Bobby, the Hindi movie!

The Hindi movie, Bobby, was a BIG hit!  Everyone was talking about it so much so that I was lured into the cinema to watch the movie.  Bang!  I was immediately in love with all their songs!  About the movie?  Well, it was a simple love story of a rich boy and a fishing village girl!  Handsome Rishi Kapoor won hearts of many movie goers (young girls especially) then! 
I loved Rishi too but I loved the songs more.  I bought the cassette (erm, there were no CDs then) and learnt the songs from the lyrics and from listening from the cassettes over and over!  Aiyoh, I thought I would end up marrying a Rishi Kapoor mah!  Hahaha!
Another memorable thing about this movie was their beautiful sceneries!  Simply breath taking!  Still, nothing beats the songs in the whole movie!  Out of all the songs, the following two songs; Main Shayar To Nahin Magar Ae Haseen and  Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Hon, were my all time favourite!

The first song was sung by Rishi after he met “Bobby” the main actress of the movie.  I expected the name “Bobby” to be the main actor’s but it turned out to be the main actress’ lah!  The second song was sung during the midst of their courtship.  It was a fun song which was sung when they were being locked in together for a night at one of the tourist site!

Watching the two videos brought back a lot of memories of my younger days!  Oophs!  Am I revealing my age again ar???


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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