Mount Kinabalu: Countdown – 45 days to go!

suspension bridge under repair wor…

 “Where are you again? Trekking towards the suspension bridge? Okay, I will catch up with you.”

The moment I disconnected the call, I hurried my pace towards the said bridge. A dear friend who agreed to trek with me this morning decided to start first because I reached there later than the appointed time.
I panted on every hasten step and my perspiration soaked my clothes as if I had just came out of a bath tub. Whenever someone obstructs my way, I will wish him or her “Good Morning” before overtaking the person. To me, that was the polite way to ask them to make way for me.
My training at the Ketumbar trek must be effective as I found it an ease to trek Gasing today. Despite the wet and slippery ground due to the heavy downpour on the night before, I was able to run on flat ground, downhill and short ascending slopes. Most importantly, I did not need to stop to catch my breath.
The proudest moment was when I overtook a young girl, who I overheard her complained to her mother, “Look, she overtook me! How can she be faster than me?” Hah? What do you mean? Are you saying that because I am older, I should be slower than you? Sore loser! Hump!
Not only my ears were alert, my eyes were too! With my eyes on the ground watching my steps, I still manage to steal glances at some interesting characters that crossed path with me while exchanging morning greetings with some friendlier folks.
I saw two young people who had hung their heavy sophisticated camera, with zoom lenses, over their neck in hope to capture nature at its best, leisurely trekking the woods. The cameras looked new and shiny. Gee, are they entering some photography contests ke? My photos in the woods had always been taken with my beloved BlackBerry only. I cannot imagine myself trekking and carrying some expensive gadget with me, can you?
Later, I saw one man pulling up a little girl by the hand at a steep slope. “Good morning. So cute, how old are you, girl?” I asked. The man answered “four years old” before I descended the same slope. That little girl reminded me of dear nephew’s daughter, my darling girl. I remembered her saying to her mother, during her trek with us, “Yu jiang par san, pien ren de, jo jo er yi”  ( Said climb mountain, bluff people one, walk walk only.Hahaha!

Two couples took their well trained dogs to trek with them. “Wait, dog (name), wait!” the owners shouted and the dogs immediately stood still and let other trekkers walked through. One of the dogs, which looked like “Lassie”, had groomed silky white hair on the body and four muddy paws on the ground. My, my, after the walk the owners will need to take it for a good bath and groom it pretty again. Haizz, why bring it there in the first place lah? 

mushroom on dead wood?
beauty of the day!
I may have rushed through the woods today but I still stopped to take some pictures of the nature along the way! Hmmm, why was I rushing ah? Guess I was energised by the fact I needed to catch up with someone. Guess I did not want my dear friend to wait for me for too long. Guess I felt this trek was not so tough after all. Guess my body was able to take the physical stress better.
You know? I felt good that my endurance and determination paid off. Of course I should not feel contented so soon. There is still a lot to be done. I believe my final training trek should be a nonstop 6 hours trek so that I would have an idea how climbing Mount Kinabalu feels like, which is only 45 days away.
Monyet King, as I have assured you, I will not be a burden to you and fellow climbers! Trust me; I will make you and those who believe I can complete the Mount Kinabalu climb in June 2011 proud of me! I know I can do it! I KNOW I CAN!
Do you believe I can?
Quote of the Day:
“You can do it if you believe you can!”

8 responses to this post.

  1. yes yes yes! I do believe u can do it! If lion girlcannot, who else can? :p

  2. Wah! TQ TQ for believing tat I can! I so "kam tung" (touched) wor! ;0))

  3. Great stuff!!! Cheerios!!!

  4. Yes. LG, sure you can do it. Add oil! Add Oil! By the way, the type of the dog that you saw at Gasing Hill it's called "Husky"

  5. Thanks san ling. Regret to say you have a naughty blog there and not suitable for my readers. Still, happy blogging!Thanks, HF, I definitely will "add oil". Just came back from Ketumbar trek. Improving, improving….pant-pant. Huh? Husky ke? Such a pretty dog, yah. Say, wanna trek this Sat???

  6. Hi LG, don't worry toomuch about the training. We specialise in going very slowly – that's the best way to enjoy the mountain. In fact, the past two years, our group was the last to reach the peak. Which is very good because you avoid the crowd and you can have the peak all to yourself.Cheers

  7. Hahaha, "specialise in going very slowly" – I like that! Thanks for the assurance. Thanks.

  8. Monyet King, I like your free-n-easy no-stress style. While you are walking slowly and taking several breaks, may I suggest you bring along a bottle of Lihing No.1 which you can buy in Tambunan. This magic drink will surely make your climb more pleasant…hahaha!!..and enjoy your climbing.

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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