Elephant My Friend (aka Haathi Mere Saathi)

There were only two Hindi movies which I had watched in the cinemas; Elephant my Friend (aka Haathi Mere Saathi ) and Bobby.   I watched the former twice!  Can you imagine being the few Chinese sitting among the Indians in a cinema (those days, there were no miniplex or cineplex, okay?  And the grand size cinema was full house!).  Hahaha!  Aiyah, it was a Hindi movie mah!  There was no video tapes or DVDs then.  Gee, am I revealing more about my age again ah?!
I cried when I watched it the first time and I cried again when I watched it the second time!  Darn!  How was it I could cry the second time when I already knew what was going to happen next?!  From what I can recall about the movie now, it is about one guy who had some pet elephants which he loved  so much so that his wife was jealous of the elephants.  She even accused the elephants of trying to harm their son!  The stupid guy eventually believed his wife and started to ill treat his pets.  Sad!  But, the movie had a happy ending!    Smile again!
This song “Chal Chal Chal Mere Saathi” was a big hit because of the movie!  Indians or not, everyone was singing this song!  Don’t understand the lyrics also singing the song wor!  Hahaha!  Mad ah!  If I were to watch this show again, will I still cry?  I really wonder….
Honestly, not many shows can touched my heart or my soul as much as many of the old movies; irrespective if they were Hindi, English, Malay, Chinese or any other make.  Today’s movies are just too digital, mechanical and almost impossible but they are still good watch just to pass time. 
Hope you will enjoy the song too.  Or were you a great fan too when you were younger?


10 responses to this post.

  1. hi, where can i get the vcd or dvd of the movie "elephant my friend" aka Haathi Mere Saathi

  2. Hahaha, Thomas, guess you have to search the internet or DVD shops; for Hindi classics, old, antique or the 70s movies! All the best!

  3. i search already, up n down, left n right many many years,still cant find, so happy saw in ur blog i thought u got this movie o… this movie i really cried many many times while watching it….lol

  4. Sorry lah, Thomas, cannot help you lor. Let's wait for our national TV station to show it and then we cry together again, one more time! Sob-sob!!

  5. hehe i found a site to watch the all movie for free….

  6. Hey, Thomas, thanks for the link. Need popcorn with your movie?? Or tissue please?? Hehe…

  7. tissue not good enuh, i need a towel to watch this movie…..hehehe

  8. I dont know what to say. This web site is amazing. Thats not truly a actually substantial statement, but its all I could come up with soon after reading this. You know a great deal about this subject. Much making sure that you produced me wish to understand additional about it. Your web site is my stepping stone, my buddy. Many thanks for that heads up on this theme.

  9. Anon, thank you for your kind words n finding this blog useful. Feel free to drop by any time. Happy reading!

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