Ketumbar Hills: Beauty Within (2)

“LG, why you keep on uploading new pictures in the Ketumbar Hills: Beauty Within’s post?  People who have read it will not read it again lah!  They do not know you have posted new photos mah!  Why don’t you create a second post with the same title?  At least your readers know you got new pictures.”

Yah ah.  Oh, just in case you are following my discoveries in Ketumbar Hills, you better read that post again to view new pictures lei!  Sorry ah, but it is worth it – many unique and beautiful pictures there that you should not miss one!  Trust me!

Now, scroll down for more discoveries lah!  Erm, you may need to check this post every week for new pictures, okay?  From what I heard from regular trekkers I still have plenty to seek in these woods!

For your information, pictures in this post were taken either with the Pentax or Nikon D90!  Wah!  Expecting fabulous pictures ke?  Don’t get your hopes too high coz dear cousin is still learning how to use her DSLR!  Hahaha!
Pictures captured with Pentax

Another butterfly picture?
Yah lah!
This one has white “bow” tails!
Different from the others one!
The first “battered” butterfly sighted.
If it had taken care of itself, it would be a natural beauty.  Sigh!
I almost missed this guy!
It was resting on the leaf when I walked by.
Eh, did I see a butterfly ah?
I had to take a step backwards to look again.
It remained on the leaf until I took its picture.
So nice…

A father who trekked with his son purposely took us to this spider.
They said they had seen a bigger backside spider the week before.
This one was much smaller wor.
Never mind lor, we have not seen this before mah.
This guy was tricky,
it played dead and suddenly jumped from the trunk to the ground!
Ahhhhh!  “Mo-si, mo-si”  (Nothing, nothing)….

I almost brushed my leg against this thing!
Urgh!  A fat caterpillar busy-busy eating!
The leaf must be so tasty that it lifted a “finger licking good” thumbs up with its tail!

Hey, the father was also very observant.
He saw this on a tree trunk and alerted me.
I insisted it was a cockroach and he asked me to look at its legs.
Cockroach kan?

This tiny weeny white insect also, the father and son could sight!
I really salute them lah!
See the legs?

I failed to take a clear picture so I passed the Pentax to the boy.
With his steady hands, he took the pictures with such clarity.
The tiny weeny white insect flew and landed itself on the hand of the boy’s father.
“Son, take the picture quick!”
Hahaha!  Guess they were more excited than me!

I did not bluff you one!
Who would be able to sight this tiny grasshopper on the bark?
Same colour some more!
The little boy spotted this and it took me a while to say,
“Ya lah, ya lah, there is a small brown grasshopper here!”
Must really thank the father and son team for their company!
Thanks ah, for showing us more beauty living in these woods…
While dear cousin was busy with her new Nikon D90, I saw this giant ant.
By the time she joined me, the ant had gone hiding.
Too bad!  If not, you could be looking at a sharper outline than this!
Both dear cousin and I took picture of this flower.
Somehow both of us viewed it differently through the camera lens.
After I saw her pictures, I showed her mine and said, “I bet you did not take the picture like this!”
Pentax challenging Nikon D90 wor…
Now that dear cousin has a new toy, she is eveready to trek the woods with me!  Hahaha!  All I need to do is spot the beauty within and she would be there to shoot the pictures!  Suddenly I will be the supervisor giving instructions! 
“Quick lah!  It is flying away lei!  Quick lah!  It is running away oui!  Quick lah!  Save the battery!  There are more pictures to take later!”  Hahaha! 
Our first trek with Nikon D90 was almost 3 hours for the trail which we would normally take an hour to complete.  Aiyoh, like that ah, we may reach Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu in 10 hours lah!  “Cam lor” (Pitiful)  Monyet King and gang may not wait for us dei.  Haizz….
Pictures captured with Nikon D90:
Nikon D90’s virgin picture of the Ketumbar Hill’s beauty within.
“This is abalone mushroom.” 
Huh?  A lady casually passed a comment when she walked by us.
Really ah?  So, it can be eaten lah!
At least 2 varieties of mushroom on this dead log.
Hmmm, did we snap this picture before ah?
Wah!  Dear cousin had to zoom this picture because we could not reach it.
One more step, we may just fall into a valley!  Phew!
Beautiful, right??
“Where got nice?”
Nice!  Look at the curve and the contrast!
Dear cousin did not want to snap this but I insisted so she obliged two shots lor.
Why?  Not nice meh?
I tell you ah, her Nikon D90 is really powerful!
After cropping to the max, because she had zoomed this shot,
the pattern on the butterfly’s wing is still so distinct wor.
Must agree it is “yat cham chin yat cham for” (paying what is worth)!
While dear cousin was taking pictures of some mushroom, this beauty was resting near her foot.
I tried to take its picture with my Pentax so that I will not miss it.
Shy to say, my Pentax did not do me proud at all.
Good thing dear cousin shifted her focus to take this picture.
A unique beauty, right?
Aiyoh, all my previous butterfly pictures never had such clear outline one.
Again, this is a zoomed picture.
Should I throw away my Pentax ah???
After seeing these pictures now,
I wonder if you still find the pictures in
Ketumbar Hills:  Beauty Within (1) still beautiful.
Personally, I will still appreciate the earlier pictures because we may not be able to shoot them again.
Every time we trek these woods, we will find different beauties within.
Dear cousin took quite a long time to snap this clear picture.
She is still learning mah.
Poor us, lucky mosquitoes; the longer we stood around to take the pictures the more itchiness we collected!
Stratch, stratch, stratch!
Aiyoh!  I never realised a fly also can be so beautiful one!
Look at the body!
I always say it:  Nature never failed to amaze me.
This is one of them!
Eh!  A baby iguana!
There!  There!  Can see or not!
Quick!  Take a picture lah!
Hahaha!  I never thought I could get excited seeing a reptile!
In my younger days, I would be running away from it instead of pursuing it to take its picture!
See how loving nature can do to a person!
Err, that does not mean I will be thrilled to see a snake, okay!
Did I speak too soon?
I sighted a small monitor lizard (Chinese calls it “four legged snake”)
and alerted dear cousin to take its picture.
Honestly speaking, I find it very pretty looking.
Such demure pose for the camera.
If you enjoy the two Ketumbar Hills posts, and would like to find out what else we discover in these woods, you will have to check out this post time and time again as I will upload more pictures to update our discoveries here until I find the need to create part (3) with the same title.
Always remember, if you enjoy the nature as much as dear cousin and I do, please do not destroy or kill anything in the woods: “Take only pictures; leave only footprints.”
Quote of the Day:
Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Great pics. Keep it up.Picture #14 looks like ganoderma or lingzi mushroom which is said to be potent enough to raise the death. Example in the below link. Of course we shouldn't eat anything that we are not sure of.!

  2. Sean San, when are we going for a photography expedition lah?? The link picture you mentioned is so beautiful lei. Dear cousin so shy lah! Cannot fight! Anyway, tak sama mushroom lah! You pakai your reading glasses ke? Hehehe…

  3. Aiyoyo… cantik nya the link, haizzz… that's why I must tangkap sini… tangkap sana … pratice my skill… Ketumbar is the start point .. you see, still a lot of unexpected rewards hahaha….. When we can go for some outing photography … Sean !

  4. Don't know much about photograpy. Anyway my compact cannot stand up to a giant like the Nikon D90.Hey, those creatures are good for WRT, how about it LG/JD?

  5. JD, you have to speed up you "ka-cha, ka-cha" technique lah! 3 hours in the woods that we are supposed to train for Mt KK now macam training your Nikon D90 – mana boleh??! Hahaha, jl9, put the pictures in WRTs??! CB bloggers will scratch their heads sampai botak lah! Hahaha! Anyway, don't know their actual name and species to do it lah! Nanti all answers also butterfly or mushroom, how??! Hehehe…

  6. thumbs up!! 🙂

  7. Jeff, u posted your comment here at 3am!! Why you no sleep one meh? Thumbs up for Nikon ke?? Making Ricoh n Canon jealous lah! Oophs! Hahaha!

  8. LG, no worry about not knowing their names. Am sure those who know will help you in that respect.All you need do is: Butterfly ( type ?), Lizard ( type ? )… Someone may come along and fill in for you like: Butterfly (Monarch),Lizard ( Monitor )…. :))

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