Friendship: New n Innocent

Recently, GFrenz had another get together, this time codename: LG2. During this get together, I discovered a new found friendship; a friendship of innocence, sincerity, without judgement and without expectation, a friendship which happened naturally without anyone coaxing one to care or share with another, a friendship that touched my heart as there was no sign of pretence or exploitation between two individuals  – such friendship I hope exists among adults too….
Nope!  These two are not sisters!
They just met and they were already buddies.
The elder girl was helping the younger kid to drink from the bottle.
Darling girl, dear nephew’s 5 years old, was helping her new 3 year old friend with her shoes.
The young one looked so happy being pampered!  Hahaha!
So cute!!!
Wah!  A five year old giving some instructions wor…
I wonder what she was trying to tell the young one who was listening so attentively!
So adorable!!!
Yes!  One for the album!
“Must remember we met today and become friends!
Next time we meet, you must remember me, okay?!”
See them holding hands?
How often do we hold our girlfriends’ hands now that we are older?
Hmm, I sure miss those “innocent” friendships I had when I was a kid!
Do you too?
The next day, the younger girl tagged along with GFrenz in hope to see her new friend, darling girl.  She must be disappointed as she had to mingle amongst the uncles and aunties instead.  Hahaha!  But she brought so much joy to us as we took the opportunity to “sok yau” by hugging and kissing her!  Hahaha!  Aiyah, if we do not do it now, when she is still young and accommodating, when lah?!  After all, how can anyone not go head over heels over a dear lovable girl, right?
When was the last time someone befriended you unconditionally?
Quote of the Day:
When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments;
tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may become.

The above pictures were captured by dear nephew with dear cousin’s new Nikon D90)

4 responses to this post.

  1. You are absolutely right LG. This is the age of pure innocence when she can even give a big kiss to an old apek with a beer-belly…hahaha!! Better get all these free and unconditional hugs-n-kisses before they grow up to be teenagers and will not even hold your hand while crossing the road.

  2. I just love to bask in the love of these great pictures.things come into this world with a beautiful beginning, let's carry it on till the finishing line.LG, Life's Good.

  3. TFL n Woody, these pictures touched my heart so much so that I felt they deserve a post on its own. If only we can retain our innocence; to unconditionally befriend people instead of guarding ourselves against the chances of being cheated, exploited, taken advantage or even harm by them, the world will be a happier place to be…

  4. This post is very useful for me, much appreciated! 🙂

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