Climbing Mount Kinabalu: To Low’s Peak, the Summit

“Winter jacket, on?”


“Gloves, got?”



On the neck already!

“Woollen cap?”






Hahaha! Dear cousin asked me to carry her whiskey for her! Someone suggested that it would be excellent to warm the body if the weather gets too cold at the peak! There we were, each carrying a backpack; mine with the whiskey and hers with her DSLR. Of course we each packed snacks and a bottle of water too lah!

The queue was moving slowly ahead of me. Every step I took to get nearer to the Summit, my breath went shorter of oxygen. Since I was the last person in our team’s line, the second guide was tagging behind me.

The first time I stopped to catch my breath, he asked: “Are you okay? Are you sure you want to continue?” The second time I stopped, after another flight of wooden steps, to catch my breath, he said: “You know? We have to reach the Sayat-Sayat Hut by 5am?”

Guess he was discouraging me from advancing further. It did not take me long then to decide forgoing the climb. I did not want to be a burden to anyone. I did not want to be gasping for oxygen when everyone struggles in getting to the summit. Hahaha! Yah, yah, try to make myself sound like a hero only!

So, how to write this blog post about the summit lah? Don’t worry, I did not make it does not mean dear cousin also did not make it mah! As usual, she was a darling to snap many pictures for this blog of mine!

Let her pictures now take you to her sharing of her climb to the Summit! Wish I was there with her…..

Dear cousin“It was dark when we climbed up that flight of wooden stairs from the rest house.”

Ya, ya, I was there too; until I was convinced to turn back by the guide. I had to walk down the stairs of shame, in the dark, on my own! That was the loneliest moment of my life! Looking down on the steps with my headlight, I had to make sure I do not slip and fall to further humiliate myself from the disgrace of walking back to the rest house.

Despite my careful footings, I still slipped on a stone and hit the end of the wood plank of the next step – leaving a bruise on each of my leg to remember this “memorable” time of my life…. haizz….
The first picture at the Summit!

Dear cousin:
“I only took out my DLSR
after I confirmed with Monyet King that it was safe for me to do so.
You know lah, I would not want to take a chance to lose my beloved camera mah.”
Sure, sure, the whole team knew about your love for your camera too!
You rather lose your life than your camera, right??!

Dear cousin:
“We stopped pulling the ropes here though there were ropes on the ground.

“Crazy” friend:
“Our two pairs of cotton garden gloves got wet almost immediately.
(Because it rained the whole night.)
My hands were freezing cold lei!”

Maybe it is better to get some water proof gloves for the climb, huh?

This is where everyone who climbs the Summit would be taking photo with!
The little signboard that would mark their historical moment of their achievement;
of successfully “conquered” the Summit.
Dear cousin took more than a dozen pictures here!
Humph!  Show off!
Going down already?
No wonder Monyet King said,

“Crazy” friend:
“I heard your dear cousin shouting:
Now, did you do that ah, dear cousin???
Dear cousin:
“Yes!  Yes!  I did!  I did!
I tell you ah, I really felt that when I was climbing in the dark!
Really in the dark, not knowing what was around you!
“Do you know how tired it is pulling your body weight on the ropes??!
Must have really strong arms to do that!
Due to my fatigue, my legs gave up on me a few times!
Thank goodness, I had some heroes rescuing me every time!
Boy, am I glad now that I took the guide’s advice!
Don’t think they had enough heroes to save me too lah!
Near the Sayat-Sayat Hut.

From this point everyone was advised to use the ropes.
Dear cousin:
“This stretch was the toughest climb of the Summit especially when you are in the dark.
I was only able to see what I had done or where I had groped with the ropes
when I was going down (when the sun was up)!
OMG!  Did I do that?!”
When you see this “snake head” wood, you are near to the rest house already.
If you want to see how it is like going up the Summit,
scroll up from here and you will kind of have an idea how the changes of terrain would be.
Use your imagination of climbing up instead of climbing down lah!
Dear cousin, after shouting
do you seriously think you will not want to climb to the Summit of Mount Kinabalu again?
Dear cousin:
I must say that when I was finally at the Summit,
I did feel the climb was worth it!
I did not want to leave the place so soon.
“I noticed some people rushed up to the Summit
and hurriedly leave the place without enjoying the clouds and the sceneries there.
Isn’t it a waste to make all the effort to be at the top and not spend at least half an hour there?
“Although we missed the sunrise that day, it was still fine to me coz
the Summit itself was really breath taking, you know?”
Haizz, I wish I will know lah!
Why rub salt on the wounds??!
You know very well I was not there mah…. haizzzzzzzz

Look out for the sum up post of the Climbing Mount Kinabalu episodes, coming soon…..

6 responses to this post.

  1. LG, there will always be another time. With your experience this year, your next climb will be a breeze.

  2. That was a great experience in my lifetime. LG, when you told me that you can't continue to the peak because lack of oxygen and breathing problem , and you turned back alone ….. I felt sad and asked myself should I encourage you to continue and try together…'s your dream to climb MK…. I feel sorry nobody with you in the dark and cold moment and you slipped on a stone and hit the end of the wood plank of the next step – leaving a bruise on each of your leg to remember this “memorable” time of your life…. Haizz "where's the guide?" not with you ….. ??? I should say that our preparation and experience may not be enough, we learn from experience….. "what we should do and not to do" When I started walking in the dark and cold, with my headlight, I can only concentrate walk follow the light to the floor or rocks. I tell you, you can't see any sides, up or down, and just hold tight on the rope along the rock and climb in the dark. At one point when the path was most difficult, I shouted " Don't ask me to come to climb again, I won't come and climb again" My hands, shoulders and legs feel tired and pain, what to do, keep on climbing ….. Huh ! When on the way to the peak, I was alone also, but I take out my loved DSLR taking the photos from my journey to the peak. I climbed slowly in small steps in the cold strong wind hitting my face and ears. Then I remember my whiskey taken back with you! Aiyah!I keep on walking alone, when near to the peak, I was so happy to meet 2 friends in our team, then only have someone taking some photos for me, and I'm not alone then….. After reach to the peak, other team members going down back but me and 2 other friends stayed another 20 mins to enjoy the high-high on top feeling, the wind, the cloud sea, the success and courage, I can say ….. can't use words to describe and explain ….. All the hardwork and more than 15hrs climbs from the foothill must stay and get the feelings for rememberance, never forget ! Huh ! When I climbing down back to Laban Rata, my legs were numb and tired to walk, I fell down more than 10 times and I had heroes to help me along the journey. Oh ….. there was one incident that I fell down at a very narrow walk way at the rock side and only one hand holding the rope and one hand holing my camera, lucky my hero behind me held me by my backpack and save me….. Phew ….. thanks hero! And we continued walking down together and the cold rain fell on us later…… LG just left few hundred meters to the peak only haizzz….. Is OK, we can go for next climb, I'm sure we can make it together, and sapu alot photos from the peak. And we will bring our "HOT Ipoh white coffee and whiskey"! Cheers !

  3. LG, your pictures and JD's are indeed spectacular and breath-taking. After reading your posts i don't think i can make it up the summit too.Pass! No conquering Mt KK for me.

  4. Thanks, MK. I am one person who also believe "there will always be another time". I believe if I ever do it again, I will definitely make it to the Summit! Experience, knowledge and preparation are most important before making this climb; and I am glad to say I am able to share what I learnt with my readers so that they will be more equipped than me. Thanks, MK, for your words of encouragement.JD, thanks for sharing your experience of the climb. Before, we do not know exactly what to expect; now, we know exactly what the Summit is all about. Yes! If we climb again, we shall celebrate there with our Ipoh coffee! Yum Seng! Ooophs! Sorry about your Whiskey ah…. next time carry it yourself! Hahaha!JL9, don't lah let my sharing scare you! Try n thou shall know. Physically you and I not the same. Who knows? It could be a breezy climb for you. Even if not all the way to the Summit, it is worthwhile to climb to Laban Rata via Mesilau Trail. You will love it if you love the jungle as much as I. Trust me!

  5. Really awesome sight looking down from MK. Last time we were looking and pointing our cameras up at Low's Peak. This time you all were up there at 4000 over meters looking down. I can imagine your feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment at that point of time. Really hats off to you all. A very comprehensive write up with breath taking and beautiful pictures. Thank you very much but no need to invite me for a climb the next time. After reading your posts, I can just close my eyes and imagine me being there already. Kekekeke…….

  6. Sean, what you read and see pictures are different from being there to feel and see in person! It would be fun to go together. If you say GO, I'll say GO and JD cannot say NO! Hahaha! Huh???

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