Death of a Legend: Elizabeth Taylor

“Do you know that Elizabeth Taylor passed away? What a waste? What a loss? I shall miss her!”
Huh? You gotta be kidding! When she was alive I had never heard you mentioned her; checking her well being or follow her latest activities! All of a sudden now you feel a loss because she had passed away?
I remembered your comments about how ridiculous she was marrying so many times and to some younger men and you had also questioned her choice of men and her alcoholic issue and a whole string of mismatched and misbehaviours of hers! But now you call her a legend and that it is a loss that she is dead?
You ignored her existence when she was alive, not bothered if she was alive or dead then but when reality hits that she had died; it became a big loss of a legend? Now, you spend hours searching for her news? Now only you know that she was an activist for HIV/AIDS and that she was a Dame? I am totally awed by your behaviour, friend!
Just like the last time when the world was slapped by the news of Michael Jackson’s death! What did you say? “He was my favourite! He was there when I grew up! I loved his songs! I loved his dances! I loved his moves! I simply loved him!!!”
But that was not what you said when you questioned his involvement in child sex abuse! You had called him weird, you had called him crazy and you had called him a freak! You could not be bothered when he was declared bankrupt and you had even said he deserved it! But when he died, you cried because you felt you will miss him forever! Haizz….
We were only talking about film star and pop star above. What about people we know or are closed to us? A distance uncle, a cousin, an auntie or a good neighbour who moved away; how many of us felt loss or shocked when we found out that they had passed away? How many of us attended their wake? How many of us shed tears at their funeral?
“If only I have visited him more often, if only I had gone for drinks with him more often, if only….”
Why? Why do we always feel bad or sad when someone we know passed away? Why do we blame ourselves for not being more attentive or not spending more time with the person? Why do we impose remorse on ourselves, partly blaming ourselves for not being able to be there by his deathbed when in fact we may not be that closed to play the role?
Let’s face facts, we had chosen to do something else or to be with someone else than be with that person when that person was alive, why do we want to be a hypocrite when we find out that the person had passed away?  Why all the sorries and regrets?
If we really treasure someone’s existence, we should show more concern about the person’s well being when he or she was alive and not feel loss only when that person is gone!

Do you agree with me?

Quote of the Day:
When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices.
When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
~ Tibetan Buddhist saying

5 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, it would be good to be more concerned when people are alive rather than feel remorse and regrets after they have died. However, we cannot control our time easily where we place our priorities may be on wrong people or activities. By the time we come to our senses, it is too late. The person is gone for good. Such being the case, I let water pass by under the bridge and go on with my life with more sense to use my time properly with those I care for who are still alive.

  2. loss is always hard I guess, even if you don't much care for the personality in life. I found out the hard way that a distant relative had passed by trying to prompt them to respond to me through face book. I was so saddened to find out that they had passed by family members. I was trying to touch base with him, but I was a little too late. We all will have our time to go, but it's always hard when it does come time.I didn't know Elizabeth Taylor, but the loss of having her on this planet and saying good bye is a bit sad even if I didn't know her.

  3. UV, it is sad to note that we always feel sorry only after we have lost something or someone. Seems like we fail to appreciate what and who we have when we still have them! Still learning, still learning…Dawn, guess I sounded harsh with this post but it is honest truth that we always feel the loss only when it is lost. Why do we take for granted that people will live forever? Sorry about your loss. I have gone through that too…sigh!…sob!

  4. So very true! I appreciate your honesty!Thank you for posting! I just found your blog through the sits link up discussion! I am following you and can't wait to read more. I am a new blogger and I'm having so much fun with it!Hope that you have a great week!-KatieI would love it if you followed me to at

  5. Hi, Katie, glad you dropped by. Welcome to the blogging world! You have a very lovely site for a new blogger. Bravo! You have a great week too! Happy blogging! Cheers!

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