Art: Only for right brainers?

I may not be an artist or even creative for the matter but when I was young (when we still had art lessons in our curriculum) my art pieces were occasionally chosen for display in the Arts Room. Oh, I was really proud of myself! Hey, there was no such thing as art tuition then, okay?! It was pure talent in drawing and colouring my own pieces! Humph!

Honestly speaking, the only reason (that I could think of) why my pieces were chosen must be because most of my classmates were worse than me in painting lah! In other words, it was not because I was really that good and deserved the recognition! Humble, humble.

People like me, who ended up being an accountant, are no right brain people! How could I ever be creative then?! To me, the colours were pretty standard; black for hair and eyes, yellow for skin (because I am Chinese), red for lips, green for leaves, brown for trees and blue for skies and water! Yup! Logical mah!

Now, why am I blogging about arts and drawings? Dear nephew’s daughters lah! The moment I stepped into their house, the younger girl ran out with a bag and insisted that I looked into it. Wah! Paintings wor! Who drew one; you and your sister ah? Which ones are yours and which ones are your sister’s lah?!

Now, these paintings were not school work. They were painted during their weekend tuition classes. Children nowadays are so lucky! I say, for a 4 (going to be 5) years old and for a 7 (going to be 8) years old, these paintings were simply beautiful!  No need to brag about my primary school days “glory” art  moments anymore… haizz….  Mine was nothing compared to these!

Darling girl’s master pieces:
What are the two “things” over the flower pot?
“Bees lor!”
Hehehe, looks like someone with a paddle lei…
Why the “duck” grey colour one?
(Smile, smile, smile.)
Poor darling did not know how to answer me!

What are those pencil strokes on the left top of the castle?
“Birds lor!”
Why top bird flying upside down one?
“Err… (did not know how to answer too!)”
What is the girl doing?

Why is the glass blue?
“Got water mah.”
(Guess she is not a right brain person too!)
And the “thing” beside the water?
Wah! Got cow green colour one ah?

Eee, why the giraffe tail like that one?
“It’s a signboard lah!”
Huh?  Like that one ah?
(Shy smile.)

Poor Christmas tree got no decorations meh?
(Big smile!)

Haiyoh, why the cat’s eyes black like that?
“Because they are black!”
Hahaha!  That was a clever answer!

Darling sister’s master pieces:
These are really beautiful!
I must say darling’s sister has lots of patience and talent in matching colours!
Look at the outlines!  No colours spilled out from the objects at all!

Simply colourful!

Are you a right brain person?

Quote of the Day:
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Realy talent and cute. The drawings are colourful, and with imagination.This 2 darling girls always give us the most fun and happy time.

  2. Nephew's daughters, that means they are your grand-nieces. Wah! Never knew LG so old already ah… haizz…They have great talent; future artists in the making.When talking about art, I can't help but to tell you about my artistic flair.When I was in Lower Sixth, I chose Art as my fourth subject, as I already signed up for Econs, Eng Lit, and Geog.On the first day of our Art lesson, the late Cikgu Ariff asked us to draw an imaginative piece; any favourite subject of ours.I did a beautiful piece ( my own assessment la ).Cikgu Ariff: "What's that?"I: " A goat Sir!"CA: "May I suggest you drop Art." Bye bye Art, I took History instead.( Wrote this in CB when Frodonet showed off his master picec. ) Don't let me catch you laughing not even giggling. ok?

  3. Yes, JD, the apples of our eyes n our "sum con teng"! Smuak!jl9, why lah pecah my age! Aiyah, now how to get young men?? Hahaha!Ranking high mah, not old lah!I tot you drew a cow eating grass!Teacher: But, where's the grass?Student: Eaten by the cow!Teacher: But, where's the cow?Student: Aiyah, no more grass to eat, walk away lah! It is a clever cow I draw!Hahaha!

  4. :-)) A good one LG.

  5. why you got so many why one? hahahha… did she ever ask why you keep asking why? 😛 man she is so talented! love the colours and her creativity!

  6. Welcome back! Missed you lah! Yah-ah, did not even realise that I had been why-ing her! Hahaha! She's very sweet one, never why me lei! Hehehe.

  7. I like to dispute your theory that right-handers are good in art. I am right-hander and cannot draw a straight line …… even with a ruler… hahaha!! … too much bow-wow in me and the heatiness caused partial brain damage..

  8. LG, thanks for digitizing the artworks of my girls. Really appreciate it very much. But don't give them too much high-hat in front of them. Later they'll become arrogant.TFL, aiya, LG's talking about the creative right brain lah, not about the hand. Say, maybe a few shots of mau-mau will steady your hands enough to draw a straight line without a ruler?

  9. Ahahahaha! TFL, you really need some rounds of "mau-mau" before you re-read this post lah! Hahaha! Right brain! Not right hand! Wahahaha!Sean, anything for them anytime! I bet TFL will not disagree with you about (a few shots – tak cukup lah!) the "mau-mau" will steady his hands enough to draw a straight line without a ruler! Good one! Yeay!

  10. oops!… sorry for the mistake… how embarasssing. You are right – not enough local mau2. Been drinking too much Hanoi Beer lately.LG, JD and Sean, bila ada masak2 lagi? Any more special dishes that we have not tried? How about I bring along my neighbour's noisy dog and we see what we can do? … hahaha!!!…woof! woof!

  11. Darling little girls! What art work and creativity. Hope they keep exploring and creating. So Special. love this post.

  12. LG is still MIA.:))

  13. Beautiful pictures and what a cute little girl. I love the pure happiness in the colours that young children choose. Always speak to me of Heaven.Have a great day my friend.Cx

  14. wa… what a cheerful drawing… she must be happy girl.

  15. TFL, how can you eat the woof-woof?! Hope you recover from the Hanoi fever soon! Hahaha!Thanks, Dawn! I love them too!jl9, I am back! Look out for my latest travel sharing soon!Thanks, Claire! You have a wonderful day too!Yes, Jeff, they are happy girls because they have loving parents! Cheers!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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