What a beautiful Sunday!

Ketumbar’s only flat trail.

Must wake up early on a Sunday morning ah? Oh yes! Must! Must! Gonna trek Ketumbar mah. Quick! Get up! Get up! While many slept late on a Sunday morning, I woke up early to meet up dear friend, this time at Ketumbar instead of Gasing. At the end of the trek, she agreed that Ketumbar is more challenging compared to Gasing. Hahaha! I told you so!

Later, I was reminded of another appointment. Hah? What time? We are going to “main masak-masak” (play cooking)? Auntie Dementia is gonna teach us how to make “banchang” (rice dumplings), the dementia way! Hahaha!
“Banchang” (Rice Dumplings)

“Last week I asked her if we need to soak the beans, she said no need. Yesterday I asked her again, she said must soak! Aiyah, good thing I asked again!” said dear buddy.

When we mentioned to people we know that we were going to wrap rice dumplings, everyone was saying, “Haiyoh, why want to DIY at home? Buy only how much? Do you know how much work there is in the whole dumpling making process? Very tedious one, I tell you!” But, we still went ahead! Why again? Because dear buddy said if we do not learn it from her dear mother soon, her mother may forget the know how!

Top twin scorers, mummy and auntie Dementia

The whole “masak-masak” (cooking) episode lasted only 3 hours. Only 3 hours?! 3 hours was a very long time to “play” cooking lei!  Haizz… and just as we wanted to sit down to relax, while waiting for the dumplings to cook, top twin scorers came knocking at the door with their mummy! Wah! You gals really know the right time to make an entrance ah! Hahaha!

Anticipating the dumplings would need another hour or two to cook, 3 of us (dear buddy, twins mummy and I) took the opportunity to have a few games of mah-jong. That, we called good time management; not letting one minute wasted without fun! Hahaha!!

One of the twins brought her notebook; the other was using my Dell to sort out LG’s Facebook and linking Twitter to Facebook and vice versa. Such high technology and technical stuff can only be done by experts and me – am not computer wizard lah! Thank you, Twin A! I owe you a big meal!  Remind me ah!

Let’s revamp the day’s event; I started the day trekking Ketumbar, had fun playing chef (with the camera) in part one and mah-jong in part two. The day ended with a sumptuous dinner with dear buddy and family; perfect ending for the day with 2 ½ hours chat, mingled with lots of teasing and laughter, after meal.  Oh, what a day!  Big smile….

But, the night did not end perfect. I reached home to find my Dell still active and refused to shut down. Checked Task Manager, no tasks in progress; forced shut it with Ctrl, Alt and Delete button also cannot! Hmmm, better send a “SOS” to Twin A!  She promptly replied: Try taking out the battery!
Orh! And it worked! Finally! Phew!

Naughty computer!
Dell’s behaviour got me worried but I still managed to sleep well due to the long day of hard trek, hard fun and heavy food, all in good company!
When I woke up this morning, it dawned on me that Dell could be over excited with a sweet young thing (Twin A)’s touch so much so that it refused to shut off! Hahaha!

It must be bored with these old hands lah! Hence, when a pair of fresh hands touched it, I had to take out the battery to cool it down! Hahaha! Naughty computer!

Hmmm, come to think of it again, it was a beautiful Sunday after all!

How was your Sunday?
Quote of the Day:
“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”
~ Proverb Quotes


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi LG!Nice story.Masak masak is always fun when sharing with loved ones.My Sunday? With my daughters….practicing their Cantonese and Korean. Need personal tutors for them at home. Any advice?

  2. Yes, Sunday 24/4 was indeed a special and wonderful Sunday cos it was EASTER. After mass, went for a nice steak lunch in one of our favourite [not-so-busy] joints near home. Good food, excellent service and not so expensive compared to other more famous and popular restaurants.By the way, I am so sad I missed breakfast with the gang this morning. One consolation though, I had lunch with Roy and Lin and she gave me some deicious cheese-cakes. It is indeed a blessing to have friends who can cook well…hehehe!!!…the glutton in me is showing again! Looking forward to JD's masak-sendiri YKK.

  3. Ozz, it is interesting to know your daughters are learning Korean and Cantonese (with you practising with them?)…from TV series ke??? Personal tutor ah? Hmmm, sure you are asking the right person for advice ke??? I can only teach finance papers lah! Hehehe…TFL, we missed you too! We got the cheese cup cakes too! Yummy, yummy! Ah, JD's YKK – max yummy, yummy! C u soon!

  4. I wish everyone the best. Love the community, and all the info. Thanks 🙂

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