"3 Lives" Fortune Telling

I woke up this morning and I had the feeling of sadness overwhelming me. I did not understand why until I looked at the calendar. Today is my darling sister’s birthday. She would be 40 years old today, if she did not passed away in 2008. Sob!
“You know, when I had her “3 lives” read by a sifu, I was being told that she will “divorce” before the age of 40. Now I understand that the word “divorce” means she will leave this world…”
That was my mother recalling some fortune teller’s reading of my late sister’s “3 lives” (of the past, present and future) fortune. I believe most Chinese have the habit of giving away information of their birth date and time to some strangers to have their “3 lives” fortune read.
Just the other night, my buddies and I were talking about this topic over dinner.
“I was told that I was a general’s wife! Hahaha! Mind you, my husband was a bad general, okay? But it seems that I was a good wife who had helped many people and done a lot of charities. And I have brought over the good karma of my previous life to this life!”
“Me? I was told that I am the pearl in the dragon’s mouth in this life. I bring fortune to the family. The day I was born, I brought fortune to my father but the day I got married, that fortune was transferred to my husband’s family! Haizz…”
It was fun listening to their sharing and exciting to note that things had happened as predicted by their sifus. I was too engrossed in their stories that I had forgotten to share mine. Maybe I have forgotten most of what was said and that I had nothing interesting to share. The only thing that was embedded in my mind was that I was a princess in my last life. Wah! A princess, ah? Now you know why I do not remember the rest of the reading. I did not believe it in the first place! Hahaha!
Then I remembered my mother sharing her reading about stealing a cow from the temple and that she had to “return” it to the temple! Wow! Really unbelievable! How did those sifus know about such crime from the past lah? What did my mother do? She “returned” it by giving a donation (equivalent to the price of a cow) to the temple where she got her “3 lives” read!
Hey, please do not think that I am prejudiced against the “3 lives” fortune telling. I believe Chinese in the olden days were genius in calculating the moon and the stars and predicting the weather that resulted in the “Tung Shing” (fortune telling almanac book). What I am puzzled is why do we need to have our “3 lives” read; for real or for fun?
What is the purpose of knowing the past life, which nobody could confirm its accuracy? Maybe knowing about the present life is more useful, but we are already living in the present; why do we need someone to tell us about our life which we are living? Personally, it is more ridiculous seeking for information of our future life which we will definitely not be able to know if we will have one or not! Conclusion: Is it really useful to seek for such reading?
As a normal human being, we are receptive to good information and skeptical to bad ones. Hence, we will end up either swollen headed that we are going to be rich and famous or worry about our misfortunes that are predicted to line up per the reading! Why put ourselves into some predicament or dilemma when we could just choose to live our lives naturally?
Do you agree?
Quote of the Day:
It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.
And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Those who live comfortable lives do not bother those who are living in misery would want to be told there is hope in the future! Those who are still dissatisfied with their present life will seek to find out how to improve their lives and thus will consult all these people. I feel it is not fixed what we become but rather we make it so!

  2. True, UV, and because of curiosity/ wanting to know, people are able to make fortune telling a career /rice bowl. Whether the reading is correct or not is another issue. After all, those who consulted them will only be able to check the accuracy in future, if they can still recall what was told to them and that incident actually happen!Betul tak?

  3. Do you have any photos of your sister? I haven't seen her since she was a little girl and I wonder how beautiful she grew up to be.

  4. Of course, Jen. Will upload one n message you @ FB. She was a cutie pie (when she was tame), intelligent, a hard worker and someone who knew how to enjoy life…

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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