Sarawak: Miri on foot!

There was no way we could continue eating without moving around to lose some fats!  Hence, getting around Miri on foot was really a brilliant idea!

How did we get about this town???  We were told that the centre point in this town is the Mega Hotel, one of the high buildings you can see when you look up!

From this hotel onwards, you will find rows of eateries;
active in the day and more colourful in the nights!!

Sin Liang Supermarket is located at one end of the said busy road.
We got our miscellaneous items from there before our trip to Mulu National Park.
(Look out for my Mulu adventures, coming soon….)

If you are a butter bun lover, you may want to try 
the Singapore Bakery’s (check the print on the plastic wrapper) butter bun.
“Pen Len Cen” (Cheap Good Beautiful)!
Prepacked 4 in 1.
You can buy it in shops that sell prepacked bakeries.

Another good place to get good butter bun is
the bakery shop near the Country Chicken Rice.
Their shop’s individually packed butter buns are richer in taste if you are a butter lover!!

This was one interesting signboard I found in town.
It gives you permission to cross the road as long as there are no cars or traffic!
Erm, to be honest, traffic was not heavy in this town.
That is why it was such a nice place to walk around!

The Beautiful Jade Centre is a place where most of the senior locals will spend their time in the day with their buddies before they go back to their family at night!

You can even hear the sound of mahjong tiles somewhere up there
in the  two rows of shop building facing each other! 
Hahaha!  Aiyah, why lah scratch some itch in my hands?!

This place is really good to rest, relax and have a drink!!
No food this round although I wanted to get my hands on some freshly baked buns!
My girlfriends screamed, “NOOOO!!!!”

This town is really, really clean!
This is the cleanest back lane I have ever seen!
For your information, this back lane is near the Chinese market,
where we had our chicken porridge the night before!
Aiyah, people go shopping and eating, we went marketing!
Hahaha!  Visit the Malay market wor!
Washed our eyes with their local goodies and I got attracted by the chilly “flowers”!
Eh, that’s my favourite picture for the day man!

Walk ah, walk ah, walk until we found the famous Tua Pek Kong Temple of the Old Town!
This temple is next to the fish market!
Err, tak payah (no need) lah!  I think I can miss that fishy place, yah??

We wanted to buy some souvenirs home and everyone kept on telling us
to go to the handicraft shop somewhere there, just walk straight, not very far one…
When we stopped at this shop to ask for directions,
I realised this shop, Rong Reng Heritage, is a wholesaler for souvenir items!
Buta-buta (Blindly) strike gold lei!

Aiyoh, the same T-Shirt I bought, for RM55, in Mulu National Park was priced at only RM35 here!!
Same keychains we bought at RM5 each there, here only RM1!!
So cheap ah!  Buy lor, buy more, buy all!!!
Haizzz, still got money or not?!
Can use up all mah, we are already leaving for KL soon!  Hehehe…

What is my impression of the town?

RICH!  All I could see as we were driven from the airport  and later around town and outskirts of the city was big houses and mansions!

We were being told that these houses are not the biggest around town!
Gee, do they really need such big houses ah?
Why is everyone so rich lah?

Final words:
We had “touch and go” Miri when we reached there from Brunei almost 5pm (the first time), had dinner and slept over before departing for Mulu National Park the next morning 9.30am flight (left hotel at 8am). 

We arrived at Miri from the Park about 5.30pm on the second touch down, had dinner, stayed overnight, walked the town before departed for KL on the 6.15pm flight (left hotel at 4.10pm). 

Take away our sleep time, we had spent in total less than 24 hours in Miri. 

This trip was not meant to cover all the tourist sites.  How to when we were on foot lah?  Not enough time to travel far mah so we only focus on the town and food!  That also was fun what!  This trip was only the appetiser, we shall plan to come back for the main course and desserts one day!! 

Look out, Miri, we shall be back!! 
(Sounds like the Terminator ah… hehehe…)


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