I am Back to share More!

Since Monyet King’s invitation to climb Mount Kinabalu in December 2010, dear cousin and I had been anticipating the climb for the past six months or so. I tried to squeeze in time to train while speed-complete the June’s tax deadline jobs before the climb. Pant-pant, it was not at all easy! Still got some loose ends to tie, now that I am back in action!

Dear buddy, upon knowing our plan to East Malaysia, suggested we also visit Mulu Caves and have fun! Wah! Climb the highest mountain in South East Asia in two days and adjourn to Mulu Caves??! Sure or not?

Another dear friend quickly chipped in, “Hey, you gals are going to Kota Kinabalu ke? I will be there too! Wanna go to Labuan and visit my hometown?”


“We can go to Brunei too, you know? It is only a stone throw away!”


Dear cousin had to add, “Yah ah, why not??? Let’s climb Mount Kinabalu, go to Labuan then to Brunei before Mulu Caves! Sounds like fun!”
“Two of us go do the climb, meet two of them at Labuan for the rest of the journey lah!”

Er… Okay! Why not! Let’s do it! The BEST of times is NOW!

That started the whole episode of the recent travel expedition! The moment I mentioned it to Monyet King, I could hear him laughing on the other end of the phone line. I had to finish my sentence by saying, “What to do? We may just gotta zombie our way to the caves!” Hahaha!

Six months ago, dear cousin and I made a decision to climb the mountain. Six months ago, we booked our accommodation at Kinabalu Park and Laban Rata, as advised by Monyet King.

Two months ago, after being convinced to travel a little more, we decided to adjourn our trip from the mountain to the island (Labuan) and since it is by the way –decided to go to Brunei before our final destination, the Mulu Park!

That started the crazy chase for promotion air tickets; route mapping and accommodation hunt by dear cousin, which she had done a marvellous job in. Without her good planning, our journey would not be so smooth sailing as we had to fight time to be at the airport for the flights, reach the location spelled out by Monyet King so that we could hop into the van to travel with them to Kundasang together, rushed to the jetty to catch the last ferry (scheduled twice a day) to Labuan and had roof over our heads in the nights! Phew! Thank you, thank you, dear cousin!

Two days before the trip, we started buying what we needed for the climb, packed our stuff to do the climb and stuff to continue the rest of our journey. While hunting for my trekking shoes, I bought a G-Shock watch. While hunting for my trekking shoes, I bought a handphone cover. Gee, did I not know how trekking shoes look like?

One day before the trip, we were still hunting for our trekking shoes! Dear Casendra insisted we get good trekking shoes! Hence, we were walking the whole of Mega Mall to find what was available, what fitted our feet and what was comfortable! Hahaha!

And I, being a nincompoop, went to Digi to activate my MMS service, thinking I could update my GFrenz of my trip – was told that the SIM card version needed to be upgraded for the said service and wasted 3 hours of our shopping time sitting and waiting! Urghh…

Although I was grateful to the staff who had the patience in the world to upgrade my card, I was not happy for the fact some download functions continued to drain my battery until I was not able to use my BlackBerry for the whole journey – worried sick that my battery or my BB needed to be replaced. Haizzz…..that killed some fun alright! At the end, upon my return, to find out my BB was busy downloading some @#$%! programs which I never knew was being downloaded!!!

Anyway, to sum the whole expedition, I would say all started well, ended well! We had great fun, great times, great food and great joy in the 11 days! Though I shed a few pounds (someone asked “British pounds??”) from the climb and walk, I must have gained much more from the food and the frequent meals we had! Hahaha!

Look out for my sharing of the climb, the journey and the caves!

Good to be back!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Keke, welcome back! Wah your shoes memang striking!

  2. Thank you, thank you! Aiyah, I told you I got a pair of caterpillars mah. Memang striking and very comfortable lei! Really thankful for them! N you, for insisting I get a good pair of shoes!When I told Monyet King, we got new shoes for the climb, he said,"Bad move!" Hahaha!

  3. Glad to know that my SMS finally got to DC that day. Been SMSing periodically to check you your whereabout but each time the sms was not delivered and that got me worried about your safety.New shoes need breaking-in lah before they will fit your feet nicely. Hope they did not give you blisters.Can't wait to see all your nice and pretty pictures.Cheers.

  4. Ahahaa… bad move coz your shoes not season yet eh? 😛 hehehehe… good good, can't wait to see your post!

  5. Sean, thank you for tracking our whereabouts! Mt K still has reception for Digi but dead in Mulu Park! Our friends using Maxis had no problems. Hmmm, seriously thinking if we should change over to Maxis! Luckily our Adidas are made of soft material (if we got the Timberlands, we will be hanging them over our shoulders lah!) – no blisters! More comfy than our old shoes, which if we wear them for the climb sure koyak one!Oh, the pictures! Yes! You must really see them! Cannot possibly post all in my blogposts. >3k wor! No joke! Casendra dear, we were lucky our shoes were kind to us. No need season also feel so good! Hahaha! Sounds like AjiNoMoto! My next post will be out soon! Watch out! Cheers!

  6. Sean, thanks for your SMSing us whereabout and worried our safety. I have no regrets to have this camera to bring along for this trip. Took more than 3K photos. This trip make me bring back my interest in photography which I have stopped more than 20yrs….. And the most happy is LG ….. she have a lot of photos to post ….. Ya ….. ? Hahaha ….. More post coming up ….. Ya ….. LG ?

  7. Yes, DC, thanks to you I have more beautiful pictures for my blog! Smuack! Thank you, thank you!

  8. No need to change your phone number lah.Next time, if you are going to places with patchy Digi signal, ask around to check which operator has the strongest signal and then just get a prepaid pack for a few RM and put it into your spare phone lor. At the very least, you can still be contacted should there be any matter that needs immediate attention.

  9. Good idea, Sean, provided there are phone shops where we are! If I ask Digi, sure they say no problem one mah! Haizz…. Come to think of it, we should used our friends' Maxis line to alert you at home hor? Will do that next time! There! Solved! So clever!

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