Brunei: Food Discovery!

Of course we had to eat as we travelled the city of Brunei! Dear cousin did some homework before this trip and insisted Uncle Jun to take us for Nasi Katok and Ambuyat! Aiyoh, poor uncle “kena” (got) harassed by our wishes “kau-kau” (thoroughly)! Hahaha!

“Do you want to know how the name “Nasi Katok” came about?”

Yes, Uncle!

“In the olden days, when we were still poor, there was one Chinese lady who sold pre-packed fried chicken rice served with special sambal for B$1.00 per pack. Her recipe was so good that it became a popular food among the workers and she extended her sales at home. All her customers needed to do were to knock on her window, at any hour of the day and night, and she would hand out packets of the packed rice to her customers. Since then, her packed rice was named “Nasi Katok” because “katok” sounded like “ketuk” which means knock!”

Wah! Uncle Jun was not only the driver and the guide, he was also our Brunei history teacher! Hahaha!

Uncle Jun took us to the chained stores of Nasi Katok Mama.
It was fried chicken with steam rice served with sambal in a packet!
Similar to Nasi Lemak but tasted different.
Only B$1.00!
Wah!  Cheap ah!  Even if you convert it to RM!
Exchange rate when we were there was B$1=RM2.43.

This fast chain does not serve the best Nasi Katok!

The better Nasi Katok was found at the Gadong Wet (Night) Market!
More choices of fried chicken and choices of sambal.
“Lagi sedap, lagi murah!” (Tastier n cheaper!)
Why cheaper?  Because the portion was bigger!

In fact, we found many yummy goodies there!  Hehehe…
Don’t worry, you will find them later in this post one!

Before we visited the Gadong Wet (Night) Market, Uncle Jun brought us to experience the Ambuyat.  Haiyoh, you should see how much food we had eaten in the span of 3 hours!  Horrendous!  We were stuffing in food as if we had never eaten for days!  Even Uncle Jun had to take his hat off for us!  Hahaha!

A restaurant experience for all!
1-3, Kompleks Aman Simpang 618km. 7 Kg. Madewa Jln Tutong, Brunei
Tel: 8728307, 7128425, 2653036 and 2671212.
Call or email them for more information about their branches.

What was so special about this?
The “Set Ambuyat Biasa” had the following:
Ambuyat, the claypot of starchy stuff (sago palm) on the left picture together
with Ulam (raw vegetables) and Sambal (the chilly hot paste) on the right picture.

It is important to note that a gadget, bamboo “chopstick” which had one unbreakable end, 
must be used to eat the Ambuyat. 

“You must eat the Ambuyat when it is hot!”
“Use the bamboo and curl out the paste into smaller bit.”
(See top picture.)
“Eat it with any dishes you like from your choice.”
(Yes, we had ordered other dishes other than the Ulam and Sambal.)

How was it?
I would say it was a good experience.
The starchy sago palm, which replaced the rice in our usual dinner with dishes, was something different.
The bamboo utensil may be unusual to some people, but to us Chinese,
it was similar to the chopsticks that we were already used to.

All cleaned up!
The dishes were simply delicious and went well with the Ambuyat!
“More!  More!  More!”
“We want more!”
Food lah!

 Just imagine, immediately after the Ambuyat meal, we went to Gadong Wet(night) Market!
For food!  Wahahaha!

There were plenty of varieties in this market.  It was impossible to taste them all!  So, we just feasted our eyes with them!  Err, of course we had bought some and eat lah!  Hehe.

This was satay, similar to Malaysia’s except there were two choices of gravy;
Brunei (sweet) or/and Indonesia (chilly hot).
The locals told us that the Indonesian gravy or mixture of both would be tastier!
We bought their mutton satay and heeded their advice!
Oh, Sedapnya!  (So tasty!)

Slurp!  Drooling!
Look at the spread of chicken rice displayed!
Regret!  Regret!  Stomach could not stuff in anymore food!!!

Look at our bags of goodies!
Still want to buy some more?
Our treasurer was calculating if we were able to afford one more…..
“Can or not?  Can buy one fish or not??!”
“Tak boleh lah!” (Cannot!)
Urgh!  Fierce-nya!!

You know?  I really find Brunei very much like Malaysia.  It has Malays, Indians and Chinese residing here.  We had no problem conversing with the people because they could speak Malay or English and the Chinese speaks Mandarin. The only exception about this place is, it is truly a Muslim country which lacks night entertainment, liquor and pork!  However, one could still buy liquor and drink in private and there are still a few Chinese shops selling food with pork ingredients. 
If they sell pork in their shop, this sign would be displayed.

As for its food variety, they are very similar to Malaysia’s too!  The best place to see them all will be Gadong Wet (night) Market, the one place which closes late at night other than their departmental stores!

Goodbye is the toughest word??
I had enjoyed my almost 24 hours stay in Brunei!
Visiting places and feasting non-stop!
Time to move on to the next destination!
Goodbye Brunei!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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