Brunei: Chop Jing Chew (Coffee Shop), since 1946

After some hugs-hugs and goodbyes, we finally stepped into the Labuan International Ferry Terminal, smoothly passed through the check points and heading to the ferry that will take us to Brunei Darussalam.  We were told that it would be an hour journey.  Blue skies and everything nice, I looked forward to a wonderful day ahead!
Yes, goodbye Labuan, hello Brunei… soon… gotta turn right to board the ferry first lah!
Roll, roll, roll, all of us pulled our luggage to catch the ferry!  Quick!
Eh?  How come only three of us?  Where is dear cousin?
Then I saw her running with her luggage to board the ferry!
“I took the wrong turn!!”  Pant, pant!
“I got into another ferry and when I could not see the 3 of you,
I quickly get out!  Phew!”  Pant, pant!
Wow!  Really lost and found lei!
A few minutes after the ferry started,
the conductor made a trip down the aisle to pass us the Brunei’s immigration form.
Just when I wanted to take out my pen to complete my form,
two books of passport got onto my face!
“LG, please complete our forms for us.”
Before I can say no, dear buddy who was sitting beside me, passed me her book too!
Aiyah, why lah you gals cannot complete your own forms one??!
That form filling really kept me busy!
Hah?  Reached already ah???
Dear cousin found it cumbersome to take out her DSLR to take pictures so I had to use my Pentax lor.
Blur blur like this also better than none, right?
Their Bahasa Melayu is almost the same as our Bahasa Malaysia!
My passport became foreign here.
Guess it was okay coz the queue was shorter.  Hehe.
and found taxi drivers haggling fares with potential customers.  Err, that included us lah.
Dear Labuan friend insisted that we could wait for the bus!
See!  Two giant bags, one medium size and 1 small luggage.
Sure you still want to take a bus ah??
Should we reconsider hah?

This is Uncle Jun.
He tried asking us if we wanted a taxi and when we ignored him,
he sat with some locals for some chats.
After a few minutes, I walked up to him to check his fare and he said,
“I thought you are from China.”
What?!  Hahaha!  That broke the ice alright!
I had to walk to (him) and fro (the 3 ladies) before striking a deal with him!
Hard labour man!  Ahem!
Let’s put it this way, if he was driving a sedan car, there would be no deal!
A MPV was a different story lah!
After loading four of us and four of our bags, there was still extra space.
Very comfortable!

It must be Uncle Jun’s habit to have tea time.
Before long, after we got into his car, he said,
“Do you want to go for tea now?
Let me take you to the most famous coffee shop here!
Jing Chew serves the best buns!”
Almost immediately he got a big ‘Yes’ from all of us!
Silently, I was wondering if it was for real that we stumbled into such a nice guy!
Hey, we were in a foreign land, okay?!
Must be careful with strangers mah….
It was for real!
This place was packed!
Muslims and non Muslims sitting together for tea and chats.
What a harmonious sight indeed!
Chop Jing Chew, since 1946
(Kedai Kopi Pulau Kayangan)
Hot Bun On Tea Time
Simpang 5, No.10 Jalan Gadong
Tel: 2424132, 2448660
Their menu board on the wall.
So, they don’t only serve buns huh?
The moment we sat down, the waiters started placing plates and plates of bun on the table!
Hey!  We did not order these!
“It’s okay, we only charge what you eat.”
Uncle Jun further convinced us that that was the shop’s practice.
Personally, I did not fancy such arrangement.
We could be served with buns left over from another table lei.  Yikes!
Also, how to recognise what was what?  Haizz…
I prefer to place order for what we desire.
Their “Teh Tarik” India really gave dear buddy and I (we are tea lovers) the tea ‘kick’ we needed for the day!
Ada Umph!!  Ada Umph!!
After seeing dear cousin snapping pictures everywhere, one of the owners came over to chat with us.
Dear Labuan friend had to tell him that we are reporters.
Hah?!  Reporters?!  Hahaha!  When lah..?!
Upon hearing that, he told us that their shop had been featured often in the internet.
Then he insisted we try their Seama Kueh Teow, other than their buns,
which is their (secret recipe) special noodle.
How can we resist good food, right?
And true enough, it was GOOD!!!
The secret recipe must be the sauce and the fried fish fillet.
Yummy, yummy!
Dear cousin, however, fell in love with their French Toast!
She ate this piece all by herself!
Humph!  How is it that she is not the fatest one among us?!
Don’t understand!
The rest of us loved the “Roti Kuning Kawin”,
simply yellow bread with a slice of butter and kaya spread in the centre.
Dear cousin had the special privilege to enter their kitchen to take pictures.
We were creating so much commotion that the big boss also came out to see what was going on.
The founder, Chop Jing Chew (the senior gentleman in the centre),
in his eighties stood proud with his “muhibbah” staff for our photo taking.
We had a wonderful tea break here, thanks to Uncle Jun.
If he did not bring us here, we may never knew this place.
His thoughtful action made us appoint him as our official driver cum guide for the rest of our Brunei visit.
Good strategy, Uncle!
So, Uncle Jun, where are we going next???

10 responses to this post.

  1. Yum Yum! Such a good makan experience 😀

  2. Yes, Casendra dear, first time really feel like a reporter! Hahaha! Thanks to dear friend, saje tell people that! Hehehe. No joke lei, they are so successful that they have their own buildings (back n front) operating the business. The founder's son said their second generation business are now serving their buns to the 3rd generation of their customers! Really a success story, yah?!

  3. You all were like in the "amazing Race", different places everyday.I'm waiting eagerly for your next post.

  4. LG, that's my style, eat first before anything else. Need the energy you know for the jalan-jalan and also for the makan-makan.JD got lost! You did it on purpose la. Naughty, naughty.

  5. This same "ritual" is also practiced in Tawau. 3pm is tea time and if you cannot find the someone in their work place, most likely they are at the pau shops. All types of pau, buns, roti kaya, roti steam, etc., etc.Very common in East malaysia [and Brunei of course].

  6. You are right, Sean, this trip was a big adventure – something like Amazing Race! Only thing here, there were no competitors n cash prize lah! Hahaha! The next post is coming soon… out for it!jl9, you mean you have the same habit like Uncle Jun?? Does that mean I have to start calling you Uncle jl9?? Hehe.JD was too busy taking pictures lah that she lost us! Also our fault for not keeping an eye on her! Hahaha! TFL, one of the bosses told me that the shop opens from 7am to net the school children crowd to the office going to business people to elderly to family crowd! In other word, the shop is crowded almost every minute of the day when it is opened! Not just 3pm! Wow! What a way to own a coffee shop business, right??!

  7. Oooh that looks so good. You make me want to jump on a plane right now. Have a beautiful time on your big adventure.Love that everyone was sharing food, together. What a dream come true!Cxx

  8. Claire, sometimes we just have to "jump" into it to make things happen!! "Just Do it!" is the best motto for fun at all times! Cheers

  9. You all really have a good time…I like it… cindy

  10. Yes, Cindy, we had a great time! 4 ladies gila jalan, gila makan and gila ketawa!!! Simply fun, fun, fun!!!

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