Ampang: Sunset @ Look Out Point!

Hmmm… Want to go out this evening?  Let’s take a drive before we go for dinner.  Remember that place which they call Little Genting?  Let’s hunt for that place!  Jom!  Let’s go!  Bring the camera!  Quick lah!  Just dress casual will do!

Yup!  Take action when the urge comes!  Don’t contemplate!  Just do it!  Live the day!  Yeay! 

Eh, petrol level is at its last mark, okay ke?  Should be alright one.  Not very far away mah.  Drive to Taman Putra from Pandan Indah, turn to the left at Puteri Park Plaza, drive straight and look for the “Look Out Point” (LOP) signage (which says “3.7km to Look Out Point”) on the left just before the second traffic light!  Turn right at the traffic light and drive uphill! 

The way up is winding and there are no streets lights.
Make sure your car headlights are working proper
and make sure you have enough petrol
because when you leave this place, it could be very dark lei.
The last signage before you reach the place!
Erm, the blur blur stain on my windshield due to glue from old road tax stickers!
Don’t know how to remove them lah!

This is it!
When you see this, which is on your right, drive across the road into the parking space. 
Please note that this place is opened from 5pm to 2.30am.
Hah?  Why ah?

Once you get your parking ticket, you better park your car in the vicinity of this restaurant.
You only pay RM2 if you do.
If not, you will have to pay RM5 (like me!) because I drove all the way to the top!
I asked the girl why their parking notice board did not publish such information.
She said, “Tak tahu!” (Don’t know!)
Hmm, is there any department I can complain this to???
Geram nya (Maddening)!

I saw this and decided to drive up without knowing I have to pay RM3 extra!

To save RM3 or walk up this steep winding road?
You decide, okay!

At the T-junction, turn right to Look Out Point.
Why lah they print the word “restoran” below Look Out Point?
I thought that was the way to a LOP restaurant!

If you are not there for their fancy restaurants, please focus on where you want to go.
Keep left and find the Public Viewing Tower!
You will find the following interesting messages on the steps as you walk up!

As you read downwards, you are actually walking upwards!
Err, understand?

Sudah sampai!  (Reached already!)

Have to walk up the tower ke?
Penat nya!  (Tired!)
The first scenery that welcomed us!
Beautiful!  Simply enchanting!
So, we are here to watch the sunset lah!

Birdeye’s view from the top of the tower!
Really breath taking!
Didn’t realise the sun can be so big one!

Pride of Malaysia with the “ham tan wong” (salted egg yolk) over it!

Of course we stayed there long enough to watch the sunset and snapped pictures of the night sceneries!

We thought of having our dinner there too, to enjoy the night views, so we checked with one of the customers there if the food was good and he said,

” RM16 for a plate of fried rice and a drink, I’ll say it is not worth it! 
Food was not at all tasty!”
Hahaha!  Bad review wor!
Maybe only this restaurant is bad, let’s call a friend to ask.
“Look Out Point ah?  No lah!  They are too commercialised now!”
Oh, okay!  Let’s go somewhere else for dinner then!

Maybe next time we pack our own snack and eat at the tower!
Can eat and enjoy the scenery mah!
Yah, let’s just do that next time!
But not tonight lah!
Jom!  Let’s go for dinner!
Hungry lah!

Bye,  Look Out Point!  We may be back, when we have a “canggih” (more sophiscated) camera to take pictures of your beautiful sunset!  Dear cousin said must go there after a downpour – clear skies and everything nice will give a perfect sunset wor!

Have you watched sunset at the Look Out Point?

Quote of the Day:
When I admire the wonder of a sunset
or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in worship of the Creator
~ Mahatma Gandhi

16 responses to this post.

  1. Hi LG,Nice postings! Blur stain on car windshield due to glue from old road tax stickers, EASY LAH!!!Get a can of WD40 (find at any hardware shop). Spray on the stain and leave it for 10 minutes. Use tissue paper or cotton cloth kain buruk to wipe it. Sure will work one! And after that you owe me a "banana leaf" lunch at Lebuh Ampang. Haha….

  2. Thanks, Ozz! My Saga is fully tinted one wor, sure WD40 safe ke? If betul2 boleh, whatever "leaf" lunch (halal one) you want pun no problem lah! Nak bagi guarantee ke??? Huh? Huh?

  3. Dear LG,My cars are also fully dark tinted. I learnt from my car wash man. It works on any glued stains. It is safe on tinted glasses as long you do it under shades and not to leave it under hot sun after spraying it. Hehe… never mind, the nasi daun pisang can wait. Happy cleaning!

  4. Ozz, luckily I belum buat anything. Now only you say "do it under shades and not to leave it under hot sun after spraying it"! Phew! Will try to do it the next time I wash my car! Thanks for the advice. So, bila nak nasi daun pisang lah???

  5. wish i were thre

  6. Amy, come to KL n we'll bring you there lah! Bring a canggih camera to take pictures/ video of the sunset. Really beautiful one, trust me!

  7. Nice photos. Good to see Gandhi's quotes in your blog.

  8. Thanks, Joshi, I feel wise (though I may not be so) whenever I quote Gandhi's words of wisdom. Learning from the learned….

  9. Very good place, must have a good camera to take the best pictures.Is the best place to take KL sunset and night nice shots.

  10. The view is really marvelous from up there. We dined at Haven Restaurant and found the food quite tasty actually, mine was sponsored so I had the Beef Ribs and Lobsters, yummy to the max :). Btw I dont think I can join you for the KK trip, I'm heading to Palembang that month and I'm probably not fit enough for mountain climbing at the moment.

  11. JD, when are you getting your SLR lah? Thristhan, how did you get your food sponsored one??? Those two choices will burn a hole in my pocket lah! Still, will try them one day for some special occassion.Ah, Palembang, will read about it in your blog when you are back! Have a wonderful trip!Cheers!

  12. Hi Lion Girl 🙂 hmm what camera are you using?i'm just using a normal digital camera but sometimes brands are quite important when it comes to picture quality,i hated Sony alot :/ but thats just me,i'm pretty much an amateur user lol. I did edit the shadows in my photos.

  13. HB, mine is a waterproof (digital) Pentax. Bought it when we wanted to snorkel at KK. Thought it to be "pen leng cheng" but not so. Sigh! Sometimes I prefer to use my BlackBerry though there is not much control over its functions. Haizz… Dear nephew suggested we get a Canon A1200 and dear cousin planning to get a SLR. If all take place, my blog will explode with beautiful pictures lor! Ahahahaha!

  14. sehr gute Website!

  15. Hi heartbreaker. I am also not a camera expert and uses a 8.0 megapixels Canon Ixus 801S. I enjoy taking candid shots as I like to capture that exact split-second action. With a 4Gig SD card I can take 1828 good quality pics., so I just shoot, shoot, shoot at random. After downloading to the PC, I will delete the bad ones and keep the good.

  16. I like

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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