Homemade Roast Pork (DIY)

Dear nephew did it once and his dear mother requested him to do it again for CNY.  The task had been pushed from one day to the next and to the next.  Finally dear nephew had no choice but to do it!  No way to escape lei!   Mother’s order wor!  Hehehe…
What am I talking about?  Dear nephew’s homemade roast pork!  Yes!  He made one for the last Mooncake Festival at our place and everyone said it was as good as those sold by some famous stalls or shops!  “Aiyah, it is very simple one…”
First you must buy a piece of pork belly.
Buy your choice of more fat or more lean meat.
Marinate it with salt and 5 spice powder.
(Can add some “nam yee” (preserved beancurb in red sauce) if you like.)
Dear nephew said for better marinate,
slice a few cuts on the meat first before marinating.
Leave it overnight in the fridge wrapped in cling flim or aluminium foil.
Place the whole piece into the oven.
The oven must be the type with heater and fan. 
Small oven will not be able to distribute even heat over the meat.
Set heat at 180C for 45 to 60 minutes to cook the meat.
Turn on both top and bottom heaters and the fan.
Must hammer the skin with the “nail” gadget so that the skin will get crispy!
The more the merrier!
If you do not have the gadget, use fork!
The skin must be soft so that it is easier to hammer.
If skin is not soft yet, leave it in the oven a little longer.
You can sprinkle salt onto the skin one last time before closing the oven door/ cover.
Make sure the skin is faced upwards to the top heater.
Set heat to 220C.
Off bottom heater and fan.
Only leave the top heater on.

There!  The roast pork was cooked!
You should smell the aroma that filled the whole house.
Sniff, sniff, I want to sniff more!
Dear nephew said:
If you have vinegar,
apply some on the skin (put it back into the oven for another 5 to 10 minutes) to keep the crisp!
Of course, you must take a picture of your own labour and sweat!
Take it out from the oven.
I missed out the picture of the “by-product” from the roast pork – a pot full of oil!
The piece of meat was cooking itself with its own oil lah!
Glad they got squeezed out from the roast meat, alright!
Dear nephew cut the roast pork when it was hot.
Place the skin downwards and cut down at the flesh.
Look at the succulent piece of meat!
Slurp!  Saliva dripping!  Sorry ah!
Wah!  Looks just like the ones we bought from the stalls!
Eh, don’t play play lei!
Dear nephew is now the “Siew Yoke Loh” (roast pork man)!
We only ate half piece of the roast pork
(picture taken after a few pieces stolen by some people – including me. 
and kept half piece for the next day.
Or was that piece given away ah?
Now, now, Lion Girl Blog is not a recipe or cooking tips blog.  The reason why I post this recipe is because roast pork is really getting more expensive with the price of pork on the rise!  It is more economical when one can DIY roast pork at home.  And after tasting dear nephew’s successful homemade roast pork, I believe, if he can do it so can anyone else (me not included ah)!  Give it a try and drop me a comment if it works (or not). 
For your information, dear nephew’s mother paid about RM40 for that piece of pork belly.  If you buy the same piece roasted, it would costs you at least RM100!  See the difference??!
If you have any questions, I am sure dear nephew can answer them via this post.  Right, dear nephew???  (I just “bai ni seong toy” (place you on the table)!!!  Hahaha!  Thanks for your sharing which I am sharing here!
All the best!  If you are going to give it a try!
This post is not halal!
Additional pictures by dear nephew:
Before and after!
The piece of meat shrunk at least 40% in size when cooked. 
This is the “turbo broiler” used to roast the pork the other day.
(Refer to Sean’s comment and you’ll understand why this picture is important.)
The “by-product” – leftover oil from the piece of meat roasted!
No recyling it for anything else!
It went straight into the drains!
Thanks dear nephew for the pictures!  Guess we must always have two photographers for all activities for full coverage, right?

16 responses to this post.

  1. Wah, give me so much high-hat, got prawns behind the rocks or not? Thanks anyway.Just wanna clarify 1 thing on your posting. The oven I used that day as shown in the picture, was a turbo broiler. It works by blowing and re-circulating very hot air. Whereas the discription of top/bottom heaters are for the type that you and I have at home. The heat from the turbo broiler was not very even and the centre part of that piece of sy could have been done better.The times and temperatures stated are an estimate but it is a good guide to get started. Follow your nose, eyes and tongue to judge the taste and crispy-ness of the sy and adjust those parameters accordingly.Happy roasting.

  2. Ahem, Sean, ada udang, ada udang so beware ah…Thanks for the extra info about the oven and the tips about trusting our nose, eyes and tongue! How true? The roast pork gonna smell good, look attractive and taste fantastic! Yum-yum!

  3. Herbs are fun and easy to grow. When harvested they make even the simplest meal seem like a gourmet delight. By using herbs in your cooking you can easily change the flavors of your recipes in many different ways, according to which herbs you add. Fresh herbs are great in breads, stews, soups or vegetables. Every time you add a different herb you have completely changed the taste. learn more: Healthy cooking tips

  4. Dan, thanks for the tips and your website. I am sure many readers, who love to cook, will find it very useful! Happy blogging!

  5. I think I also got mood-swing and craving for the roasted "fat-boy" with the short leg and tail. When can eat some sample??

  6. TFL, sudah sample kan? Any comments??

  7. Yup, as good as the best in town. I told my wife about it but we don't have big oven. Use microwave bolih ke?One day I try make YKC [yim-kook-chi]., marinated and baked in rock salt same as YKK. I think will also taste nice.Thanks LG for the testing., and because of my greed for the shiow-bak, could not drink anymore mau2…hehehe!!

  8. TFL, cannot use microwave. Must roast the convention way.

  9. Hahahaha, SYL (Siew Yoke loh), thanks for your comment to TFL's.TFL, be nice to dear cousin and elder cousin. They can do YKK one….

  10. TFL I know you like to eat YKK since we have been talk about it. Best to eat it and drink with mau2, right ? Thanks to SYL dear nephew, teach us how to make the Rost Pork, eat until "shen sau chi" (finger licking good)!

  11. Hi DC, are you a mau2 and YKK kaki? If so we should get together one fine day to tukar-fikiran on how to perfect this great hobby.Yeah LG, must not upset DN, DC and DEC., otherwise no more testing shiow-bak and hamsup-kai [salty chicken aka YKK]

  12. TFL, I did hamsup-kai since I learnt from my sis during younger age, the taste realy difference buy from shop, 100% "cheng choy sat liu" hehehe !The shiow-bak is SYL special, hamsup-kai ok lah, I can try lah !

  13. My wife wants to try her hand at the roast pork recipe, but have a hard time looking for a suitable 'blisterer' (do you have a better name for that thing with many pins, for poking the pork skin?), so need your input on where to get that thing SYL has.

  14. Anon, SYL said he bought that 'blisterer' (he also doesn't know what it is called) from a "kong arh poh" (old shop selling kitchen stuff). He got his from Ipoh. Hope info is useful leh! Happy roasting!

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  16. Anon, thanks for your kind words. Made me blush lah! Feel free to link my blog for content materials used. Glad you like what I shared. Cheers!

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