Gunung Mulu National Park: Bats Watching

After Deer Cave, we went back to the Bats Observatory to wait for the bats to come out!  The sky was giving us hint after hint that it would rain but we hung on.  We prayed for the rain to go away by repeatedly singing the song with the same message. 

Then someone shouted, “There!  The bats are coming out!”

Another person had to dampen our spirits by saying, ” Those are hornbills lah!”
Huh?  So, where were the bats lah?!

We were still sitting where we were when we noticed the crowd slowly dispersing.
Their guides were telling them that the bats will not come out that evening because the rain was coming.
Oh, should we go back too? 
As we dragged our feet to leave, the rain started pouring!
Thank goodness, we had our ponchos!

Quickly dear cousin protected her DSLR and quickly I took out my waterproof Pentax!
Raining also want to take pictures wor….

When day two came, we carried on with our scheduled tour in the morning.  We were dead tired, that afternoon, when we got back to our rooms for a rest!  Err, the rest ended up a nap lei!  Hahaha!
Eyes opened saja, asked:
“Now, are we going to watch bats or not?”
Aiyah, we were like four musketeers “One for All and All for One” one!
When all say go, all go lah!

Once again, we sat facing the same direction!
Everyone was looking at this hole.  Oophs!  Opening lah!  Hahaha!
Everyone expected the bats to fly out from this place, but….

They are out!
Hah?  Where???  Nothing came out from the hole what!!

Ahhh…  They were flying from the top lah!
Yah!  That patch of black snake like pattern in the sky!

Eh?  Why one batch flew out and a few flew back?
“Those few are going back to report to the rest where to go.”
One person was telling another.  Err, true or not one???

The rest of the watch went like this:

“Wow!  There they come again!  This batch bigger than just now!”

“Wah!  This batch very long!  Still coming!”

“Eh!  Another batch coming out!  Look!”

“Look at the pattern!  Everytime different one!”

“See!  Thicker lines this round!  Awesome!”

“Hey!  Another batch coming out so fast!  Can see that new batch there?!”

“So many!  Really non stop one hor?”

“Still got lei!  Two rows!  See, see!”

“Another batch!”


“Aiyak!  Neck pain!  Still got ah?”

“Ahahaha!  When is this going to end?!”

“Hai yau ah?  (Still got?)  I better lie down and watch….”

“Why lah?  Now they are flying to another direction?”

“Still wanna watch ke?”

“I think enough lah!  We still got to catch the next tour after dinner. 
Jom!  Let’s go for dinner!  Remember we still have a long way to walk back!
Let’s go!  Let’s go!”

If you rather watch bats in motion, click ‘play’ and you will find plenty flying above!!

Our toughest cave adventure coming in the next post!
Coming soon……..

6 responses to this post.

  1. Like waves in the sea, but this, in the sky. Enchanting ^.^

  2. I tell you ah, Sharon, the first time we saw them there was so much excitement 'Wah! Wow! Woah!..' but after 5-10 minutes, it was 'well, okay-okay, they just keep coming out! Still got ah?' Hahaha! However, it is true to say it was a very good experience! To witness such good team work, moving around in one BIG family and never endng!! WOW!!!

  3. You can watch Bats pretty close, at a spot in Melbourne Botanical Garden, the "noise" is errrr…

  4. Ahahaha, Pat, that's why the video was mum! No-lah! I was talking nonsense while taking the video, dun wan all my readers to hear them lah! Hehehe…

  5. 1st day they did not come out, and we had to walk back in d heavy rain, tomorrow go again? 2nd we decided to go again, ha ! we saw them, took photos until the neck very tired, sleep on the floor there, ignore everyone around me, trying to catch some good shots.

  6. Aiyah, JD! I should upload that picture you sleeping on the floor with your camera facing the sky lah!!! So yau ying! Ahahahaha!All for the sake of taking good pictures! Salute! N thanks!!

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