Introducing Kunming in China for Travelers in Quest of New Horizons

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Those who had the chance to visit Kunming in China a few years back would remain in awe when faced with the new city that has risen from the quaint little village they once knew. Kunming has now been transformed into a modern Chinese city with sweeping palm-lined avenues and high-rise skyscrapers. The narrow allies with old-fashioned wooden houses have been replaced by brand new apartment blocks and shopping centers.
Fortunately, despite these radical changes Kunming still retains much of its laid-back atmosphere and still remains a fascinating place to visit as well as the neighboring area. People have been living in this ancient city since the birth of Christ and during the 8th century the town was a remote Chinese outpost. It was later captured by the Nanzhao and made the second capital of the kingdom.
Kunming is 600 kilometers from Liuku, which is the biggest town in the Nujiang Valley. There are many options for transport to and from Kunming, although the bus system and numerous bus stations can be confusing to come to terms with. Your best option is to arrive and depart from the long-distance bus station on Beijing Lu, which is where most buses arrive at.
The most striking attraction around Kunming is the Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve which harbors the Lisu villages. Before you venture into the nature reserve, make sure you stock up with provisions and all things you may need, for the local Lisu hunters live in very frugal conditions.
An adventure into the land of the Lisu hunters is an unforgettable escapade. Here you can watch how the locals harvest their plants and herbs as well as cicadas and fire a traditionally crafted crossbow. Another exciting expedition is to head towards the Nu River, which lies about fifty kilometers from the Lisu villages. Experience a breathtaking flight across the roaring river on a cable bridge, just as the locals do.
From the Nu River you can pick up a trekking path up to the Jinman Village to visit the outhouses that were built for young women who used to entertain their suitors. Push ahead towards the Dulong Valley, this time aboard a four-wheel drive for a 100 km adventure into the Gaoligong mountain range. The Dulong Valley is the home to the Dulong tribe who now only count about seven thousand inhabitants throughout the valley. The tribe women in these parts still wear the long-forgotten traditional face tattoos and many of the past traditions are still alive amongst these people. It is always wise to bring gifts and food or drink when you venture into these areas, as the Dulong tribe can be very hospitable, but do appreciate gifts in return.
When you leave the Dulong Valley behind you and the thrilling adventure of the mountain treks and tribal encounters, make sure you head towards Shaxi. This cultural town was once an important stopover for the old tea-trading route. The town itself is rich in vestiges of its highly cultural past and you may admire a beautifully restored stage from the Qing Dynasty amongst other sights. From time to time there are still traditional Yunnanese opera performances you can delight in during your stay.
Although Kunming is at a considerable altitude, snowfalls are rare and sometimes the weather can be spring-like even in December and January. Winters are short with little rainfall and many sunny days. It rains more often in the summer offering a cool respite from the hot summer days, especially in the evenings.

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