Leisure Mall: Rotiboy Bakery Cafe

“Hey!  There is a Rotiboy shop here!”

We went to Leisure Mall for our haircut and we found out that there is a Rotiboy shop there.  Hey, wait!  It is actually known as “Rotiboy Bakery Cafe”!  Immediately we got excited and planned to pay it a visit after our haircut.

Wah!  This place really looks interesting lei!
Hey!  They have a complete menu.
The pictures sure look inviting!
So?  What should we order ah?
Call someone over to take orders lah!
Eh, this is a self service cafe lah!
Why?  You did not see the signage meh?
Big eyes cannot see ke?
This order form and a 2B pencil were found on each table.
See that “Order here” there?!
Go!  Take the completed piece of order form there and place our orders!
Must pay before we eat lah!
Dear cousin ordered their “special” cofee.
“What is so special about this coffee?
It is from a coffee dispenser and it is very sweet leh!
The girl at the counter had to give me a cup of hot water to dilute the sweetness. 
The picture on the left was from the menu.
The picture on the right was the actual curry chicken and bread we had ordered.
Oh my!  I think we did not make a wise decision!
Let me share how we felt about their curry chicken and bread.
The curry chicken
(picture on the left): 
Tasted like potatoes powder mixed with curry powder.
Bland, spiceless and definitely not curry hot!
It was not even oven or pot hot!
The bread
(picture on the right):
The thinnest bread I have ever seen!
(The picture in the menu showed a much thicker piece of bread!)
Look at the plastic stirrer, look at the piece of bread.
You decide lah if it is the thinnest piece you have ever seen too!
Not only that, we believed the bread was not fresh!
Although toasted. it was dry and very tough!
(Maybe they thought it would not be noticeable if we dip them into the curry gravy!)
And we thought they are popular for their bread!
So disappointed!
While we were in the midst of “enjoying” the unpleasant food, 
this fly kept interrupting our lunch!
Why?  This place has no fly or insect trap or something ke?
Guess it is always safe to buy what they are originally popular for; 
their Rotiboy (original) bun!
They had them prepacked and ready for take aways!
Guess this will be the first and last time we visit this cafe.
But we may come back for the Rotiboy bun though!
Have you been to their cafe too?  Want to share your experience(s)?

2 responses to this post.

  1. I was in LM yesterday at Popular Bookstore. Then had "look-look" under the drissling rain in the fat lady stall amidst pasar malam stalls.Earlier I was in Puteri Puchong and had lunch in HAINAN TEA cafe. Ordered a MUTTON SET and it came with two thin [10mm] slices of white bread, cut in half.The mutton curry tasted lousy, worst than those from tin cans. Anyway I was hungry and just gobbled up [with no enjoyment at all] and the two slices of bread was finished and I still had half a bowl of mutton curry.I asked the waitress whether I can have JUST ONE MORE slice of bread and she asked her male cashier. "It will be RM1.50" for one slice of bread. I declined and just ate the mutton and drank the curry.No more Hainan Tea for me.

  2. TFL, guess coffee shops which their Hainanese owners take pride in their toast and coffee (chops and curries) are still the best place to be! Value for money and yummy, yummy!

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