CNY: Lion Dance

Every CNY, we will be invited to an open house which has a lion dance performance.  Every year we will look forward to the invitation to this auspicious function where we will find the young and old excited over the dance and the noise!  There will be many cameras, including mine, chasing after the lions in motion!  Hahaha!  But it was worth every effort to catch them in action!
Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome into the house!
There is always (at least) one guy who would guide the lions from knocking over furniture on the floor and electrical fittings on the ceiling.
 He would also signal to the drummer for the beat!
Every action by the lions requires a different beat of the drum.

There are two guys (sometimes you may find a girl too) in one lion custome.
The more experienced person to take on the head and the other to be the body and tail!
See, we got one happy “lion head” caught on camera!
Aiyah, the guide always gets in the picture!
Finally, I managed to catch the two lions alone.
Such a beautiful piece of art in display, right?
Here, they pretended to lay low while eye-ing at the pamelo!
They had successfully opened the pamelo and put it back as one piece on the plate!
The lions presented the peeled pamelo and a “Fook” scroll to the owner of the house for good luck and fortune for the whole year!
Next, the lions danced out to the entrance of the house to “choy cheng”.
They have to reach the lettuce and angpow (the “cheng”) tied up high, at the roof.
This could be a challenging task (if the “cheng” is tied at a higher spot only reachable by stepping on stacked up benches) set by the house owner!
The lion handing back the lettuce after “swallowing” the angpau!
After the performance, the lions bid goodbye to everyone in the house.
“See you again next year!
Have a properous year ahead!
May you have lots of wealth, good health, peace, harmony and a joyous year!
“One book million miles!  Out, in, safely!  Step, step high raise!  Heart wish come true!  Body healthy!  Long life hundred years!  Fast tall grow big!  Kung Hei Fatt Choy!”

3 responses to this post.

  1. I like.

  2. Makan-makan, get together, Lion Dance and makan-makan again !Yes, Gong Xi Fatt Chai…..

  3. Ah, Jeff, you like lion dance too huh?DC, we better stop makan-ing lah! The weighing machine's spring will not hold my weight anymore lei! Hehehe.

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