Breakfast @ Pasar Taman Cheras

Let’s do something different today.  Let’s go to the market place for breakfast.  Why not go to the one in Taman Cheras?  I heard they have many good food there.  Jom!  Let’s go!
Get your way to Taman Cheras and you will be able to check with the locals there where the market (aka Yulek Pasar) is.
Even in front of the shophouses, you will be able to find some petty traders selling interesting picks of sweet potatoes, sweet corns and “petai”!
They got mini markets and wholesale shops along this row of shop which is facing opposite the market.
Yup!  Look opposite of the shops and this is what you will find!
The back of the stalls are facing the entrance!
Very airy, clean and spacious place.
Look at the crowd too!
There are many regulars here who would gathered for some morning chats or gossips.
“You know that old lady was 103 years old when she died?  She was bedridden until the day….”
(Sigh, if one can choose, one would not want to be bedridden till the death day, right?)
“Her daughter in law really ah…”
Oophs!  I should not eavesdrop on people’s conversation!
Then we struck some conversations with some aunties who were sitting at the same table as us.
Note that their tables and chairs are fixed to the floor!
Cannot sit separated from them even if we chose to.
“Oh, you should cook it with “ham tan” (salted eggs)!
Anything cooked with salted eggs tastes delicious!”
Hahaha!  Can easily make friends with the aunties here one.
All very friendly and helpful.
Teaching us how to cook some more!
After a while, the group continued with their conversation and we continued with ours.
Looks like they come here to “yum cha” (have Chinese Tea) every morning.
What a lifestyle!
This is the dry area of the market.
Beside the food stalls, you will find the florists and fruit stalls.
Still having the CNY deco ah?
CNY long over already lah!
People here declared this “chee-cheong-fun” to be the most popular!
Hmmm, so-so lah!
Food here is not cheap!
The cup of “cam-O” = RM1.20
And the chee-cheong-fun: noodle at RM1.20 each and the other varieties at RM0.90 each!
Sorry lah!  Took this picture after almost finished eating!
Hehe, was too hungry!
Erm, this is “heong dei mei” (Cantonese Fried noodle) = RM5.00
Tastes good though!
Maybe I am a “egg” person; anything “egg-y” I would say “Nice”!
Oh, almost forgot, my Nescafe ice was RM2.00.
Where got cheap eating at the market place lah!
Prices are almost the same as all the outside coffee shops!
Did not realise have to pay parking tickets here!
Could not sight any machines to alert the need!
Fine @ RM100 per car; if pay within 14days, fine is reduced to RM50!
What an expensive breakfast indeed!

Have you had your breakfast at the market place before?



4 responses to this post.

  1. Ha…Ha… Don't think makan pasar foods is cheap, more expensive mann… somemore the foods and drinks so so only !

  2. You are right, JD, once bitten twice shy lor! Have to swallow the saman some more! Susah hati saya…!!!

  3. hey, that was real expensive la!! gosh..over here in ipoh 20rm if paid within 14 days.. that also i grumbled like mad!

  4. Ah, reanaclaire, Ipoh mari juga ah? Ya lor, RM50 v RM20 – why should there be discrimination of fines between states???! Right? Haizz….

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