Gunung Mulu National Park: The Night Shift

The day started with the cruise up the Melinau River, a visit at the Penan longhouse market and tour of the Wind Cave and the Clearwater Cave.  We were tired when we hit the jetty to adjourn for lunch.  After our hearty meal, we went back to our room to rest.  We ended up taking a nap lah!  Hahaha!

The moment we got up, we had to decide if we should trek back to the Bats Observatory site to watch the bats for the evening.  It did not take us long to unanimously agree to take the second chance!

“It will not rain this evening one!  I am very confident!”  Erm, who said that ah?

It did not rain, alright!  And we had fun bat watching until our neck almost break!  Phew!  With good time management, we managed to enjoy our dinner first before the Night Shift tour.  Huh?  Hahaha!  I also did not know what the tour was all about!  Aiyah, just join lah to fill in the night schedule.

“Make sure you bring your torchlight!”

Guess one cannot enjoy this place if one does not carry a torchlight ah?  Should I say “has a torchlight will travel” or “don’t leave home without it”?  Hahaha!

Oh, the Night Shift simply means walk in the jungle with your torchlight to wildlife hunt!
But we were still on the wooden walkway and need not have contacts with the grass or trees!  Thankful!  Thankful!

Even at the wooden railing we could find interesting insects “hanging” around!

This insect, according to our handsome guide, was the stick insect.
Err, the same guide we had in the morning guided us for this tour too!

There were only 6 of us; 3 of our group (dear buddy did not join us because she needed to rest her knees which she over exerted in the day) and 3 other foreigners toured together.

Our Labuan girlfriend has very good night vision as she sighted most of the living souls in this jungle!
See the checked lizard above?  In the dark also she managed to sight it!
Beautiful little thing, right?

Orange grasshopper!
I must tell you this!
When we were walking around with our torchlight, most of the time we will be asking,” What? What?  Where?  Where?  Cannot see lah!”
How to see?  Only the guide had a powerful torchlight from USA.
Very expensive one, he said!

Another stick insect!
Everything also stick insect according to our guide!
But this one really stick lei!
Can bend the body some more!

To me, this looked like a cockroach!
No?  Then?

I know!  I know!
This one is a green grasshopper!
Where I saw this with my naked eyes on that night?
I only see it now, in picture lah!

Haiyoh, really salute the person who saw this first!
Cool, another lizard lah!
Another beautiful thing, yah?
Gee, think I am beginning to love lizards.
Do you know I used to have a phobia with them?!!

This iguana was the most beautiful of them all that night!
Look at its cute eyes!
Nice smile too!
Dressed in my favourite colour, yellow wor….

Another stick insect!
Or a mantis lah?
Eh, blue eyes charm lah!

Caught a snail in action!
All curled up on a twig!
Eh, its shell was different from our usual garden snail lei!

Aiyoh!  Another stick insect!
This one very difficult to see.
You gotta look very carefully for its skinny legs before you can see its body.
Good camouflage indeed!
You see it or not?!

This one ah, took us all so long to see!
Our guide kept on saying, “There!  Can see?  There!”
Where lah?
“On that branch!”
What is it?
“A tree frog!”
You can see or not?
Dear cousin saw and she snapped this picture!
Terror betul!

If I was the person walking in front, I could have stepped on this 8 legged thing!
The spider must be thankful I was not!
Who will be able to see a spider on the plantform in the first place?
Our guide of course!
Look carefully, this spider actually very attractive one!

OMG!  Another stick insect?!
Why?  You don’t know the names one meh?
I must say, even if our guide told us the names also we will not remember one.
Might as well tell us this another stick insect!

Also a stick insect?!
I don’t believe it!
No name one meh?
Getting impatient already…..
Then, this must be a “fat” stick insect!!

This one had a lady tattooed on its back!
No, the guide did not say that but it looked like that to me mah!
Interesting design, right?

I did not even bother to strain my eyes to see the pitcher plants because I can see from the pictures later.
Thanks to dear cousin.  Hehe.

Wah!  This one was so colourful!
Some wild flowers in the jungle!

Dear cousin sighted this!
What was it?
Haiyoh!  X-rated!
A small male on top of a bigger female!
Use a magnifying glass if need to, to see them in action lah!

Another wild flower!
Must be sweet because it was covered with ants!

None of us ran the other direction when someone called out “snake”!
That was the true spirit of nature lover!
What did we do?
We all started staring at it because it was sleeping!
Shhh… you would not want to wake it up!

Hey!  This frog was so small and so loveable!
It just stood there for dear cousin to snap, snap, snap!

Testing, testing!
There’s a bug on the tree trunk!
Can you find it???
It really blended well with the tree skin!
Now you see me, now you don’t
It has a black head one, can see now?!

Some rules of thumb:
1) As our guide put it, everyone must keep very quiet when trekking the Night Shift.  The louder we are, the higher the chance of us seeing nothing in the wild. 
2) Everyone must help to find and alert the rest so that everyone will benefit from this tour.  It was like a treasure hunt adventure ~ find and share!
3) Every tour is different.  Sometimes there are more to see, sometimes less.  Only we can make this tour exciting!  The more attentive we are to the nature, the more we will find!  Find and thou shall find! 

and it was fun!!!

Have you been on a Night Shift before??




3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, it was fun and exciting to me, searching the insects, snakes, reptiles, and …… in the dark. Amazing ! we must open our eyes bigger than day time to look look see see. Wow ! Taking photo, don't move come take photo, hahaha calling the insects like people ! This night shift trail I love most.

  2. stick insect is really cute! you saw so many insects in one safari night, not bad!

  3. JD, you sure had fun that night and I had to remind you to quick, quick because everyone was walking way ahead and we were left in the dark lah! Haizz, good thing no King Kong or Anaconda attacked us when we were alone! Ahahaha!Pat, there are more pictures but these are the more interesting and clearer ones. You like insects huh? Wait for the last Mulu Park post and you will see more! Cheers!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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