Sarawak: MASwings ~ In n Out of Gunung Mulu National Park

Dear cousin did a wonderful job in arranging the itinerary of this trip; from Kuala Lumpur(KL) to Kota Kinabalu(KK) to Mount Kinabalu(MK) to Labuan to Brunei to Miri to Gunung Mulu National Park, back to Miri and finally back to Kuala Lumpur!  Eh, not easy task la!  Booking air tickets, hotels, crossing states and countries!  Bravo!  Three cheers to our anchor lady of the trip!!!

We boarded Air Asia from KL to KK and MAS from Miri to KL.  Dear cousin had choices and she picked the cheapest lah!  Of course after considering the flight time!  However, when the flight from Miri to  Gunung Mulu National Park was concerned, dear cousin had no choice but to book MASwings; the only airline to the place!

“I cannot believe it!  They charge RM100 tax for every ticket!!!  Why such expensive tax from Miri to Mulu???!  We are Malaysians lah!  The problem with monopoly lah, I say!”

Yah, yah, that was dear cousin grumbling over the air fare or should I say the tax because the return fare was only RM92 but with tax, the amount became RM192!  We had to pay more tax than fare!  Really ridiculous, right???  I “pun tak boleh tahan” (cannot stand) lor!  Must “geram” (mad) with her on the matter!  So she could cool down faster!  Hahaha!

At the Miri Airport also we were shopping for food!
“Buy the Tebaloi biscuit lah!  Nice!”
Okay, another box of snack for Mulu into the bag!

We could see our plane from where we waited!
Yah, that near!!

Just a few paces from the exit we reached the steps into our plane already!

Very small plane lei.
It’s okay…only for 30 minutes only mah!

Everyone was given a packet of Milo.
“Belum buka, sudah sampai!”
(Have not put in the straw, reached already!)

If you buy first class seat, you are just a curtain away lah!
No big deal!
We, at Economy seat, were just sitting behind this row!

Behind the first class seats and beside the engine lei.
Told you the plane was small!!!

We were finally at the famous Gunung Mulu National Park!
Airport “saja” (only) lah!

The airport was so small that you could see the luggages being loaded onto the “belt”!
The “luggage” table!  Hahaha!
“Standby!  Standby!  Take only what is yours!”

This picture may not be the best quality but it is very useful one!

As you leave the airport, you will find the counter (Arrow 1)
which you can buy tickets for your transportation to the Park.
Standing at the doorway (Arrow 2) will be another “company” selling the same service for the same price.

Me, being a law bidding citizen, will naturally take the counter’s service.
And regretted it…. haizz…

From the counter (Arrow 1):
We got a van with torn interior, rusty body, windows that cannot open or close and no air conditioner!
It did not even have a car plate and the  model “Toyota” left only “Toy” and “ta”!
Just thankful that the distance was less than 10 minutes drive!

From the other “company” (Arrow 2):
The day we left the Park, we boarded this land cruiser (which was parked in front of the Park) 
belonging to the other “company” (Arrow 2)!
New, clean and air conditioner!
Very comfortable seats too!

We realised that many “gwailo” (Westeners) had walked to the airport from the Park.
Err, true it was very near but in the hot sun wor!
No lah, the decision of taking the transport was better!!

Turn right to check in first before going the opposite direction to wait at the departure hall.

This place was so small that one eye see all!
Only one ground air hostess serving us.
The driver who drove us to the airport was also behind the counter one!

I must really share with you our experiences with the MASwings air hostesses!

Case 1:
Our dear Labuan girlfriend lost her hat when she reached here on the first day.
She only realised it when she was at the Park and had a staff there to help her report the loss.
When she arrived at this counter, she had politely asked the hostess behind the counter about the report.
Instead of politely answering our dear friend, the lady curtly told her there was no report and nothing was found! 
No smile, no sorry!!
That really pissed off our dear friend who always has very good impression of Sarawakians!

For Case 2,
you gotta see the picture below first lah!

This picture was taken when the plane was about to land.
Why did I snap her picture?
I tell you ah, this hostess was the one pacing the aisle to hand us our Milo and subsequently to collect rubbish.
When my rubbish include a piece of tissue paper, used to wipe off overspilled Milo from my straw,
she only took the empty Milo packet and left the tissue on the foldable table!
She pretended she did not see the tissue even when she came round two to collect rubbish!

When the plane needed to land, we were asked to place the foldable table in original position, right?
I had to tug the tissue into the seat pockets so that the tissue will not be rubbish on the floor!

Why I did not request her to pick the tissue?
Hey, do I have to tell her her job function???
Anyway, she was not one friendly face on board who you will wish to talk to!

Guess, it was a take it or leave it situation because MASwings was the sole airline servicing between Miri and Mulu.  No competition means don’t care attitude???  Or could it be MASwings management has not been treating their staff well and they were taking their unsatisfaction on the passengers??!  Just wondering….

Oh, don’t worry!  These people did not spoil our trip at all coz we only encountered them when we were leaving Mulu!  In other words, we had a wonderful time at the Gunung Mulu National Park, which I am going to share with you soon!

Look out for the next few posts;
all about the Park – its caves and adventures!!!

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  1. aiyorr..that's no air hostess, that's a

  2. Ya lah, ya lah, Sharon, the first sighting of her I thought itu Anita Sarawak! Hahahaha! Except this one did not smile!Err, may I ask what happened to your finger lah? Wrapped in yellow plaster one… nampak sakit lah. Ouch!

  3. Because..I accidentally got superglue on my fingers..and I couldn't get it off..hahahaI was trying to glue some wooden tiles (which I ordered from Sarawak..hehe) on to the wall. Things happened..what to do

  4. Hahaha! The finger reminds me of the "Sound of Music" movie. Should I suggest you sing the song "My Favourite Things" so that you will feel great?! Have a wonderful Sunday n a great week ahead!!! Cheers!

  5. Thanks's my favourite song too! In the meantime, I've no thumbprint ^.^

  6. Finger prints are for crooks n law breakers! Since you do not have thumb prints, you must be a good person lah! ;-))

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