Gunung Mulu National Park: First Impression

From Mulu Airport, the van turned right towards the National Park.  While inside the van, I suddenly felt as if I had gone into another time zone.  It was as if I had entered the world of the dinasours!  Imagine landing here by plane which soon would be flying away, leaving me here with the other living souls; human and not.  Look around!  Thick trees and high mountains as far as my eyes can see!  There was no way out!!!  Ahhhh! 
Sorry lah, imagination had gone wild a little!!  Hehe.

Before reaching the National Park, I could not really imagine how the Park would look like.  What kind of accommodation we would get, what kind of food we would be eating and how our lives for the next few days would be….. 

The signboard showed turn right to the Mulu National Park, 1470 meter.
Meter?!  Not even km??
Gee, that should be very, very near lei…

Nice sceneries on the way there.

The moment the van stopped to drop us off, we found this signboard.
Let’s go, gals!  Let the adventure begin!!!

What did I tell you?
This place really felt like the entrance into Jurassic Park!
Eh, I watched the movie before one!

Rolling, rolling, rolling, we each rolled in our own lugage on this suspension bridge which was hanging over a river.
Instead of feeling fear, a wave of excitement overwhelmed me.
Oh, I love adventures!!!

Lovely glass signages blending with the nature.

This building is the main office.
Look at the flooring.
The walkways are built on elevated wooden platform.

When I first stepped foot on this platform, little did I know that this place would be a meeting place for the next few days!

This was where we checked in and made payment.

This was also the place we had to set our itinerary for the next few days by confirming what this Park has to offer.

Ask for the Mulu Discovery Planner.
This Planner is a map to get around the place,
There are places which you could venture on your own, without any guides but most of the places require licenced guides to be with you and when one is needed, a fee will be charged.
There are different time schedule for each guided tour.
Spend a little time to plan your itinerary so that you can maximise your stay in the Park.

Check out ours in my next few posts!  Coming soon…..

Do note that this place will impose 3% surcharge if payment is made with credit cards.
Ridiculous I know, but when you are already there, you will have no choice.
Hence, it is important  that you plan your tours properly because once you want to cancel, the surcharge will not be refunded.

They do not allow cancellation, unless you have a valid reason eg. sprained ankle, food poisoning and reasons of such!  Be creatively realistic, okay?!

You must be a nature lover to love this place.
The Park is surrounded by beautiful tall, old trees.
Massive, mega and majestic!!!

Look out for my discovery posts of the place; mystical and simply astonishing!!
Coming soon…..

Things you MUST have or bring along:
1) You gotta walk around to enjoy the place so a pair of good trekking shoes is a must!
2) Make sure you have insect repellant coz you are going into the jungles!
3) Have your sunblock eveready!  You still need to walk in the sun to reach places!
4) Pack a poncho or raincoat in your bag because you never knew if the rain will be all over you during your adventure seeking!
5) Bring your drinking bottle, some snacks and sweets or chocolates while on tour.  Some tours take a few hours to complete.
6) A good torch light or head lights for your cave trekking.
7) A backpack would be useful to store all of the above!

Additional Note
a) There are some parts of the caves which has water sipping in that would be “shower of blessing” over your head.  Maybe you wish to bring an umbrella along too, huh???  Hehe..  I used my hat.
b) A waterproof camera would be good to take along since your DSLR cannot be used in case it rains.  Erm, you can bring both if you like!

OMG!  We were given the Leopard Cave to stay in! 

Phew!  Thank goodness it was a bedroom with 4 good beds!
Fully air conditionered and windows with mosquitoes netting, I found this place very civilised and advance lei.
Got hot water shower too and proper sitting toilets with flush systems!

Quick, gals!  Pick your bed and we get out from here for our first tour!!!!

Our adventure begins in the next post!
Coming soon…..


6 responses to this post.

  1. Nice woh…what's the chalet's name?

  2. Casendra, we actually booked the dormitory beds (max 16 pax in one), at RM40 each, when we called in. Four of us will total to RM160. However, when we were there, the girl told us they have rooms with four beds for RM250/ room. All of us agreed to pay extra RM12.50 each, to have more privacy and comfort. And we were glad we made that decision!It's not a chalet, dear. All such rooms are named after some caves and ours was Leopard Cave! You will see more pictures in the next few posts!Cheers!

  3. Hehehe…okok. just keep all the info so that i can gorek from u next time when i wanna explore sabah & sarawak ya 😛

  4. Don't lah like that! I will share one, just need time to sort out info n pictures lah! Dear cousin took >3k pictures lei, eyes also bengkak sorting them for the blog! Kesian saya sikit…..

  5. Mulu National Park, wonderful place. we made the right choice to go there. The rooms and environment made us feel so relax, fresh air, cooling, sat there with a cup of coffee or a can of beer was great ! I love to go there for 2nd time !

  6. JD, I love to go there 2nd time too! We did not go to any of its adventure treks! Maybe we can do them the next time! Want or not??!

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