Somebody was trying to share information about the event, 100th Year Anniversary International Women’s Day Celebration, in Star Online Citizen Blog and all this blogger got was one miserable comment of “hmm.. why no men-day..Does this mean than women only exist for the last 100yrs ago..? hehe..”  I really felt sorry for the blogger, timun8!
For the benefit of ignorant men who do not understand why this celebration was introduced, please click here and here to learn more about it !  If men understand the struggles women had made to get to today’s independence and equal rights, they will appreciate why this day is being celebrated!
“Why no men-day?” Yah! Why ah? I think it is because men have been dominating from home to society to country from day one there were men on planet earth, that’s why! What is there to celebrate when women were made to suffer at the expense of men who played rulers and law enforcers while women were made obedient slaves and servants!
Gee! What made me touch on such a topic in the first place? It must be the ridiculous comment, I say! That is why I always say, “If you have nothing better to say, say nothing at all!”
Having said that, I believe many women today are not aware of this celebration too. And I believe many women do not feel that they have anything to celebrate because of what they are enjoying today.
Today’s women have all the freedom in the world to do what they want, prove their ability and even lead men in their daily work because of their job status or position!  Since they have been in such a comfort zone from the day they understand the difference between a male and a female, there is nothing to be grateful or to appreciate whatever they possess today!
Only those who are aware of the many sacrifices women in the past had made for women today will they understand why women celebrate this 100th Year Anniversary International Women’s Day!
Happy 100th Year Anniversary International Women’s Day! I am very thankful to all women who had made this celebration worthwhile and meaningful. I am grateful that I am a woman in today’s era. If not for those who fought for women’s rights yesteryears, I may not be a voice for women in today’s society!
Let’s celebrate the day, women! And men, please do not be a sour grape! Let’s wish all women a Happy 100th Year Anniversary International Women’s Day!
Will YOU join the movement?
Will YOU be that change for the women that you treasure and love?


9 responses to this post.

  1. I fully agree with you that women in the past had been exploited by men and with the fight for equality with men have come a long way and therefore celebrating International Women’s Day to commemorate its 100the anniversary is very meaningful.Some men are just brought up the wrong way and therefore have no sense of respect for women! These are the Bohemians of society. Their minds have been polluted by some false religious teachers who preached male supremacy!

  2. Happy Anniversary!I can safely say that I am not a MCP. I treat both male and female the same [not bisexual lah!] and I get along fine with both sexes. In fact I have a great Thai lady friend whom we call BROTHER LILY. Why? Because during any party or gathering, she prefer to be with the guys while the other wifes gather around at their usual dining table.If one loves his mother, it is difficult for him to hate a woman.

  3. hinice posts

  4. Thank UV, TFL and Eva for appreciating women's role! Men need women as much as women need men in making this world a better place; be it at home, in the society, for the economy or the country!Three cheers to women!

  5. Happy Women's Day Lion Girl x You are a star yes you are!Today I want to remember the women who do not have the freedom to be themselves – the hidden ones, the silent ones, the lonely ones.My prayer is that real light will come into your darkness and you will know what it is to be free.Sending love to you all today x

  6. It is certainly interesting for me to read this article. Thank author for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

  7. Thanks, Claire, for your prayer. May women find strength to be free if they are not already yet…You are most welcome, Kate! Happy reading!

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  9. Thank you, FishHawk, for the honour to include Lion Girl Blog in "this week's Sites To See" in your blog! You are so kind and generous! Hahaha! Why-lah use the One Way pic? Don't worry, it is the thought that counts. Let's keep in touch, yah?Happy Blogging!

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