Gunung Mulu National Park: The Mulu Canopy Skywalk!

“Nien ching ren, nien ching ren, ni yau chi lai chi lai ah!  Nien ching ren, nien ching ren, ni yau chi lai chi lai ah!”  (Young person, young person, you gotta wake up wake up ah!  Young person, young person, you gotta wake up wake up ah!)  Ahahahaha!
We had been singing this song every morning to the last person who was still glue on the bed when everyone else was up and getting ready!!  Now, this song became our theme song whenever we meet!  Oh, we had so much fun staying together throughout this trip!
When we at the Park on the first day, we had already signed up for this Canopy Skywalk.  We had the Night Shift on the night before, on the ground.  This morning, we will be doing the same but this time, in the air!  Wow!  Sounds exciting already, right?
We hurried to the meeting spot, which we had been standing many times during our days here.  Okay, how many of us today taking this tour?  Four of us, a foreign couple, and a lady guide who almost immediately ushered us. “Let’s go!”

We were taken deeper into the jungle this morning.
The trees here were tall, tall, tall!
Our guide told us not to be fooled by huge trees,
“Bigger trees do not mean older trees, you know?”
Err, can I say now I know?
Wow!  This tree was really big lei!
And very, very tall too!
See, we were like four “sor por” (crazy women) measuring this tree!
Aisay, we needed one more person to complete the measurement lei!
Even deeper in the forest, we were still walking on wooden platform one!
This was the hut we had to walk into, but it was locked  and only licenced guides have the keys, to get to the suspension bridge.
The picture a little blur because the lighting was not enough and the sun was facing the camera lah!
But can still see the hut, right?
 If you are one person who loves to read whatever are displayed, you will find you could learn alot from this place.
By learning and understanding only you will appreciate what are around you.
Our guide said, “Only three people on the bridge at any one time, okay?
I shall get over first follow by two behind.  Only when one gets off the bridge one more person can start walking from here, okay?”
Okay!  We very obedient one!
See, two on the bridge one waiting right behind!
Good girls!!
This was how the bridge was tied to the tree.
Sorry to say I do not understand the physics how it could be strong to hold us on it!
Dear cousin used to have phobia in heights but look at her, she could now hold on the railing with one hand and her DSLR with another hand for her love in photography and nature!
Bravo!  I am so proud of you!
Look at the built up of this suspension bridge!
Incredible work of art, I say!
Such precision!
Must really give credit to those who’d made these an attraction here!
These two planks bound together were our walkway on this bridge.
Solid wood used for safe walking.
After some distance, we would reach a platform supported by a tree.
This platform could be used as a look out point if one wants to enjoy the scenery of the tree tops!
Hey, being at this height gave us a different view of the jungle.
Another experience all together lei!
From the platform, the bridge looked spectacular!
You can see the platform at the end of the bridge, where the last person was standing?
There were one or two places where we had to make a turn at the bridge which was not supported by a full platform built to a tree.
Some platforms could be very narrow one!
We could see the Lang and Deer Caves’ hill from the canopy walk!
And we kept hearing the hornbills too!  Those birds were so loud! 
Okaylah, we heard you lah!  Hahaha!
You know?  The air was cooler on the ground than up here?
Why?  Because we were nearer to the sun above us!
But that did not stop us from enjoying the sceneries at this level.
Giant fern plant on the tree!  See!
A view from the top looking down!
A view at our eye  level.
Can you see a face on this tree trunk?
Does it remind you of some movie characters?
The view from the top looking over our heads!
Suddenly I felt so small standing above the ground to find something else higher than me!
About the trees:
There are so many ways we could enjoy nature and this canopy skywalk, which is the longest tree-based walkway in the World, was fun because we got to walk the bridge while peeping for life in the trees.  Though we were not very successful in catching much actions of the wild, we did have a wonderful time walking on air (the suspension bridge lah) among the trees. 
Quote of the Day:
I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Have you been to the Mulu Canopy Skywalk?

Dear cousin, JD, started her own photography blog (JM Photography) where you can find all pictures, life in this Park and more,  there! 
Visit it to enjoy nature’s amazing creations! 
Happy viewing!!


10 responses to this post.

  1. LG, Seems fun to be in Mulu National Park, I will be going there too mid August. But I will be clilmbing the Pinnacles (which I heard it is quite challenging). (duno can make it or not) hehe! As for Canopy walk, I had once when I was having my trip to Tmn Negara. Indeed a very valuable experience. HF

  2. WoW, HF, the Pinnacles is a real adventure tour! You have to be prepared to rock climb towards the end of it! I have confidence in you, girl! You can do it! Must share your experience when you are back ah!I have not been to Taman Negara. Sigh! The other time I did a canopy walk was at Hot Porings, Kundasang. It rained heavily that day so we were rushing to walk through only. This time, in Mulu Park, we really took our time and had fun!Glad you are enjoying nature too! Have fun! Cheers!

  3. LG, Thanks. I wish I really can do it. (haha). Then maybe you can go for it the 2nd time of your Mulu Trip. (I saw your comments that you may consider a 2nd time trip). hehe!

  4. HF, don't lah look me so up! May go there walk walk again but doing the Pinnacles, I have to wait for you to share your experience first lei! Make sure we go yum cha and you cerita all to me, okay?Aiyoh, I am already feeling excited for you! Mid August is next week! Add oil!!

  5. Haha, when I hear have aCanopy walk, I started er…. I have a phobia in high, will make my legs and body shaking amd faint … hahaha this time LG request me walk together with the guide cos of my fear ! Huh … unexpectedly… I avoid the fear, cos my concentrate already in the sceney and taking photos … Really I enjoy the scenery, experience, and feel fun and exciting ! Hahaha … slowly now, I hope no more phobia in high …..sigh !

  6. Waaa..beautiful scenery LG. Wish we had more trees here! ^.^

  7. Wah wah wah! Huge trees canopy walk… Awesome! Jealous…

  8. JD, next we do bungee jumping ah?! Boleh??? Hehehe.Ya, Sharon, I wish the same too! We want more trees! We want more trees! We want more trees!Casendra dear, janganlah merajuk! Make a trip to the Park and you will enjoy what I had or even more!!! Highly recommended place for all nature lovers!

  9. I suggest adding a "google+" button for the blog!

  10. Anon, I just added the 'google+' button as suggested by you. Thanks! Cheers! šŸ˜€

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