh!  What are you doing, Sifu?”
“Catching sand crab!”
“Wahahaha!  Sand crab got away!!!”
Catching sand crabs was first time experience for me!
Erm, I did not catch lah!  Sifu did!  I just found a plastic container to keep the catch!
Seeing him catching them was fun!!
But when he ate one alive, it was yucky yucks!
How could he???!  Sob!
After spending two nights with Sifu and dear wife, we left for Alor Star to visit TT and dear wife.  As how our Chairman put it,” Since we are already so near, how can we leave without making a trip there?”
That night, they brought us to their Dart Club and we had fun learning all about darts!  Of course the next morning I woke up with that pain on my arms for darting the whole night!  Hahaha!
Next thing we knew, we bought the idea to travel to Songkla, since we were already so near!  Ahahaha!  Ya lor, our dear Chairman’s idea again!  We started our journey at about 5.30pm and reached Hatyai for dinner before we continued to Songkla for the night.  We checked in almost midnight and still agreed to meet downstairs to paint the town red after leaving our things in our room!  Memang gila (Really crazy)!
At Songkla that night (or should I say the next morning, since it was Malaysia’s time 1 am), we went into a Karaoke Pub to kill time. 
I was already yawning and yearning for the bed at that time!
The moment we sunk our butt on the cushion, the cushion hit the plank supporting it!
Look at our chairman, sitting as if he was at home!
It was an open karaoke and there were only two tables, including ours, being occupied!
The thick song book we had had only six sheets of English titles, the balance was all Thai songs.
We had to write on a piece of paper the song number before passing the paper to the DJ.
After we passed our first sheet to the DJ, the waitress came back to us to tell us,
“Accident.  No song, disk got accident!”
After the karaoke session, at about 3 am (our time), we went for coffee and instant noodles at a road side stall.
Here, they served the beverages with another serving of Chinese tea.
“Drink what is served even if it is too sweet to your liking.
After enjoying the original taste, wash down the sweetness with the tea provided.
That’s the right way to do what the locals do here!”
Beside our cubicle were three Thai girls who were about to leave, so we decided to ask them to take a picture for us.
Instead of taking over the camera, two of the girls (in red T Shirt) came and sat beside us!
Dear cousin asked. “How?  Still take the picture ke?”
Take lor, what to do, they already sitting beside us!
Smile!  Peace!  Cheers!
Next morning, we shopped till we dropped and almost everyone declared bankrupt of Thai Baht!
“Still got Thai money for the room?”
Oh yes ah!
Search, search, search…
Phew!  Thank goodness, got!
Singha for the guys and Champagne for the gals?  Hah?!
Me?  I drank my own bottle water!
Did not want to be knocked out mah!  Hehehe.
We drove to the beach to find the dragon and the mermaid before we headed back to Alor Star.
While dear TT was busy taking pictures for wife and with wife, I was busy taking pictures of them taking pictures lah!  And dear cousin busy taking pictures of me taking pictures of them lor!
And then, I took pictures of them taking pictures of each other!
Aiyoh, so confusing lei!
After all the fooling around, we had a proper group photo!
“Peace!” signalled our Chairman!

The drive back from Alor Star to Kuala Lumpur was about 5 hours.  Though very tired, we still met up a good friend for dinner before delivering a birthday cake to another good friend!  With that, mission was accomplished! 

This birthday I have learnt to share and give as I received.  This birthday, I have learnt that to receive joy, one must also able to give joy!

I received this cap from dear twins buddy, who saw how much joy dear cousin and I have with this bunch of new friends, offered to make this cap for its members ~ Proof of love from a dear old friend extended to new friends.  (This cap is sponsored by Prosun Sdn Bhd.) 

Thank you all for your loving attention, beautiful friendship and tender love!  Thank you for making my day special and thank you for making me feel special.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…….
Quote of the Day:
For true love is inexhaustible;
the more you give, the more you have.
And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead,
the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow.
and I am still celebrating because there is so much to celebrate in life …….

My favourite picture of the whole trip:
Dear Sifu having fun!
I want to grow old like him!
Graceful, cheerful and joyful!
70 is just a number!
It is the mind and the heart that matter!
Everything is possible!
So long as we keep our bodies able!
Way to go, sifu!
Way to go!
I want to grow old just like you!

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16 responses to this post.

  1. Happy birthday Lion Girl. One year older, hopefully one year wiser 🙂

  2. Thanks, MK! Everyone says that but I feel foolish people are the happiest coz they have less to worry more to enjoy!! 😉

  3. Happy Birthday, LG and many happy returns!..hey, thought I saw this cake in The Star's blog ^.^

  4. Sharon, you sure did see d cake in Star CB. You should see it with the gas-lighter held by sifu [the bloke is going bonkers]. He enjoys kopi-O-kau with durian and custard and now ice cream cake with banana…… I give up!#plan-a2z

  5. I saw! I saw! That's one big lighter. It represents many candles, I guess 😉

  6. Thank you, Sharon! I can see you are having fun exchange with our Chairman! Hahaha! Ya lor, crazy people I know are creative people! No candles use lighter! Imagine making a wish and blowing a lighter! Hahahaha!Cheers!p/s: Err, what do you mean many candles ah???

  7. Oops..*sweat* many candles as in 16 candles (many-lor). Happy Sweet 16 LG.. ^.^

  8. Ahahahaha! Sharon, you really know how to make me happy lei. Sweet 16 sudah long gone lah! But sedap dengar jugak! '(^@^)'

  9. "I want to grow old like him!Graceful, cheerful and joyful!70 is just a number!It is the mind and the heart that matter!Everything is possible!So long as we keep our bodies able!Way to go, sifu!Way to go!I want to grow old just like you!"LionGirl, I love this posting and particularly the above write-up of me. Thank you!You know where to enGRAVE this when the time comes.Want to be like me, must eat live sand crabs.Stay HAPPY and CHEERFUL!jl9

  10. Even though my [equally] chee-sin sifu and dear wife were early sleepers, they continued to enjoy the 2 nights with us till the wee hours. This is what I call true frenz-ship, and we found each other blogging in [soon-2-b-dead] CB.

  11. Sifu, really glad you love this posting. I love it too! You are one of my favourite "hoi sum kor" (happy fruit) big brothers! You are my Life idol too! Will definitely stay Happy n Cheerful as you advised! Love life!!!a2zee, I am really thankful to CB! It is there we found each other! Too bad CB could not stay alive but glad our G-friendship lives on! Let's work to make it last a long, long, long …… time, yah!!!Cheers!

  12. awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

  13. Thanks DSL, my twitter and facebook can be found on the left side of the blog page.Cheers!

  14. To say that you three, a2zee, you and JD travelled the extra mile to help the Lams in moving their things to BP doesn't quit justify because you travelled almost 1000 km!With good company, sleep can wait. Plenty of time for that.Stay HAPPY always!Cheers!

  15. happy birthday..Leo… so many people in August…(me too lol)…

  16. Jeff, thanks n Happy Birthday to you too!!! May you be well and happy always!!!Cheers!

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