Sarawak: Into Miri n Gila Makan

From Brunei, we had crossed over to Miri in Uncle Jun’s vehicle.  No complications at all, just passed the passports over the counter, got them stamped and off we went across the immigration into Malaysia’s state, Sarawak!  Simple!
We were about to go through Brunei’s Immigration after passing their Custom.
No hassle, we did not even need to get out of the car.
See, quickly and efficiently, we exit to Miri.
Seeing this structure meant we were already on Malaysia ground!
Hmmm, good to be back on own soil lei, though  this place was foreign to me.
Err, this signboard “tak cantik” (not presentable) lah!
First impression of our Malaysia’s immigration smeared by this signage, I say!!
Another 36km to go before we reach Miri town.
Hmmm, can also go to the Crocodile Farm, National Park
Don’t remember crossing that!!
By the time we reached Miri town and checked into the hotel,
our stomach was already calling out for food! 
Dear cousin insisted,
“When you are in Miri, you MUST have seafood one!!!” 
So, we went to Apollo Seafood Centre;
a popular place to the locals (and tourist too)!
It is the only seafood restaurant that serves lunch and dinner while all other seafood restaurants in the vicinity serve only dinner.
You can find their menu hanging high above in the shop and prices per kg of their seafood on the wall. 
Although you cannot find the “Betutu” fish in the list, “Betutu” fish (aka Sun Hock or Ikan Malas or Sand Goby or Marble Goby) is Miri’s popular fresh water fish.  
Erm, they will give you their menu book lah – no need to sprain your head and neck to choose your pick!!!  Hehehe!!
As far as vegetables are concerned, you must try their local varieties; Sabah “she chai choy” and midin (a type of jungle fern).
We had a (almost) full range of seafood!  Four ladies wallopped all that we’d ordered!  Aiyoh!  See lah for yourself!!
Fried squid with mayonaise, steamed Betutu fish, “kam heong” crab and Sabah “she chai choy” stir fried with salted egg.  Yummy!  Yummy!  Yummy! 

Their food was so good that we went back there for lunch when we went back to Miri after our Mulu National Park adventure!  Simple noodles (the shop’s “chew pai” (special)) and plain vegetables (actually Midin lah) also so tasty!  Really got “wok hei” (wok heat)!!

The reason why we had a humble lunch was because we had shared 4 bowls of noodles, one plate of chicken rice, one bowl of ice kacang, one bowl of chendol ais and one plate of rojak (scroll down and you will know what I am talking about) before we were there for lunch!  All in the span of three hours!!!

Our return to Miri allowed us to have another round of feast!!  This time dear buddy called up a friend who is a local.  He brought us to their local market which is a wet market in the day with its hawker stalls operating day and night with different operators in shifts.
According to the local friend,
this stall is a “loh chee hou” (an old brand) stall.
You can see all the senior citizens preparing the food one!  Hehe…
It sells porridge which four of us shared one bowl because we wanted to eat more varieties.
The porridge stall also sells Miri’s famous “kolo” mee.
I must say I love the kolo mee more than the porridge!
Simply delicious!  Must be the lard!  Hahaha!
We also had midin (jungle fern) and fried noodles.
The fern was crispy because of its young shots and taste of belacan.
The noodles, which looked like Cantonese fried, had ketchup in its recipe!
I liked the taste, kind of refreshing because of the tomato taste.  Nice!
I tell you ah, I have my reason for naming this post Gila Makan (Mad Eating)!!! 
The next day, just before our flight to KL in the evening, we painted Miri town red – on foot!!!  Yup!  We took a cab to town and toured the town on foot from where the driver dropped us; stopping by almost every food outlet we saw! 
The taxi driver dropped us at this shop,
saying that they served very good local food here.
Just from this stall alone we had ordered 4 varieties!! 
Although we did not feel the noodles were very good,
we already filled our stomach here.
A few blocks from where we shared 4 bowls of noodles in the above shop,
we found this famous Country Chicken Rice!
Every plate of rice, even with chicken thigh, was charged at RM3.00!
We ordered one plate to share and I must say the roast chicken was very good!
Definitely value for money!
That was why the taxi driver told us we could walked around town to see it all, or should I say – eat it all!!  Hahaha!
Before long, we found that we were opposite of the market which we had the chicken porridge the night before.
The local friend told us that Stall 6 here serves very good desserts.
Well, since we were there, we sat down
and ordered “ice kacang’ and “fruit rojak”!
Little did we know that “ice kacang” was really red beans in ice!
Direct translation of the Malay words to English!!
We thought it would be like our KL’s ABC
When we told the owner, she said: “Oh, that is Chendol Ais
Huh?  So we ended having another bowl of dessert!
Sad to say, we did not find the desserts appealing at all!
Could it be we had too much food already??!
“Are we eating anymore?!  BURP!!”
Yah!  Lunch at Apollo!  Scroll up!

Wait till the next post to find out more!!
Coming soon…..
 (For your information, our total hours stay in Miri was less than 24 hours!)

7 responses to this post.

  1. I like the seafood so much – fresh and resonable price But I realy disappointed the dinner of chicken porridge bring by so call local people there, this is one of the reason, I don't depend on the locals when I travel. Actually that dinner I wanted to go was to the local seaside seafood restr – relax with beer but turn up makan chuk, zheng mo yan, the taste soso lah. Asked him where can buy frozen seafood, he say don't have in Miri. Haizzz….

  2. Hmnn.. Even I didn't got to eat the food, but the way u intro made it sounds really delicious la. Hahahaha

  3. Hahaha, JD, don't lah throw tantrum! No seaside seafood restaurant and beer only mah but got us mah! Smile lah.. we enjoyed the whole trip, right??? But I was also disappointed about the frozen seafood. My friends in KL insisted that we should be able to find them in Miri!!! Haizz….Casendra dear, I was surprised to find food in Miri cheaper than in Sabah, and even KL!! The chicken porridge was only RM2.50 per bowl! However, their drinks are more expensive, Chinese Tea at the Country Chicken Rice Shop was 80sen! Lai seong pu har lor!! Hehe…

  4. Lol..I agree with JD and that's from experience ^.^LG..I remember the time I went to KK and my KL friend asked me to buy "Kudat peanut" that's sold "ALL OVER" KK town, it seems. You won't miss it, they said. I toured the town on foot and believe me, there was no such peanut in sight. I asked the shopkeepers, the stall sellers, the Filipino Market fellas and even dropped into the Tourism Board – Mana adaaaAa..that's in Kudat, Ma'am! Really kek sei yan.

  5. Hahaha, Sharon, thanks for sharing your experience! I tell you ah, we were like sor poh asking around town(practically everyone we saw)for frozen seafood until the airport! Everyone said there was none in Miri! Could it be in KK airport kot??? Aiyah, maybe leh coz I bought some there before, and at Kuching airport too! But Miri, tada lah!!! Haizz….

  6. If you are in Sandakan or Tawau, fresh live seafood is easily available., and much cheaper than in K.K.In K.K you can buy frozen seafood at the airport [not cheap though]. They will pack it up properly to last at least 6 hours till you arrive K.L.I bought back some groupers and big prawns a few years back but the taste is totally different from the fresh ones [biasa la!]. So my advise is to eat them fresh there even though it cost a bomb now – it is worth it!

  7. TFL, I agree with you that the best food is always the fresh ones! We were looking for the frozen seafood because someone back home made some orders lah! And we had obediently went hunting for them lor. Haizz…

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