Is the year of the Golden Rabbit better?

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This time, the golden rabbit is expected to hop in to take over the golden tiger. Out goes the tiger, in comes the rabbit. Sounds like this year will be calmer than last year as a tame animal is going to take over from the fierce one. But will it?

Year in year out, people will be looking for fortune telling books to read about the predictions or stay by the television set to watch and listen to some feng shui practitioners’ advices. Some do it out of curiosity and some do it to prove them nonsensical. Some will dutifully jot down all the advices so that they will abide to them for the whole year. Whatever people do, people will find some predictions are true while others do not happen.
I too used to be an ardent follower to all sorts of predictions and advice but as years passed, I got tired of listening to how I should live my life. Why should I live my days expecting the worst because some strangers say so. Or should I just sit back and relax since I am predicted to strike gold the year ahead?
I believe it is more fun not knowing what to expect than walking on the cloud of predictions. However, one can get very tired if one has to face challenges after challenges in life. Some even give up their lives so that they do not need to live another day of torture. Haih…
Life is so funny; while some fight to stay alive, some will choose to end it before it is due or some will give it up without trying! While most of us treasure our lives, some who are living at the rock bottom will feel that there is not much to treasure in life. After all, everyone dies one day; sooner or later. Haih…
Everyone has his or her own expectations about life and his or her life. Whatever our expectations about our lives, we must always remember we are the ones in control of our lives. Only we can make things happen or not happen. If we want something to happen, we have to take actions to make it happen. If things do not happen as expected, there must be reason why they are so. Sometimes something better will turn up and come knocking at your door.
Always remember that GOD will help those who help themselves.
To me, as I grow older, the simpler things we seek of life, the happier we will be. In fact is if we look back in time, the times of our ancestors, we will find that they were simple people with simple necessities and they were happy people. We are the ones complicating our lives hunting for a materialistic lifestyle and things. We are the ones complicating our lives trying to be someone we are not, trying to compete with the Joneses and trying to outdo our siblings and friends.
We are what we made ourselves to be; we will be happy if we are contented with what we have and feel happy, we will be happy if we appreciate everything that we own and feel happy having them, we will be happy if we only seek to be happy by being well and healthy. We will be happy if we love ourselves; our body, mind and soul.
Hence, instead of waiting for someone to give you some predictions of what your future is, I say, let’s take control of ourselves and our lives! Only you can make a difference in your life!
Do you agree?

7 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, I agree with you most of the way, however, although you did mention God once in your article, you seem to put Him outside your life. You said: “God will help those who help themselves” but did not elaborate. To me, God is there always to help us and it is only up to us to use His help. I am not a fatalist but I do believe by helping ourselves, it also involves our FAITH in our God, without which, all our actions come to naught! A little prayer before we set out on some project goes a long way to boost our confidence because we know we have allowed God to be with us and possibly even to be in-charge. A little prayer of thanks when something is achieved makes us less egoistic because we attribute our success to God and not to ourselves. This is my way of viewing a prayer – not as a request to God to take care of everything but to let Him guide me and later to thank him for the result achieved.

  2. I predict that if I keep asking God through prayer for guidance that I will have a very good year indeed for on faith anything is possible.

  3. Each day I like to start my day out with a little prayer as my prediction for a good day. At the end of the day I like to end it with a prayer for productive dreaming. Seems to help me.

  4. UV, why I stopped at that statement is because I really believe we only can help ourselves. Let me share this experience with you:It was near our Form Five exams and everyone in the classroom was studying hard either by discussing topics with one another or revising on our own. A close friend of mine came and sat beside me. I realised she did not have any books with her. Out of curiousity I asked her if she was taking a break from her revision. This was what she told me:"I do not need to study. God will help me to pass. I believe in Him." She shocked me with her statement. Although I did not make any comments then, I was already questioning if that should be the way; that one should put her entire beliefs to God and not do anything for herself? To me, I believe in working hard or trying my best in whatever I do. Before facing any challenges, I will normally visualise the event and the results that I wish it to be. Many times, they will turn out as I wish. It could be faith or it could be the power of our mind. Whatever it is, I believe we have to make efforts to make things happen. Hope you find sense in what I am trying to convey.Cheers!

  5. Yes, Anon, your prediction is possible since it is guidance that you are seeking. Faith is a very powerful word indeed! I wish you success and that you are well n happy always.Dawn, I love your prayers of prediction; a good day and productive dreaming! This year's popular Chinese New Year theme is: Day Day Good Day! Dear friend, I wish you day, day good day for the whole year! May you be well n happy everyday!Cheers!

  6. I absolutely agree with everything you have stated. So much there is nothing I can add to it.I like to believe that 2011 is a great year for Dragons (that’s me). I don’t know who the expert is and how did he/she arrived to that conclusion. But rest on faith, its inspiring enough for me to walk through 2011 smiling ear to ear even if it does not happen the way it was forecasted.To me there is no magic that comes out from a Feng Shui master, just that his/her optimistic and positive thoughts that they implant in our mind that matters most. When we walk away with that thought, the mind works on an auto mode to make it happen. Bring to us the images and incidents of likeminded things so that we can act on it and say “hay it works”.Then again, while we know how our thoughts program our mind there is another problem. The invincible ego that is always down there to counter the thoughts, good or bad. Too much knowledge and experience may not necessarily be a good thing for our ego. For such person/s, when a Feng Shui master tell you that by this October you are going to be a millionaire, your ego state of being will say “yeah right!”. But it would mean something else to an e.g. illiterate under experienced person. The same can be compared when and what our parents tell us, our teachers, banker, boss, or a spiritual leader. Each of their statements will be evaluated by our ego and then passed on to the subconscious mind to transmit feelings and thoughts whether it is achievable or not. Either way, whatever or whoever teaches and tells us anything, we decide (or have decided) of the outcome

  7. Ali, I always like to read your views on subjects like this. You are really an expert in expressing your wisdom. Thanks.Well, dragon man, I wish you success in the year of the rabbit! Think success and you will be successful! Of course, must take some actions to make that prediction come true, right?

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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