A colourful day at North Port and Putrajaya

“Why you wear black colour today?
Your T-shirt is black, your pants are black and your shoes are black?”
Why? Black is not pretty meh?
Then, what colour is pretty?
“Pink lor!”

Hahaha! That was darling girl telling me I looked ugly because I was wearing black that day! Aiyah, a five year old telling me I should wear pink colour! Oh my God! Pink was never my favourite and it will never be, okay! No, no, no, no red and no pinky for me! Yellow can lah!

Just the other day, dear nephew exclaimed, “Don’t move! Let me take a picture of you and my girls together! Very nice contrast!” Huh? Oh, because I was wearing white and beige and his gals were wearing colourful. Yah ah, nice picture! Thanks!
A day out together; we went for lunch at the North Port, Klang before we took a drive to Putrajaya and I took many colourful pictures. Hmm, after seeing all these pictures, guess black is not so appealing after all. But it does make me look slimmer, right? Hahaha!
Do relax and enjoy the pictures taken on that day….
At the North Port:
We sighted tiny blue crabs on the beach.
Bright blue crabs!
Not a common sight… what a discovery!
There were also plenty of mudskippers!
Neh, those fishes that walk on the mud one!

And plenty of  fiddler crabs too!
Girls, why does the crab have one big claw?
Darling girl’s sister said,
“The big claw is to carry baby crab
while the small claw is to pick up food!”
Wah!  Yes ah?
Guess I have to learn from the eight years old!

Darling girl was so excited!
“Pink boat!  Pink boat!”
We sighted two pink boats from where we stood.
How can anyone paint his or her boat pink lah?

I saw art in this picture:
The dead and the living on the same patch of ground.
Hmmm, how did it happen?
One died to let the other live?
Or the stronger survived the weak?
Or life goes on when the other is dead?
At Putrajaya Wetland Park:
We noticed cranes standing on the lamp posts.
No, no, they were not deco;
they were real birds taking off and landing on the posts!
Moral of the story: 
Look up and around whenever you are out for an adventure or fun!
So that you will not miss anything!
I have not seen a mangosteen look-alike before.
Sure they are not mangosteens?
Another fruit look-alike; urm… jambu (guava)?
Gee, I am really useless with flowers, faunas and fruits.

My favourite picture of the day!
I have never seen a 4-petal flower this pretty!
What a delightful discovery indeed!
“There are 20 birds here.”
Darling girl exclaimed!
Huh?  Really?
We did a count and confirmed there were really 20 flamingos standing in the pond.
Bravo!  You know how to count!
Clever girl!
Across the pond, with my camera’s zoom lens, we sighted this bird.
A mandarin duck???
Hey, an orange coloured trunk tree!
Fire orange some more!
The nature never stopped to amaze me with its beauty and colours!

A dragon fly!
I have not seen a dragon fly for a long, long time.
Though it may not be the most colourful dragon fly,
it is still beautiful, right?
It remained still for me to take its pictures; left, right, centre, top and side!
Such patience!
Thank you, thank you, ah!
Mrs Nephew told me that that tree is a cotton tree.
Shame on me, I have never seen one before.
“It’s fruit looks like a coco fruit. 
When it bursts, the cotton will be exposed.”
Orh!  I learnt something today!
Why they did not teach this in school hah?
I bet you have not seen this fruit before.
Its flower looked like the bird of paradise and
its fruit looked like mini durian!
Did not smell like one though!

This is not a pleasant sight!
(Not halal too!)
I did not take this picture because
I could not bear to see dead bodies; animal or not!
Dear nephew was the one who snapped this.
Do you know? 
There are wild boars in the Putrajaya parks.
We saw a group of people, armed with hunting guns,
lingering in the park.
When we saw this at the back of a truck, we stopped to take the picture.
A dead young boar!
Sad sight!
The end of a colourful adventure;
at North Port, Klang and Putrajaya!

Quote of the Day:
If we do not find anything very pleasant,
at least we shall find something new.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Dear LG,A "pretty" post. Have a nice sunny Sunday.

  2. Aisayman, why you did not call me when you see the dead wild boar. You should have bought the carcass from them and I get my friend's mother to cook some really authentic "kari kata-pandi" for all of us to enjoy.I bet dear cousin and dear nephew will enjoy their mau-mau with the "curry sanchiyoke"…hehehe!!!

  3. Thanks Ozz, you have a wonderful Sunday too! Cheers!TFL, those men were not even friendly enough to talk to us least selling their "catch" of the day! I wonder if they had licence to kill in the first place! Armed with hunting guns in a park where tourists and locals would go for picnics, walks, kite flying and cycling with their loved ones and family! Probably when accidents happened only the authorities will look into the matter! Haizz…Spare the poor thing, TFL, we can have something else with the mau-mau eg YKK! Coming soon….

  4. Crows and babi-hutan same same., they are a menace and have to be eliminated, in CIVILIZED MALAYSIA. Urban Registered gun owners seldom have the chance to squeeze the trigger, so the local authorities organise crow-shooting and babi-shooting actvities for them.The young BH [babi-hutan] in your pic will taste real good in dry curry or [Chinese style] ginger pan-fried. Old BH have tough meat and not suitable for quick-cooking methods.

  5. Wah ! TFL you make me "Lau Hou Sui" loh…. ginger pan-fried and eat with mau-mau. I have another idea that can also "charcoal Roast" the young BH leg huh… can smell the taste already ! LG said you shaking legs now ah, and I having mau-mau now wor, U ?

  6. Aiyoh, TFL, you n JD same same… I rest my case! As long as you guys are happy, I happy too lah!Cheers!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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