Climbing Mount Kinabalu: Going down the Timpohon Trail

While they were making that climb, I went back to sleep in the dormitory which I had all for myself and slept from 3am to 7am. Feeling refreshed after the 4 hours rest, I went to the restaurant to wait for our team members’ grand entrance.  Yah, I was sitting there staring at the door for some familiar faces to appear!  The first team member arrived at 9am!  Bravo!

Breakfast at the restaurant was served from 7.30am to 10.30am. In other words, if you are doing the Summit climb try to be back at the restaurant on time for your breakfast! They will start stacking up their chairs at about 10.10am! Also, the check out time from the dormitories is also 10.30am, which you could request for extension of time till 11am.

We departed from Laban Rata at 11.30am, in the rain. Everyone was in ponchos and with the walking sticks, all ready to leave the mountain!  But first, must pose for the camera lah!  Not dear cousin’s or mine though!  Sigh! 

We could not go faster than we wished because of the slippery ground and rocks. Sad to say, we could not take any pictures because dear cousin’s DSLR is not waterproof and my waterproof Pentax had no battery! Sad!

I got excited when I saw a purplish transparent long worm and later, saw a bold red flat headed centipede eating a grey worm! However, was immediately saddened by the fact we did not have a camera to snap their pictures! Haizzz….

The climb down the Timpohon Trail was no fun. Its steep stony and wooden steps, complicated with puddles of water here and there, were big challenges to dear cousin as she had fallen too many times at the Summit and had bruises, cuts and sprains all over her body; all in the name to climb the Summit!

I, on the hand, was pretty refreshed and energetic for the climb down mission! Hahaha!  Except I did not toe-hop on the rocks like a few of our team members! 

They said, “You must not think!  Just hop and touch the rocks and you will speed down like a breeze!”  Hah!  Sounds like some Shoalin kung fu lei!  If I do that, I may just slip, topple and roll down the mountain!  Wahahaha!  That would be the fastest ever!!!

We touched down at the station about 4.30pm (only 5 hours to come down!), after climbing up the last flight of stairs to reach it! I actually shouted at the people looking down at us: “Hey! Don’t you guys have escalator?!!” Upon reaching it also, we were made to climb that @#$% stairs!!  Sadist!

From the station, we had to take the van to the Kinabalu Park office to get our certificates. Aiyah, climb until half dead and all, sure must collect our certificates lah! Laban Rata only or the Summit, it did not matter anymore. We just want our souvenir from the mountain for our greatest effort (physical and mental) which had consumed 2 days of our lifetime!

Dear cousin was honoured with two colourful certificates:
and me, with one black and white certificate only:
Sob, how can the management be so bias;
discriminating those who made it to the Summit
against the ones who made it to Laban Rata only!
It was still a lot of effort mah!

That night, I had a hearty hot shower; washing my hair twice and scrubbing my body twice too! Dear cousin said she washed her hair three times! Hahaha! Remember, we did not take our bath the night before at Laban Rata??!

Before we left the next day, to our next destination – Labuan, we had our group picture taken. I must have it in record that, other than dear cousin and good “crazy” friend, I met 9 total strangers for this climb. I knew Monyet King from blogging but never met him before, including his wife and two sons (only one climbed with us), 2 of his staff, 2 of his associates, 1 fellow blogger and 1 acquaintance of his when he climbed Mount Everest Base.

The amazing thing about this group is they are all wonderful people and we really had a great time together! On the last day, we were busy exchanging our contact numbers and email addresses. We decided then we should meet one day to exchange our pictures and a get together; maybe another climb?

So, when are we going to do that lah, gals n guys???

Look out for the post – Climbing Mount Kinabalu:  Before, During N After.

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  1. I "one-mouth-air" finished all four of your summit-posts.Really enjoyable – the reading. Although, definitely not as enjoyable as your trip.Couldn't wait to hear (or read) the rest of it.

  2. Perhaps try again for the coloured certificates? 😛

  3. Wah, BJ, I like your "one-mouth-air" finished reading the Climb MK/Summit posts lah and glad you enjoyed doing so! You are right! It would be more fun doing it and you will see what we saw (beautiful sceneries) and feel what we felt (the aches and pain)! Ahahahaha!AK, I must really "sam see" (think thrice) about getting those coloured certs. I am very tempted to just take some colour pencils/ crayons etc to colour my black n white cert! Hehehe.

  4. LG … lucky and good you sleep for that few hours rest, and make yourself fresh….. I didn't slept well for two days, especially Laban Rata ( the upper double decked bed) I can't slept, and continue the next early morning 2am star climbing to the summit, tire…..d After coming down from the summit peak at Laban Rata, we have breakfast and two cup of hot coffee to "deng yan" later about 11.30am MK said "Going down" ! Aiyoyo ….. my frozen and numb legs start shaking ….. somemore raining lah ….. cold wor ….. lei ….. Eh….. no choice ….. No excuse … we must keep going lor ….. We in ponchos and the walking sticks….. Lucky ! Ke garisan ….. Setia ….. Jalan …… Because of the rain, I can't take out my DSLR watto take pictures ….. Oh … you have the waterproof "lang chao Pentax" but no batteries how to take pictures ….. Haizzzzzzz…… We missed alot of good photos lah….. No photos taking in the rain mah…, just concentrate going down as fast as I can lor… What else ….. LG ? I kept falling down to "kissing and hugging" someone numbers of time. Our team members ask 'You OK … hurt anywhere? You sure OK ? I always tell them "I'm OK" They surprise and said that I fall so many time always OK, and never get hurt, hahaha…… Actually my two legs already not function well ….. pain and swollen, when see some high deep steps or rocks the two legs shaking and dancing ….. Don't care keep on walking down lor ….. I tell myself… walk faster I'll suffer shorter time ….. Walk slower I'll suffer longer time ….. LG ….. we make it in 5hrs time. You know after the long and relax shower, I noticed my body and legs have alot of the "bruises and marks" with beautiful colur tattoo ….. Free mah ! tattoo…..hahaha….. LG You have ke ? Tattoo How many ?

  5. Hahaha, JD, "kissing n hugging" your heroes hah?? No wonder at the end, they left you with me; takut to catch you again!!! Ahahaha!I love your sporting spirit! Free beautiful colours tattoo???? Mad ah you! I bet you finished one bottle of "tik tar" ointment! So, still wanna climb next year ke??! ^0^

  6. Hey ….. LG, I told the whole world oledi mah, if you want to climb next year ….. No Problem ! I climb with you, and we can make it together this time mah ….. wah sound so loud … Huh ! But I still want my heroes with me wor …..LOL ! We bring whiskey to the Summit Peak ….. n Cheers ….. Yum Seng …..!

  7. LG, a real pity you didn't make it to the summit. NVM you can't win them all but give yourself a pat for reaching Laban Rata.I haven't reached that level yet … so you are better than i ..hahahah!Am enjoying all your posts about the climb anyway.Thanks and cheers!

  8. JD, don't tempt me! Now, you cannot say NO when I say GO! Wahahaha!jl9, you are so kind to say I am better than you lei. Glad to know you enjoyed reading the climb posts. Sure you don't want to join us climb, if ever we climb again??! HUH?!

  9. LG, by now i must accept what my aging body can do. I can only play 13-14 holes in an 18-hole golf course.It was not so long ago, my friend, when i could play one round of 18 in the morning and another round of 18 in the afternoon.After seeing JD's pictures of Mt KK and the steep gradient, and to get up at 2am to climb, i have to say "PASS".Hope you don't give up, try again soon.Gfrenz boleh!

  10. Hehe, wanna get the colour cert in the next round? 😛

  11. Sounds like quite an adventure ~ ^_^ quite an opportunity ~ Way to go ^_^

  12. You know, jl9, I may consider doing it all the way to the Summit one more time just for GFrenz. Wait till some wires short circuit somewhere up there! Hahahaha!Casendra dear, must have some motivation to go for those colourful certs lei. Hmmm, how about you joining the "challenge"?! At least one more person to help catch dear cousin when she falls! Wahahaha! Ooophs! Or me when I fall!!Carol, it was indeed an adventure! Something one should do, at least once, in his/her lifetime! The highest mountain in South East Asia wor… no joke!

  13. Wakakakaka… I am still a bit reluctant to take this challenge leh 😛

  14. I tell you ah, Casendra, must do it when you are young. Wanna wait till legs shake, hands tremble and high blood pressure only go meh?? Err, guess you still got long way to go girl coz you so much younger than me! Hehehe…. I boleh, you boleh lebih!! Yeah!

  15. wonderful; new and different. Saw your interview on artmusedog and happy to be a new follower!

  16. Hi Sandra, welcome to my blog world!Carol is a wonderful person with a big heart. Really feel honoured to be interviewed by her. ( you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy sharing them! Happy reading! Cheers!

  17. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

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