Children: Devils or Angels?

I was going through my pictures collection when I came across the following pictures.  I could not help bursting into laughter looking at them.  You would too, later!  And I thought, “Hmmm, how come I never used them before?” 
Now I understand why parents are so proud of their children and always taking pictures of them!  If I am a parent I would do the same too!  Can you imagine, even I am not their parent, I also find pleasure looking at their faces of innocence and joy!   

Nope!  I do not need to take care of them.
Her mother needed to carry her down from the MPV.
I only needed to do what I love to do, taking pictures!
The moment they saw me with my camera, they starting posing for me!
Such devils, right?
But such genuine expression of feelings!
Sheer joy!
Aiyoh, look at the elder sister!
Adding “horns” behind her little sister!
Oh! I am dying of laughter here!
While the older girl was busy at the back,
the younger girl was busy smiling widely for my camera!
If only she knew what her sister was doing!
Of course, she would hold on to her mummy’s hand all the time!
Still, she did not stop smiling for me leh!
So touched!
Must play at the playground!
And pose lah!
Good girl!
Okay lah!
Must take picture of you too ah?
Wah!  The bee is so cute wor but you are cuter lah!
Cannot praise you one lah!
Immediately she gave me an ugly face!
Want to play the slide ah?
You are sure you will come out of that tunnel ah?
Caught you!
In action lah!
Now, now, a girl should not behave like a monkey leh.
Why are you swaying there lah?
Want to go down the slide or not one?
Yes, this is the right way to play the slide.
What are you doing?
No swaying leh!
Be a good girl lah!
Thank goodness, she was obedient.
Phew, I was getting tired already…
But when she gave me that smile again,
I was willing to die for her
or do whatever she wanted all over again!
Gee, are they devils or are they angels lah?
What are children to you?

5 responses to this post.

  1. It is very interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on this blog soon.

  2. children to me… is like what my blog title.

  3. Thanks NF! Happy reading!Jeff, "You Are My Z"? What does "Z" stands for lah?

  4. I just love the both of them. Their sweet smile and playfullness will melt even the hardest criminal's heart.And, you LG, betul-betul kejam. Forcing them to sweep the fire-crackers mess after their playing and march them off to cuci tangan. Yup, they are great kids and their parents must be very proud of them.

  5. Hahahaha! TFL, they enjoyed "sweeping" mah…didn't you see the joy on their faces when they were doing it?? Hehehe…

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