Korean BBQ Nak Won n Little Waroeng Jakarta

A dear old friend came back from Australia for her annual visit.  We missed meeting her the last time she came back.  This time we made sure we will meet her, by hook or by crook!  When the evening came, we drove to her house to fetch her.  Beep!  Beep!  And she rushed out, looking as gorgeous as ever!  Who would believe she is a mother of two teenage girls?!
“Okay, where are we going?”
Anywhere.  This is your ground!  And you are the one back to Malaysia!
“Hmmm, I have eaten so much the past few weeks.  Want to go for “roti canai”?”  Hahaha!  You gotta be kidding!  Dinner lah, friend!  After much debate, we finally agreed to Korean BBQ.
We ended up at Restaurant Nak Won at
7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F
Taman Danau Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7987 3004
It is located above the Pasar Raya Sri Kota.

This way up!
This way in…

Whenever you order any BBQ dish, you will be served many plates of side dishes;
some starters and some appetizers.
(Two types of BBQ meat would be more than sufficient for 3 pax.)
There will also be a plate of “sang choy” (lettuce) to eat with the BBQ meat and its side dishes.
All these (the side dishes and salad leaves) are “refillable” with no extra charge.
Ahem, it is best to confirm with the waiter before you request for refills,
just in case they charge, okay?
Some of the restaurants do not charge for their Korean tea, while some do.
Some give free refills while some will charge.
Hence, it is always best to ask first!
This steamed egg is also a side dish.

The waiter will bring out a pot of burning charcoal to start the BBQ pit which is at the centre of the table. 

After placing the charcoal, the waiter will close the opening with a metal plate before pulling down the chimney hood to suck out the BBQ smoke and heat.
(Not very useful though as you will still walk out the restaurant smelling like a piece of BBQ!)
This place serves the worst ginseng chicken soup (cannot even see the ginseng!) I have ever tasted!
When we complained the soup was tasteless, the waiter poured back all the bowls of soup distributed into this big bowl and took it back to the kitchen.
Excuse me, we have drank the soup from our individual bowl 
and you mixed them back into one common bowl!
How hygienic is that?!
Anyway, he came back saying he had added another packet of ginseng powder which we were still not happy with the taste and had to add salt into our re-distributed bowl!
We got to trust that all of us are healthy people!
Even the chicken was overcooked and tasteless too!
Really disappointing!

It is common that the waiter will BBQ the meat for the guests.
Their marinated meat was better than the non-marinated ones.
I must say this Korean BBQ restaurant is not recommended at all although their prices are cheaper than most Korean BBQ restaurants in town.
Even the food was not fantastic, we still finished everything (except the ginseng chicken soup) because we were brought up that way.
Do not waste food!
There are many people who are dying of hunger somewhere everyday!
To us, the time we spent chatting and eating at the Korean BBQ restaurant was not enough.
We paid and left that place to look for another place to go.
Let’s go for dessert!
We kept walking down, following the traffic, and found this place at the T-junction.
19, Jalan 4/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Kuala Lumpur

They were having a promotion of RM1.00/ bowl of “ice kacang”!

It was already 9pm when we reached the place.
We found out that they close at 10.30pm.
Ah, we can sit here for another hour or so!  Happy!
We ordered the “promotion” ice kacang, a cup of Indonesia coffee and a glass of green grass jelly drink.
The peanuts in the ice kacang were stale or expired 
the coffee was bland; no aroma and no caffeine kick!
Guess my choice of green grass jelly drink was not too bad.
I liked it!

Our dear friend is not a blogger and not computer savvy but she loves to take pictures!
So, we ended up taking pictures of each other taking pictures!
That night, we did not have a satisfied meal, not the main course and not the dessert, but all of us enjoyed ourselves because of the company.  That night, we just wanted to go somewhere to fill our stomachs; somewhere we could sit and talk and catch up with time.  That night, good food was not the focus.  That night we found that we do not need good food, good wine whatsoever to enjoy good friendship!
Dear friend, may you have a wonderful life!  May you be well and happy always in Australia.  May you find what you are looking for; for yourself, your girls and your family.  May our friendship lasts for a long, long time!  We shall have more fun the next time you come back, okay? 
Three cheers to dear good friend from Australia!

11 responses to this post.

  1. You should have taken her for some nice hawker food or BKT. When my sis come back to Malaysia for holidays, she only want local food and durians. One day my elder brother will take her somewhere for some local speciality, the next I will take her for something different, my mum will cook something., and this eating-spree will go on until we send her to the airport.And yeah, she is a clean-freak. She carries lots of tissues just to wipe spoons, plates, plates and chopsticks and even the small soy-sauce dish. Sometimes I pretend not to look when the hawker or waiter stare at he with an angry face.And in exchange for our treats, I will get a big chunk of cheddar and cooked ham, lots of chocolates and gummies., and there is everything for everyone. Fair exchange ma!…haha!!TFL

  2. TFL, she has gone for all the local food and wanted to try something different. She'd not tried Korean so we went for the BBQ! We did, all that you have done to your sister, to our niece who came back from Japan! Aiyoh, you should see how much she ate! Every other hour, everyday for the 2 weeks she was back! Phew!It is always nice to play host to loved ones from abroad, ya?

  3. Yup, it is always a joy to see them enjoying the food that you introduce to them.Send my regards to your Japan niece and kids. Remind her to teach the kids some simple Chinese language so that they know what food to order when the return to Malaysia.Better watch your waistline sister. If you want to be slim like DC, drink more mau2….hahaha!!TFL

  4. TFL, dear niece in Japan will be in Singapore from March onwards. Her husband got transferred there. Everyone is happy with the piece of news – means we can get together more often from then!Hey, brother! After Mount Kinabalu in June, you will not encourage me to drink mau2 anymore! I shall be the slimmest gal you see in GFrenz! Hahaha!

  5. LG, this is indeed good news. Spore to Malaysia very easy to come. I better go brush up my Japanese language so that we will not be chicken-n-duck talk..haha!!You making the full climb? Better start jogging now to build up your leg muscles [against cramps] and stamina [to counter the thin air]. You must not cheat TFL., weigh yourself before and after the trip. If I am satisfied even with 500 grams reduction in weight I give you treat. If DC going with you, tell her no need to lose [anymore] weight. Eat more and if she gains 500 grams, also have treat.

  6. TFL, you better start saving to give us that treat! It's gonna be a BIG treat coz I am gonna be a BIG "loser" in kg lah! Hahaha!

  7. Hello sister, I really like your optimism. Did the tourist brochure assured you that AFTER ONE CLIMB you lose a few kgs?…and you believe them? You kena "mai-chi-chai" already.For TFL, gain weight – lose weight, doesn't matter. I still give both of you a treat when you return. "aramaiti!!"

  8. Ur blog is cool and funny! 🙂 vry pai say u keep praising me, old already lah! Njoy ur kuih ka pek & all d CNY goodies 😀

  9. TFL, with all my training before the actual climb, I will lose weight lah! In kgs some more! Training will start after CNY!SJ, thanks for your kind words. We must always be young at heart mah! Age is just a number. Had too much CNY goodies already. Lost my waistline again… haizz…

  10. LG, Ya. The food served at that Korean Restaurant was not tasty at all. I tried that before. There is another Korean restaurant located at the same row as the Little Jakarta which the taste is better.(My personal opinion). Maybe next time, you can try that one. But as usuallah, Korean food, not cheap! HF

  11. HF, thanks for the info. There are many Korean BBQ restaurants in Ampang. We have one favourite shop in Ampang Point that sells basic Korean varieties. "Pen len cheng" (cheap, good and nice)!

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