GFrenz LOL @ BM2: Memorable Food n Fun!


GFrenz’s BM2 get together was filled with fun and laughter!  We could laugh until our stomach cramped, over nothing!  Can you beat it!  Food was abundance!  So was good company!  Scroll down and you wil know what I am talking about!  Hahaha!

We went shopping for Ipoh goodies before the trip as we volunteered to do so.
Aiyah, everyone must chip in to buy or do something mah!
The team spirit of sharing and caring is GFrenz’s motto!
BM2 was held in Bukit Merah LakeTown,
thanks to dear Chairman, NGH.

Look at the table spread of good food!
WI purposely posed to show how good
the Ipoh’s Funny Mountain “taufufar” was!
Hahaha!  Good sport, brother!
“Looks like GFrenz have adopted Ipoh White Coffee ‘Kopi-O’ as the official drink!”
Hahaha!  Betul ke? 
Mrs jlkow’s homemade “otak-otak”.
She could not find “ikan haruan” (snakehead fish), the main ingredient, 
and had to replace it with prawns.
A different version of “otak-otak” and I loved it!
Simply delicious!
Thank you, Mrs jlkow, for your secret recipe!
Err, “daun apa” (what leaf) ah???
Another cooking style I have never tasted before; the Nibong Tebal assam laksa.
Tasted like Penang laksa but had a piece of cracker instead of pineapple.
Thank you, Asneoh, for the new “experience”.  Hehe.
Told you, we were never short of food!
Feasting every waking hour was a norm!  Hahaha!
Most of us chose to eat on our own but someone had chosen to be fed!
Ah!  Urm!  Good boy!
Aiyoh, GFrenz can find fun even in the fruits we ate!
WI opened up one section of the durian, brought by jlkow, and the fruit auto stood up! 
Look at the picture on top left!
Everyone insisted that the freak fruit must be eaten only by Mrs WI!
The jackfruit, which is a “kawin” (hybrid) of jackfruit and cempedak from jlkow’s farm, 
was thick flesh, sweet and almost seedless.
Everyone plucked the fruit from the stalk but stopped at the last two fruits,
leaving them dangling at the end!
Poor UV was laughing hard when he was asked to hold on to it for the picture to be taken!
Even the pamelo was not spared!
As usual, our Chairman (NGH), who cut the fruit, must make some naughty pose for the camera!
The Jameson whiskey (on the rock), courtesy from tt326c,
took the limelight on the first night.
Cheers to GFrenz!
Cheers to friendship!
Thanks to Mr and Mrs WI, everyone was given a GFrenz T-shirt.
Everyone wore it on the second night, the BBQ night, to take the group photo!
Snap!  Snap!  Snap!
The “treasure” in the treasure hunt game was a forfeit for each team! 
Oophs!  Hahaha!
Team A’s “shadow” and Team B’s “puppet” forfeit were really hillarious!
Mrs tt326c could not resist using her own hands
to complete some tasks that her shadow’s hand should do!
She ended up having four hands doing one thing!  Hahaha!
jlkow, Mrs WI’s puppet, hugged NGH who was tt326c’s puppet master
when the instruction said: Hug your puppet master!
NGH was busy hugging both puppets at the end!
Haiyoh, the karaoke broke loose when I accidently sang “cheng, cheng”
in the Rhinestone Cowboy’s chorus!
Thenafter, everything also got “cheng, cheng” and tt326c even rapped some noise in some songs!
We laughed and laughed and laughed!
Aiyah!  What was so funny lah???!
Aiyak!  Stomach cramped already lor!
Upon special request from Mrs tt326c and Mrs jlkow, we laid the table for the mahjong game!
Hehehe… as if I was not looking forward to it lah!
This round both Mrs jlkow and I got minced by Mrs tt326c.
Her total winnings was RM11.00 only.
When we bid goodbye on the last day, tt326c thanked me for subsidising their petrol.
Brother, only RM4.50 mah, no need to rub it in one.  Hehe.
The first thing otyew did when he arrived on the second day was fishing!
The haruan (snakehead fish) got hooked only the next morning!

My favourite photo for this trip!
Taken when I took otyew’s picture above.
Those houses are just opposite where we were standing.
Love the reflection on the water.
Mrs jlkow and I went for a swim at 8am on the last morning
after sleeping at 3am earlier at the end of our mahjong session!
Did not bring my swimsuit but noticed that people there wore T-shirt and shorts to swim.
Like that ah, monkey see monkey do lah!
The moment I got into the water only I realised I was not wearing goggles.
Had to close my eyes to swim because I was wearing my contact lenses lah!
I kept hitting the sides of the pool! 
Aiyah, could not even swim in a straight line meh?
Look!  My pockets kept me afloat in the water lah!
watching UV’s expression of love to jlkow’s beautiful, cute dogs and
having the honour to listen to jlkow serenading with his guitar!
Mrs jlkow shared her phobia of jlkow’s favourite tune
which he sings, hums and whistles to her everyday!
“When she turns on the radio, I know it is time to stop!”
Ooh, such loving couple!

Wah!  Cows ah!
Must take picture!  Quick!  Quick!
Erm, you must excuse me lah,
I have not seen live cows in herd for a long, long time!
The last time I saw one, I was about 10 years old and I was collecting its dung behind it!
The adults lah, they needed it as plants fertiliser wor!
Mrs jlkow and I took a ride on the ChairLift
when we visited the BM Laketown Resort with Mrs WI.
I saw this giant red Wall’s advertised water toy from the air and found it very interesting indeed.
Look at the adult who pulled himself up with the rope, followed by some kids.
The next thing they did was slide down from the top where the water fountain was!
Hah!  Like that also fun ah???
Nothing beat this little boy who pulled up his trousers
and stood over a fountain wetting his private part!
Ahahaha!  Why?  Your mummy never cleaned it for you ke?
Or are you cooling it down lah?
Aiyoyo, such indecent act in public by a kid lei!

As usual, I could not turn a blind eye to beautiful and unique flowers!
Don’t you find the above two species fascinating?
I wonder if the berry liked flower is eatable…
and the hairy red flower looked like a bigger version of the mimosa flower.
You know? 
A friend of mine once told me that he admires the mimosa plant
because it is very durable and versatile;
it can live in any condition and take any abuse by nature.
I wish GFrenz be as durable as a mimosa.
I wish we will continue to have more laughter, fun and good times.
I wish we will have more get togethers.
I wish GFrenz long life!
Long live, long live, long long live, GFrenz!
See you at LG2, soon….

3 responses to this post.

  1. I am glad you all had a good time. It was the true spirit of sharing-n-caring and wanting to be together that brought people [who were total strangers before] from as far as Alor Setar, Penang, Batu Kurau and K.L to meet at Bkt Merah for a fun time. Looking forward to LG2 in May for genuine home-cooked yim-kook-kai, courtesy of dear cousin. And of course to enjoy with our dear frenz before they leave for their overseas vacation. By the way, how is your training for your Mt Kinabalu climb in June? With so much eating-n-laughing, you sure gonna need more excercise…hahaha!!!

  2. Wow, after BM2 been doing a lot of things lah. Rejuvenated after all the laughter over 'cheng-cheng'. Never did enjoy karaoke so much before. Ya, why did we laugh so much over 'cheng-cheng'? Must be JD and LG's 'butterfly dancing'!Looking forward to yim kook kai home-made version!

  3. Aiyah, TFL, I was enjoying your comment until you mentioned the word "training"! "Da zak fu keng" lei…. Lately, Monyet King asked me the same question too! I told him that dear cousin and I are training hard so that we will not be a burden to him and his team… hopefully… crossing our fingers!Hahaha, UV, before the "butterfly dancing" we were already laughing blue! It must be the word "cheng-cheng" lah! Wahahaha!See you guys soon, at LG2!

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