The Philharmonic Society of Selangor – Heart & Soul Charity Concert

One of our gal power (FYI: Gal power = women who are their own bosses! Cool name, right? Hehe) girlfriends told us about her church’s charity drive (SIC-PIHD Children Learning Centre – for the poor) which we could purchase tickets for some shows; something to do with music – orchestra or something.

“Let’s do charity and go for the show together! We could go for dinner after that! It would be fun!!!”

Now, now, did you just mention the magic word – fun and food?! Ahahaha! Another word that tickled me was “Charity”. Oh, I love charity for a good cause! So did the rest! Five said “Aye” and we got 5 most expensive tickets of RM100 each!

Our gal who organised the get together emailed us details of the performance 5 days before the show. The moment I saw what we will be attending, I laughed! Hahaha! The Philharmonic Society of Selangor’s choir!!! Oh, my, God!! Why that reaction? Would you believe it if I tell you I was a choir member before??? Yah, yah, laugh, by all means laugh your heart out!

The next thing I did was typed this reply to all: “We are going to listen to the choir lah?? Aiyah, dear cousin and I used to sing in that choir lei! Hahaha!” Later, the gals told me that they did not believe me! Aiyoh, why lah you gals don’t wanna believe me one?

I had to explain to them that I joined the choir before Cheryl was the conductor.  Then, I was put through an audition.  Of course I passed lah, if not how did I join them?  Haizz…  First I had to sing to the keys with the “Ahs” before I was asked to sing the song “You light up my life” along with the piano’s tune.  “Pass!  You join the Suprano 2.”  Huh???  Me, a suprano ah??  Sure or not??  Hahaha!  Even I did not believe it! 

Those were the days!  It must be about 10 years ago.  I had joined their performance too; singing Christmas carols in a hotel and performance in the Securities Commission Malaysia Auditorium.  Hehehe.  Was a little sad to learn on that charity day that the better singers are placed in front and the worst are at the back row!  I was one of the those in the last row lah!  Boo-hoo-hoo!!

Snap!  Back to the future!  When I watched how the recent members performed that evening, I must say I was impressed! There were so much differences between us then and them now!  They did not need to wear black throughout the performance (like we used to), did not have to hold the book of song sheets (like we used to) and was having much more fun dancing to the beat!

The performance was held at
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan (off Jalan Ipoh)
51100 Kuala Lumpur

This was the charity we attended:

This choir’s fresh look and act gave the choir a new breath of life;
more colours, more actions and more to offer!
Cheryl Teh had made a difference to this choir!  Bravo!

The encore piece had the audience singing along
“Thank you for the music” and “Dancing Queen” by ABBA!
I took the opportunity to be part of the choir that evening!
I sang my heart out!
It sure felt good to be part of the choir again though for a brief moment.

Personal Review of the Performance:
There were only three pieces which I particularly enjoyed;
“May It Be” by the choir,
“Mai Pen Rai” by Suzan Manen
“Wind Beneath My Wings” by 6 Soloists.

Let me explain why:
“May It Be” – Call me old fashion, I still prefer choirs singing to the piano or nothing.  I find Phil’s band too loud.  I could only enjoyed the true voices of the  choir when they sang without the band.  And I must say Cheryl did a wonderful job there!  Simply beautiful and touching!  And mesmerising….

“Mai Pen Rai” – Suzan sung it with so much feeling that I shed tears.  Well done, Suzan!  Well done!

The 6 soloists’ “Wind Beneath My Wings” was worth complimenting.  Their voices were distinctly in different notes as one voice!  Very soothing to the ears indeed and they did it without the conductor!  Wonderful team work!

The rest?
The rest to me were either karaoke singing (all at the same note) or their voices were not powerful enough to give the choir effect or the band was too loud or the ladies’ voices drowning the gentlemen’s.  Sorry lah, although I am not an expert in this field, they are my honest opinions (from someone who love music)!

Final words:
Personally, I have confidence that Cheryl will be able to bring the Phil to a higher level!  She is already successful in bringing it to where it is now!  Not an easy task at all – uniting so many people from different background and level of musical talent. 

Did I hear she mention that Phil is going to recruit anybody who love to join the choir, without the need to go through an audition?  That, to me, will be a titanic challenge!  I wish you all the best, Cheryl!

There!  You now know I was in The Philharmonic Society of Selangor once upon a time, long, long ago……..

Ladies n gentlemen, please sit back and  relax! 
Watch the finale piece – “Dancing Queen”. 
Listen well for you may hear my ‘beautiful’ voice too! 
Applaud! Applaud!
Whistle! Whistle!Good bye, Phil!
So glad to see you again!
Till the next time,
wishing you success, locally n internationally ….


7 responses to this post.

  1. That's impressive, no one appreciates my singing except me!..hahaAfter watching the video, I agree with you – the music overpowers the choir. But nevermindla.. it's for charity and you had a great time with the ladies ^.^

  2. Aiyah, Sharon, whenever I start singing in a karaoke, everyone would be either making a call or going to the toilet one… sob!

  3. Hello! I'm from the Choir, and yes, admittedly, the band was a bit louder than usual that afternoon 😛 But I'm (or we're) glad that you guys enjoyed the show and hopefully, you'll watch our better performance next year!Cheers!(One of the Six)

  4. For the local standard is already better wf others choirs. should one of the good, wf members and performances ideas and programs, but too much movement.Feel happy to join, but can't aford the commmitment every week pratice.I like to sing. Kara-OK better for me. Flexible ma ! LOL

  5. Hi, Stephanie, nice to find your comment here. Keep up the good work! I will definitely look out for Phil's future programs/activities! All the best! ;)JD, I agree with you about too much movements. I too prefer the choir to focus on vocal than movements (though they bring some life to the whole performance). Haizz, it is difficult to please everyone one! What is important is they have done their best n the audience have enjoyed themselves lah! Right???

  6. Hi Lion Girl, just wanted to point out that our conductor and choir director's name is Cheryl Teh; not Tan.Glad you've enjoyed yourself and hope that you'll join us in our Sept intake!

  7. Hi Empress, did I write Tan?? Oh yes, I did!! Really careless of me. Do allow me to correct my post but I leave your comment here.About joining you guys in Sept? Guess I have to pass this round though I love to! In fact the last time I joined, it was for Christmas too (just after Phil performed 'The Sound of Music' if I am not mistaken) and I enjoyed every bit of it!Carry on and have fun! I am sure you guys will shine again in the next performance! All the best! Cheers!

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