Gunung Mulu National Park: Cave of the Winds

The end of the cruise along the Melinau river, in the longboat, ended here and our guide told us to turn right first!  Yup!  We headed for the Cave of The Winds before the Clearwater Cave!  Err, it must be an easier trek (since the Clearwater Cave was the tough one), right?  We shall see….

Turn right to the Cave of The Winds.

Did our guide explain how the cave got the name?
Yah, because one can feel cool breezes at the narrow parts of the cave.

The ascending steps began here and our gals were all ready to face the challenge!
Nobody knew what to expect at this point.

Dear tourist, please take time to read this signboard before you enter this cave, in fact into any of the caves.
It is important to understand our duties and responsibilities as a tourist here.
By abiding to the rules and regulations, everyone will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the caves.
I must say, the message on this signboard was very friendly.
At least, it did not spell out any fines or penalties, right?

The wooden platform was wet due to the rain but with proper shoes, one should not worry about slipping and falling.
They were solid and strong with good railings should one requires some support.

Though we were walking at the skirt of the hill, we need not worry about our footing because the platforms were built with strong and heavy duty wood.  One must wonder how these pieces of wood were transported here in the first place.  I did.  How ah???
The guide answered, the longboats lor…..

“I made it!  No sweat!  Pant-pant!”
Walk at your pace and you will be fine.  After all, this is not a competition, okay?

“Take my picture!  Take my picture!”
With my lousy Pentax??
So happy, at least someone appreciated my Pentax!   Hahaha!

Eee, Wind Cave?  Not Cave of the Winds meh?
Why lah, the management always could not decide on the name of the caves one???

Hah!  I told you I will show you the picture of our handsome guide of the day!
Good looking fella, right?

He was our cave history teacher for the day!
“You know?  …. You see…. And then….”
Thank goodness no exams at the end of the day!

“Right under where we stand  was a tomb!
The dead were buried here….”
Eerie!  Eerie!

This signboard explained why we should not touch the Moon milk….

and next we saw someone touching it…. Haizz…..
Why?  Never read or don’t know how to read?!

An opening from the top of the cave!
The rain may stopped outside but under this opening, raindrops kept falling on our heads!
Quick!  Cover your DSLR!!

We could see the Kings Chamber, the attraction of this cave, from here!
Gotta walk many more steps to reach it lei.

Suddenly I felt like Indiana Jones seeking for some treasures here….
Err, think I should be Lara Croft lah! Female mah!  Hehe.

I really respect those people who had found these caves, built the steps and platforms and maintain them in such good conditions making our visit so pleasant!

You must appreciate and respect these caves to enjoy touring them!

Sad to notice:
There were three ladies, of another group, yakking all the way about office politics and about guys and parties and what not while following their guide in and around the cave!

None of them were listening to the guide or looking at the formations (except each other and at the steps so that they will not trip and fall) or taking pictures of the place!! 

None of them displayed any interest in this place.  They behaved as if touring this place was just a job function which they had to complete to get paid!  Haizzz…  Why spend money to be here then???  I really do not understand!!!

Inside the cave, we were going down, up, down and up!
Yah lah, what goes down must come up one mah!
And what goes in must come out too!
Law of gravity?  Huh??  Hahaha!

Once outside the cave, we had to walk back where we walked up just now, but we must first get around…..

……. the dangerous edge of the hill, as how our guide put it!

“Please mind your steps because of the narrow platform and at the same time please mind your head because of the protruding rocks above your head!
There were a few accidents in the past few days!”

And another on the day we were there!

What happened?!
Just when we were busy looking up to avoid the rock above us and down at the narrow platform so that we would not slip into the river, some people created a jam in front of us.  We overheard the couple in front of us saying somebody hurt his head and was bleeding.  Huh?  Bleeding ah?! 

True enough, as we approached the few people stationary at a spot we saw one guy with a bleeding forehead.  Next thing we saw was one of his friend taking the camera to take the bleeding guy’s picture.  Can you imagine someone with a bleeding head smiling to a camera?? 

We understood why he could behave such the moment we passed by him; the guy was drunk!!  We could smell alcohol in his breath!  Haizzz…. Will we be cruel to say he deserved it? 

After that “deadly” corner, we were connected to the same path where we came up!

“What?!  Going down also must turn around for your camera ah???”

“What smile?  Tired lah!”

See how nature was being taken care of here?
Instead of chopping down the tree, the platform was built around it!

Clearwater Cave!

Will it be as tough as what we were being told??
Wind Cave was already challenging, will Clearwater Cave be worse???

Look out for the next post….coming soon…..

Apply your sunblock, have your insect repellant, wear your cap, wear the right trek shoes, bring your torch light, take care of your camera from the rain outside and inside the cave, have a poncho, snack/ fruits and a bottle of water in your backpack or waist pouch.


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  1. You have good points there, so I always visit your blog, it looks like you are an expert in this field. keep up the good work, My friend recommends your blog.

  2. Rachat, thank you for your kind words and your friend for recommending you to this blog.Cheers!

  3. My camera ever ready to take photos of unique nice sceneries, non stop shooting pictures…..

  4. If not for your eveready camera, there would not be so many pictures lah, JD!! Terima kasih ah…

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