A child in you?

CNY holiday will soon be over, sooner than anticipated. Why does it always happen; when we are enjoying ourselves, time passes so quickly and when we are suffering, time drags on?
The same happens whenever we travel; the journey to the place feels longer than the journey back home! Is it for real or our mind is playing tricks on us? If we measure it in distance, it is the same but the feeling is not, right?
I remembered when I was a child, I wanted to be an adult soon but now that I am an adult, I wish I could lived my childhood days longer. My reluctance to release the child in me explains the mischievous side of me. Though I may look fierce or unfriendly, you will love me when you get to know me. Trust me! Hahaha!
The last time we visited the optician, recommended by our buddy, we were told later that the guy complained that I was very cool and do not smile at him. Hah! Why do I need to smile at him or make small talk with him when he was busy with dear cousin who was his customer? I was kind enough to accompany dear cousin there the first two times. Shame on you, dear cousin, go to optician also need me to accompany! Haizz…
Dear cousin always says that I always fool those people who just knew me. I can sarcastically joke about an issue or situation, without a twinkle in my eyes, and they will be blur-blur over my comment! Hahaha! I love to watch their expressions! Only some smarter people will see through my personality the first time. But it rarely happens!
However, I must say kids are more sensitive. They can sense my true colours almost immediately. That is the reason why kids are easily attracted to me! They can feel I am one of them without me attempting to prove to them. Why lah? Why they are not scared of me one???
You know? I believe every one of us has a child in us. It is up to the individual to allow that hidden personality to expose itself to the people around them. Age is never a factor. Whether you are 8 or 80, there is still a child’s innocence in all of us.
During our last GFrenz get together at FL1, I saw a child in every fellow blogger! The moment we chose to allow ourselves to expose our true character to each other, the child in us came alive! That explained why we, from the age of 36 to 73, were able to have fun and a wonderful time together!
I believe a child is innocent and not pretentious. When a child is happy, a child will laugh. If a child is angry, a child will throw tantrums. When a child is sad, a child will cry. If we allow the child in us to overcome an adult judgement (which is more critical with caution and doubts) we may be happier.
Personally, I wish I could be in a happier state of mind, always. I thank you, all my friends, buddies and everyone I know, who accept the child in me. If you have seen the child in me, you are one of those people I am thanking now. You have allowed me to be myself and tolerated my childish nonsensical behaviour unconditionally. Thank you. Thank you.
Is there a child in you too?

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  1. Last Saturday I gave a dinner treat to my niece and her Danish husband. During the dinner we had 3 jugs of cold Tiger and 1.1/2 bottles of red wine which my niece and hubby drank. I told Tom that my favourite beverage is mau2 [beer mix with stout] and he said that he also like black beer.After dinner we adjourned to an outdoor pub cos Tom wanted to watch football game on TV. Having lived in London for several years [with my niece] he liked black beer and ordered a big glass of Guinness Stout and I ordered beer. Forgot how many rounds we had and we left way past midnight cos they had to fly back to Singapore early the next morning.Dear niece sms me to find out whether I reached home safely but I was already asleep and only replied her the next day. She said that Tom [hubby] had a hangover the next morning and was surprised that a Chinaman can beat him drinking beer….hahaha!!Then I confessed and told her that "beer + wine + stout = HANGOVER", which was why I did not drink the wine that night.I think that night I was so happy and the "child" in me made his appearance. Yes, there is AN INNOCENT CHILD in all of us, and I believe that God dwells in this child.

  2. I like today's article. I must say I saw the 'child' in you even before meeting you – your posts show a lot. The way we write is also like the way we speak, they reveal a lot about our character. That is why GFrenz came together, we saw (read) what we like in each person and we invite that person to join us. Cheers.

  3. TFL, I saw the child in you the first time we met at K. S'gor. The way you enjoyed teasing the monkeys and entertaining the kids made you a child yourself. Hahaha!UV, glad you like this post. I believe it is true that we can read a person's character from the way one write. Isn't it wonderful that we found each other via blogging? Cheers to you too!

  4. Hi LionGirl!Happy belated CNY! Nice post, made me smile. Do you wish a time machine, travel back into time eh? I want to stay as a small boy but still maintaining financial freedom like an adult like now. How ah? Have a nice day and smile always!

  5. Hi Ozz, so happy to see your comment here! Happy holidays to you! Yah! I wish for that too! If we cannot travel back in time because we do not have a time machine, we could still stay young at heart mah! You have a wonderful day too!!! Cheers!

  6. This is the moment I like, when bring me back as a child."Be happy, true love and care, no reservation, just do what you feel, laugh, joke, play…..etc"

  7. DC, it is true that we will turn into a child as we aged. Hehehe.

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