Kedai Kuih A’Han (Nyonya Kuih)

I am a dessert lover!  Anything that is not too sweet, though!  So, when someone mentioned “nyonya kuih“, I raised my hands and said “GO”!

If you are driving from SS2, go straight to the traffic lights where you can see this shop.
Turn left here and turn into the first row of shophouses on your left later.
Sorry lah, I do not know Petaling Jaya well.
Err, excuse me, did you say we are going to Seapark?
Aiyah, never mind, I will get their namecard later lah!
This shop looks new to me.
Maybe this is their new location.
The shop looks pretty empty.
Not much furnishings and not many staff inside.
Err, let me rephrase that;
we were being served by the owner, Mrs Lim, the only person in the shop.
Guess going there about 3pm was not a good idea.
Most of their “kuih” were sold out!
We got less than 10 varieties to choose from.
Hey, their “kuih” had been featured in NST’s Life section before!
No joke!
Mrs Lim (younger version)’s picture was in the NST article dated in the year 2005!
Then I spotted this revised price list!
Hmmm, pretty expensive lei!

Still, we bought two boxes of the “kuih”!  Hahaha!
Why were we so confident?
We went taste testing the leftovers of those sold out!
Just imagine me scrapping from the sides of the trays, okay?
Final words:
It was value for money!
Though it is expensive for a small piece of “kuih” to cost RM0.90 each,
it is the quality we were seeking!
1) The sago was well cooked. 
There was no hard uncooked sago or foreign particles in the mixture when you bite into the kuih.
2) The kaya for the kuih pulut has plenty of eggs, cooked just right with a smooth texture.
The kind of kaya I preferred!
3) The pulut “kuih” was made from pure pulut. 
Again, no foreign particles interrupting the texture.  Nice!
Also, the kuihs were not too sweet.
Just right for my “sweet” tooth!
The texture was smooth and soft,
almost melting in the mouth.
Aromatic with pandan leaves too.
It is one of the best “kuih” I have tasted so far!
Please eat it when it is fresh!
Consume within the day you purchase and you will have no regrets.
In other words, don’t be greedy!
Buy what you can eat and don’t waste!
Their pricing is too expensive for the kuih to go wasted!
I asked Mrs Lim for a namecard and she gave me a handwritten (cut out of a cardboard) namecard.
She said her printed namecards are not ready.
The only information written on it was
1) the name of the shop,
2) her name and
3)their shop phone number: 03-78744169
No address lah!
I had to ask her what her shop business hours are and was told it is
from 8.30am to 5pm.
They have no fixed rest day.
So, you better call her for directions and check if they are opened
so that you do not get lost or be disappointed.
Gee, is my tastebud getting more expensive, ah???
You have tasted their “kuih-muih” before?

6 responses to this post.

  1. Wah wah wah, good one! Hehe this shop not far from my office oh, got chance must dropby 😉 yeah…

  2. Casendra dear, must tell me if you like it as much as I do ah… Eh, that place is Seapark ke?

  3. I also like to eat nyonya kuih.Is this shop nyonya kuih better than the Ipoh Garden one?

  4. I am crazy about nyonya dishes! As for dessert, cutting down because I am a diabetic

  5. KF, I believe this shop's nyonya kuih is better than Ipoh Garden's. You gotta try it to compare them lah!Rowena, their kuih-muih is not as sweet as many other shops'. Eat a bite each is better than not trying at all mah… do take care, yah?

  6. Errr I think so leh :p

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