Rumah Kanak-kanak Yatim dan Miskin Anning, Ipoh, Perak

The last time dear cousin and I went back to Ipoh, we asked some friends to recommend us a deserving charity organisation to visit and one friend told us about Anning.  She said Venerable Kong Chan, via Bao En Shi, has established a children’s home and an old folk’s home.
Later, we found out that Bao En Shi is an umbrella to the following:
– Anning Recycling Centre,
– Anning Old Folk’s Home,
Anning Children’s Home (aka Rumah Kanak-kanak Yatim dan Miskin Anning, Ipoh, Perak), and
– Taiping Anning Children’s Home.
It also has a Medical Department which provides health care for the needy.

We normally buy food stuff when we visit new charity organisations.
With two tins of biscuits to Anning, we took the opportunity to know the place better
before we commit in pledges or sponsorships.
The staff insisted that we complete a form with our particulars
and contact numbers for their records (upon receiving our “gifts”).
(aka Jalan Gopeng) after the Impiana Casuarina Hotel.
Look out for their white signboard, after the Istana.
According to Irene Chin, the person in charge there,
Do call them first @ 05-2549155 or
 call Irene @ 012-5052368
if you intend to pay them a visit.
The rented place has a big compound.
The home has its own school vans which transport the children to and fro school;
the children here attend public schools like any other regular children.

The place is very well organised; neat and clean.
There are full time and part time volunteers and 
fully and partly paid staff working in this place.
The double storey building is divided into functional rooms and space.
However, the boys’ room has two rows of bed
while the girls’ room has mattresses lying on the floor.
I asked Irene about it and she said they did not have enough money
to get the beds and bamboo mats for everyone.
They have over 20 children in the home with more boys than girls.
Before we left the place, I asked Irene if I can take a picture of her and the children.
They gave me their best pose:  Hooray!

“Many of the children here are children of drug addicts (whose spouses have left the family).  We hope in adopting these children, we could cultivate more useful citizens into the society in future.  We will take care of them until their parent(s) is/ are fit and willing to resume their responsibility as parent(s).” 

Upon hearing the above, I feel that this is one home I would love to give back to.  When parents make mistakes in their lives, it does not mean that  their children will have no future in theirs.  This place gives those children a second chance in life; a chance to be somebody useful and successful.  
This home may not house a “complete family” where there is a mother and a  father but it is a place where they can get food, shelter, education and guidance.  This place may not guarantee blue skies and everything nice but it is a place of hope and possible better future.
From my short visit to this place, I have witnessed disciplined and well mannered children.  They are clean, neat, well taken care of, loveable and shy!  To me, they are the reflection of the home.  If they are well and happy, this home is a deserving home to donate to. 
Do you agree?

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  1. LG, to share is a great virtue and should be practised by the haves.God blesses us and we in turn bless others who are less fortunate.To give is more blessed than to receive.Continue your good work LG.God bless you!

  2. God bless you too, John, for your generosity in giving GFrenz a wonderful time at your farm, your guitar strumming and your wonderful songs… you have given joy to all of us… something that money cannot buy – friendship!Thanks!

  3. LG, i find this article very interesting indeed. Read it in Mark Conner's book Prison Break – allow me to share with you."Dr Carl Menninger, a leading mental health professional, was asked what he would advise someone who was about to have a nervous breakdown. Most people thought he would quickly direct the person to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Surprisingly without hesitation, he said, " Tell him to lock up his house, find someone in need, and help that person." Why? Because when you help somebody else, you climb out of the mire of self pity and you gain proper perspective on your own problems."LG, take it easy, i am not implying that you are emotionally disturbed or depressed.Hahaha!Keep up the good work of helping the less fortunates.Jia yu! Jia yu!

  4. jl9, thanks for sharing the article, thanks for the kind words and thanks for confirming you are not implying that I am emotionally disturbed or depressed! Phew! Hahaha!

  5. That was a frankly good read..

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