Fortune: Name n Number? ~ part 2

“The appointment is fixed at 2.30pm. We meet at that hotel next to PWTC and go together lah.” That was one of my lady friends informing me about the appointment with the number wonder guy!

“Is he coming down to meet us or are we suppose to go to his room to meet him?” One lady friend asked the other. Huh? Go to his room? What if that guy is a sex maniac; we will be easy prey lei!

“Don’t worry lah, so many of us mah!”

“Hello. Okay, we can go up now? See you.” The number wonder guy just called another of our lady friend and as she disconnected the call, she signalled us to follow her to the lift. She pressed the button to the respective floor and then ushered us to the room number he told her. Hmmm, why do I have the feeling like being led into the lion’s den???

“Come in! Come in! Hello! Call me Vijay with the “D”! Hahaha!”

The moment we stepped into the room, we saw a few people sitting around the bedroom. The number wonder guy, who introduced himself as Dvijay, was indeed a very jovial guy! He was seated behind the desk with his computer on the table. He asked us to wait for awhile.  Haizz, turned out I was worried over nothing!  Shame on me!

“Do you know why Anita Mui (the late HK singer cum actress) is dead now? Her life number is eight! That’s why!”

Is he talking to us? Yup! Looks like he is talking to us! I must really salute him; he could attend to another person and kept us entertained at the same time! Why? He was worried that we will be bored meh?

When our turn came, he was very patience in explaining what he was doing, “I have spent years coming up with this numerical equation spreadsheet. It is very accurate, I tell you. Now, give me your name and birth date.”

He keyed in the information into his spreadsheet and after awhile, a report was churned out from his printer – 11 pages altogether! The name of the report was “Q Dimensy Millionaire Signature”; very comprehensive report indeed, explaining the why, how, benefits, cause and effects of numbers!

As I flipped the pages, the information became more personal with information of my “contributing” numbers, days, age, dates and colours; including the cautious date and avoidable colours. Eh? Red was printed as my avoidable colour! Hahaha! Yeay! So clever wor; me – never liked red, never wore it!! Avoided it lor!

Hey, the report was getting more interesting; I found the next page printed with information of my “contributing” birth stones, metals, and directions, nature of income and afflictions or diseases. Erm, the afflictions or diseases was kind of true lei. Not bad, not bad at all.

Ah, we had reached the most important page; the alphabets to use to sign my signature. Ay, there was a note saying “No underlining, no dots underneath and no dots at the end of the signature”. Our bubbly friend only remembered no underline. Haizz….

Master Dvijay (saw his name on the report) even taught me how to sign my signature. Then I had to ask, “Dvijay, isn’t this signature too simple? Shouldn’t our signature be more complicated so that it is difficult for anyone to forge?”

“LG, the power of our signature lies on its legibility. If someone wants to forge your signature, they will be able to forge it no matter how curvy or ridiculously scribbled it is. Trust me when I tell you your life will get better if you change your signature.”

Quote of the Day:
It is better to suffer wrong than to do it,
and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.


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  1. nice blog… visited here with a smile, take care always… feel free to visits me, A Growing Teenager Diary … thanks ~~~

  2. Hi, ML, nice of you to pay me a visit. You have a wonderful blog! Happy blogging! Take care too. Cheers!

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