Gunung Mulu National Park: Deer & Langs Cave tour

Yes, we had finally stepped foot on the Gunung Mulu National Park, checked in and all ready to begin our cave adventures!  Let the pictures take you to our first day journey in and out of the Deer n Langs Caves!

We had purposely picked this guided tour on the first day because bat watching was included in the package!  You see, here, nobody can predict the weather one and we were told that the bats will not fly out from the caves if there are signs of rain coming!  Just in case we missed it the first day, we still have the next day mah, right?  Clever, huh?

I must show you this picture and tell you what it is all about!

Dear cousin and I was sitting on the steps which lead to our room when I saw, from the corner of my eye, something moving near the wooden walkway. 
The moment I set eyes on it, I noticed it was a snake,
head dancing (swaying in fast motion) whenever it was lifted off the ground! 

Immediately I stood up, stepped back a few steps and alerted dear cousin,
“Snake!  Snake!  Get your camera ready!  Take pictures!” 
Ahahaha!  Instead of asking her to run, I asked her to take pictures of the snake! 
And she obediently took some pictures of it!
Good girl!

The wonderful thing about this place would be the wooden platforms.
Kept us above the ground from unwanted crawlies (big and small) and kept our feet free from dirt or mud!

Greens, greens everywhere!
Tall trees , tall trees, here and there!
Butterflies, dragon flies,
colourful insects flying low and high!
Centipedes, caterpillars crawling up and down!
Bob squirrels seen jumping from tree to tree!
Lizards, big and small, monitor or not
can be sighted here all the same!
Do not miss the flowers along the way
All that nature has to offer, if you are there, you will enjoy
I dare say!

Look out for the post on beauty within the Mulu Park…. coming soon……

Told you there’s lots of walking!
We were left behind because we were busy taking pictures.
Need to catch up with the rest?
No problem! 
Kan we just came down from Mount Kinabalu?
This walking on the platform was “sap sap sui” (small matter) compared to climbing the mountain lah!

Hey! Stop taking picture of my back!
Quick!  Must catch up with the rest!

Ahh, almost there!
Caves mah, must be inside some hills or mountains one,
so we were almost there when we saw this!

Gua Lang = Langs Cave
(please don’t ask me how the singular ‘Lang’ in Malay became a plural in English)
Gua Rusa = Deer Cave
(err, the ‘Rusa’ remained singular here.  Should be that way, right?)
Tandas = Toilet
There!  You just learnt some Malay words!  Hahaha!

This was the Bat Observatory place.
We should come back here later!

First, we had to turn left to the caves!

Continue walking, walking, walking.
Not too bad lah, on flat platform only.
As long as you are wearing the right type of shoes, walking should not be an issue here!

Notice different landscape and different species of plant as we got closer to the caves.
Love that small leaves tree which looked like netting from bottom up!
Can see or not?

The guide took us to the Lang Cave first.
I thought the other signboard showed “Langs” Cave.
Even the Planner (which was actually a map) from the office used the word “Langs” or should it be “Lang’s”?
Such a confusing name for a cave!
Could not even decide to use the “s” or not and where!  Haizzz…….

Inside the Langs Cave (the smallest of all the caves we visited),
we saw beautiful sculptures by nature;
of stalactites and stalagmites.
It was like we had entered into another world; a world of hard rocks waiting to be admired!
Some had spot lights on them, some needed our torch light to bring life to them!
Whatever lights used, they looked magnificent!

Looking out from inside the cave felt like seeing lights at the end of the tunnel!

Once outside, it was fresh air and sunshine again!

Aisay, non stop walking; out of one cave to walk to another!

We were about to enter the largest cave passage in the World;
the Deer Cave!
That means long walk lah! Haizz….
These two pictures were taken at the same spot.
The top picture focused on the sky while the bottom picture focused on the trees.
Like that also can look so different one wor… hehe.
Darkness everywhere, except where there were holes looking out! 

Hey, wait!
Look again!
Can you see Abraham Lincoln????
Look carefully!
Amazing, isn’t it?!

In here, spider webs were everywhere!
Why?  Nobody clean this place one ah?
Those ropes for holding?  Better not!  Yeeks!

The flooring were laid with thick metal mesh fixed from the cave floor.
 Walking inside the caves were made easy with these platforms and stairways.

Make sure you carry your touch lights and beware of water sprinkling from the top!

Too dark to take picture so all pictures are only those where there were sunlights!
Must take some pictures lah, if not no proof we were in the Deer Cave mah!

 This cave has the largest population of bats and obviously their droppings too!
Strong stench of ammonia filled the air as we walked through the cave!
Cepat! (Quick!)  Walk faster!
But cannot wor, must watch our steps lah!  Haizz….

Exit!  Exit!  We were almost there!

Outside the cave!
Phew!  Breath in the fresh air, breath!

Everytime we got out from a cave, I would appreciate the greens!
Great for the eyes after the darkness, I say.

While I was busy taking pictures with my Pentax, dear cousin was busy taking picture of me taking pictures!
Ahahaha!  Do you understand what I was saying??

From the Deer Cave, we walked back to the Bat Observatory place, found a good spot to sit and wait to watch bats! 
Everyone was focusing on this because the seatings were facing it!

While waiting, we noticed some clouds had gathered together!
Then we thought we heard thunder from afar.
And we heard someone said, “Eh, drizzling…”
Huh?  Got meh?

So, what should we do now?
Let’s pray, let’s sing together:
“Rain, rain go away!  Come again some other day!
Rain, rain go away!  Let the bats come out to play!”
Now, repeat!

Did the bats come out????
Watch out for the next post lah!
Coming soon……

Hehe, keep you suspense a bit lah, can ah? 


11 responses to this post.

  1. Stunning scenery and majestic caves. This is so beautiful, LG ..waiting for Part 2! ^.^

  2. Gd 1..enjoy reading ur blog.

  3. Plenty of pictures to feast the eyes…

  4. Sharon, the toughest cave visit post will be out soon…. very exciting one!Thanks, Amy, glad you enjoy this blog. Cheers!jl9, more pictures to come! Patience… sorting >3k pictures for your pleasure. 😉

  5. very relaxed reading..

  6. LG, I volunteer to help sort out the photos for you ;)(ehehehe..then, I get to see all the unpublished gems too!)

  7. Yah, Pat, I walked you read, memang relax lah! Hahaha!Sharon dear, nanti you mata juling(@o@) macam saya, macam mana?!! Hahaha!

  8. wow, like it very much.

  9. Kit, be there to enjoy!! Cheers!

  10. This the first two caves in the program, it got me excited at the walkway where I started taking photography of the insects, butterflies, reptiles and …..

  11. JD, you memang crazy lah! Just your DSLR >3k pictures (with my lousy Pentax another few hundred), I had to sort out SO…OO many pictures lei! Sampai mata bengkak!! Hahaha! But it was worth the effort coz they are beautiful pictures! Thanks!!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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