Fortune: Name n Number? ~ part 3 (final)

Dear cousin asked, “What? You are going to do as he suggested?”

“Might as well, since the payment is made and the steps are simple. No harm what. If it works, it works. If not, I only lost what I had paid and the time of signing the signature; for fun mah!” Well, that was me for sure!

How did I do it? I bet you guessed it! First, I marked the calendar so that I know when to start and when to end. Then, I created columns on the pieces of paper which I was going to sign so that I will not under or over signed. Next, I made it a habit to sign every morning before I start work so that I will not miss any day! Eh, must start all over one if missed one day, okay!

Dutifully, day in day out, I signed my new signature. Gee, it was looking nicer everyday lei! Then the day came when I signed the last required signature. Now what? Oh, must throw them into the river or the sea ah? Huh? Must hire a boat to complete this task meh?

“No need lah! We can just drive to Klang and find a river to throw lah! Haizz!” Oh yes ah! Dear cousin was so clever to give that suggestion.

Off we went one Sunday afternoon, driving towards the ports to search for bridges over the river! Found one! Quick! Quick! You go down and throw; I drive the car around and come fetch you, okay! Don’t get caught littering or else we will be fined! Yah, the cleverer me “instructing” dear cousin to do the task for me because I was driving mah… hehehe….

Now what! Very serious one – must change all official documents signature to the new signature and start signing everything with the new signature lor. Wah! Really cannot play play one! If want to do must do it proper lah!

All of the above happened in late 2007! In 2008, I lost 3 dear family members to death by accident, by pancreas cancer and by intestine cancer, respectively. Later, in the same year, my firm was awarded a project with a 2 years contract.

How did I successfully win the contract? To me, it was due to my close friendship with some powerful people who had highly recommended me for the project (of course I must be qualified, have the experiences and capabilites to undertake the project!). To me, it could be my late sister, favourite family uncle and favourite auntie watching over me from above. To me, it was stated in my 3 lives fortune that I was destined to a better life in the year concerned.

But could it be Master Dvijay’s Q Dimensy Millionaire Signature that had done miracles? I honestly do not know.

I may have benefited from my fun seeking personality or I may have benefited from my honesty and sincerity in my friendships and relationships or I may be born with the destiny to be in the position I am today.

Whatever could be the reason, I am thankful to all the coincidences of events.

Fortune in name and numbers; I was being told that the day we were born, a name was given to us. That name and our date of birth can never be changed. We cannot change what is destined to us but we can enhance favourable events or suppress unfortunate happenings by our actions.

The Chinese always says: First – Life, Second – Luck, Third – Feng Shui which simply means (from the little I know and understand) our life is destined, our luck is destined but we could always enhance them with good feng shui.

Does good feng shui include changing (our name or) signature? 
What do you think?

Quote of the Day:
Destiny is not a matter of chance;
but a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for,
It is a thing to be acheived.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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