Gunung Mulu National Park: Clearwater Cave

After our adventures in and out of the Wind Cave (aka Cave of the Winds), we finally reached Clearwater Cave.  Everyone had mentally prepared for the worst as far as physical challenge was concerned.  Err, everyone here means the four of us lah! 

This was the starting point….

…which we had to walk up…

and up…

…until we saw this.

See those green leaves?
Our guide said,”They are unique here; known as the One-Leaf plant!”
One leaf per plant??  Huh, very unique indeed!

From the entrance itself, the cave already looked massive!

Do you see what I see?
Shadow of Virgin Mary on the cave wall!
This must be one of the attractions here… shadow watching!
Erm, sorry to say this shadow was the only one captured on camera!

I love this cave for its greens!

This cave, just different!
Different because it used to be a river and water flowed through many passages which now remain as openings like this one!

See the depth and the width of the cave!
Massive!  Massive!  Massive!

Another patch of greens!
So pleasant to the eyes!
A world of its own!

Though there was more to walk….

… there was more to enjoy!

The One-Leaf plant was everywhere and this patch even had flowers blooming!

We had to walk a long way down in the cave to get to the river at the bottom of it!

Dear cousin took as many pictures as possible before it was too dark to do so.

I just had to say it again, I found this cave the prettiest because of its greens!

This was the last picture taken before we descended to the roaring river!
It was too dark there to take any more pictures.  Sigh!

Talk about the river:
We could hear the river before we reached it.  Wah!  It was not a small stream lei, it was a big, strong, healthy river with strong current passing through the bottom of the cave that morning. 

The guide said, “No swimming here!  It’s too dark and dangerous!”  Of course lah, I would not want to fall into it and be swallowed, man!  Though it was darker at the bank of the river, there was still some visibility from the sun but more from the torch lights in our hands.  But sad to say, even with the flash lights, we could not get good pictures here.  Haizz…

The thing I enjoyed about this part of the cave was the sound of the running river, the cool air and the experience of walking on the river bank with no plants, no sound of birds or insects and no sunshine except torchlights in our hands.  Awesome!!


After the river tour, we had to walk all the way up to get out!

And I meant all the way up lei!

And once outside, we had to go all the way down!

The guide told us we were not allowed to swim near the jetty that day because it rained in the morning and the current was strong.
Aiyah, I did not even know we could swim here in the first place!
But those tourists who were prepared to swim were really disappointed with that announcement!
Sorry lah!

We came by longboat, we went back in one too!
By that time, the river was much calmer.

Everyone was already up and started attending to their chores.
This lady was washing her clothes by the river.

A little further, this guy was bathing by the river.
He must be very used to tourists taking his picture while having shampoo on his head!

This guy even waved at us!
Of course we waved back lah!!
Bye-ai!  Bye-ai!  Bye-ai!

The morning’s tour was about to end at this jetty where the tour started earlier.

Sampai!  (Reached!)
Good!  Can go lunch!  Hungry and tired already!
Then go rest, then decide if we still want to go watch bats before the Night Shift tour!

You must be wondering what the Night Shift tour is all about.
It’s gonna be the next post for sure, so look out for it lah!

Coming soon…….

We found this interesting piece of information after we went back to the Park!

We learnt that Clearwater Cave System is going to be very hard to beat, as the largest volume of cave in a single interconnected system!!
Truly a sign of ignorant village bumpkins walking the cave!
Did not even know what we had step foot on;
seen it, done it then only know it!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes after the Wind Cave we go to this Clear Water Cave, I tot we can swim, but dare not to swim there, just feel not safe ! Yes, again taking photos. I regret I didn't bring my camera tripod, I can take better photos then. Feel cool wind in the cave, adventure and amazing.

  2. I like this Cave.

  3. JD, I enjoyed this cave alot too!Pat, to me, this is not the best cave! My favourite cave post is coming soon! Look out!!

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