Finally, one Nikon D90!

Dear cousin’s quest for a DSLR camera was finally over!  After making hundred calls to dear nephew confirming what model, what lens, best price, good deals etc, she finally made a decision!  Phew!  I must really salute dear nephew for his patience.  If I were him, I would have told her off before the calls reached 10!  Hahaha!
She searched every recommended website;, free trade zone and to check the pricing; deciding between buying a new camera or a second hand unit.  Other than dear nephew, she called up friends who own a DLSR and even friends who are in the camera industry!  Serious ah?!
When she finally asked me for my opinion, I only said, “I will not buy it over the internet, I rather go to a shop to purchase something which will make me a few thousand ringgit poorer.  At least if there’s any complications or problems, I will know who to call or where to go.  Call me old fashion if you want.”
She heeded my advice and bought her camera in a shop recommended by her friend who has connections with camera shops!  Not bad, she has high powered friends!  Of course she got the best deal!  The guy who sold it to her asked her not to tell anybody how much he had sold the unit for!  Hahaha!
When she took out her credit card to swipe, the guy said he had to charge her 2% credit card charge.  “Huh?  I could buy 2 SD cards with that amount charged!  I rather pay you in cash!”  Aiyoh, the extent she would go to get her best deal.  She went back to the shop the next day with cash!  No joke!  Even the shop owner got a shock with her behaviour.  Aiyah, woman and money; they either part in a spree or glue till death do them part.  Erm, I think I belong to the latter.  Hehehe…
In the afternoon, she went out to accomplish her mission.  The moment she arrived home, she had a west to east smile (Ozz’s favourite) on her face. 
This was it?
The bag even had “terima kasih” (thank you) printed on it!
A package of a successful deal!
Yup!  This was what she got.
The body: the original Nikon D90.
The Sigma 18-200mm lens gonna join to the body.
Wah!  She knew what she was doing one leh!
See the way she held the camera.
“Ada gaya”  (Got style)!
Capping on another gadget.
That also she knew how wor…
“Now, listen to me.
When you want to put the camera down, you must place it either this way
– body down, lens up
“place the whole camera and lens flat on a flat surface.
That was instruction from dear cousin.
Aiyah, I will not touch your new baby one.
Don’t worry!
I more scared of it than it of me!
Dear cousin said the first time she had her first camera when she was young,
she slept holding on to the camera.
Wonder if she’s gonna sleep holding on to this guy!
Oh, I cannot wait for her to use it!  I want to see the quality of the pictures, especially my much love of the woods and nature.  You are going to carry it in the woods when we trek, right?  Huh?  Huh?
When was the last time you bought something exciting?
Quote of the Day:
Photography is an investigation of both the outer and the inner worlds.
The first experiences with the camera involve looking at the world beyond the lens,
trusting the instrument will ‘capture’ something ‘seen.’
The terms shoot and take are not accidental;
they represent an attitude of conquest and appropriation.
Only when the photographer grows into perception and creative impulse
does the term make define a condition of empathy
between the external and the internal events.

13 responses to this post.

  1. Lol. Your cousin and me are same kind of person. Paying cash? Definitely is wise. Haha.I think if you post nikon, canon, or sony in your fb then it will become never ending war. Haha.

  2. Aiyoyo … I also thousand appreciate my dear nephew have the patient to answer my calls almost whole week and advise me the models of others cameras. And also I thousand thanks to my good friend he bring me personaly to the shop and help me to get a good price. Now, I scratch my head, to learn photography again, cos I didn't touch more than 20 yrs. Hahaha … that another round I have to disturb my dear nephew again to teach me … LOL…..

  3. šŸ™‚

  4. Hey ā€“ good blog, simply trying round some blogs, seems a fairly nice platform You Are using. Iā€™m presently using Drupal for a number of of my websites however looking to change one in every of them over to a platform very a lot the identical to yours as a trial run. Something in particular you'll advocate about it?

  5. LG, now that dear JD has a high-end camera, i better display my best in LG2 this Saturday: display my tail feathers like the peacock.Haizzz… every detail of mine will be captured by JD … Haizzz and more.

  6. Jeff, cash is King mah! Me, a Pentax owner, nobody will war with me one! Hahaha!Aiyoh, DC, early in the morning already carry your new baby snap pictures ah?! Got brush teeth or not first?! Hahaha!Rebecca, nice to see your smile here. Cheers!Thanks, Anon, only know Blogger (also free) and love it! Happy blogging!Hahaha, JL9, maybe a facelift would be good! Less wrinkles mah! See you soon! Cheerio!

  7. Girl, I'm so envious of you right now! My husband should hear that "I wish…" from me in the coming days. He's always one to say, "Nah, settle for that digicam." Ughs!

  8. Createch, the new toy is not mine. It is dear cousin's but I will get to abuse it once in a while, I guess! Hahaha!Well, you just have to work harder to sweet talk your hubby to buy you anything under the sun! Honey him a bit! Hahaha! Good luck, girlfriend! Cheers!

  9. Finally got new camera liao! Getting ready to snap picture for the Mt Kinabalu Trip.

  10. You are right, HF! It's gonna trek Mt KK with us! Or should I say dear cousin is gonna carry it up Mt KK! Hahaha!

  11. Oh! oh! dear nephew took a few shots of my beer-belly with my T-shirt up during LG2 on Saturday. I hope cannot see the ugly belly button and the big belly [which was once my chest]… sob!!

  12. Hola, esto es puntual!(translated fr Spanish: Hello, this is timely!)

  13. Hahaha, TFL, I am pleased to confirm that "the big belly [which was once my chest]" picture has been captured as evidence and will be used against you should the need arises! So, beware! Hahaha! Nicolas, you are right that it is timely to get the Nikon D90! There will be more beautiful n sharp pictures in this blog from this post onwards! Yeay!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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