At KLCC on a Saturday afternoon

I finally found an empty table and I chose to sit facing the fountain at the Signature, KLCC’s Food Court. While waiting for my food to arrive, I heard some commotion from the table on my left.
“You see this gadget is very useful. See!” explained the lady sitting parallel to me who was obviously proud to show off a clip affixed on the side of the table which has a hook to be used to hang her handbag.
“Ahhhh…” exclaimed her two friends, sitting opposite her, who were awed by the gadget.
I was thinking to myself: Aiyah, I have seen that thing before lah! My mother used to have one and she uses it whenever she goes for wedding dinners. What is so new about this gadget lah? Haizz. “Big scare small matter”!
I was still thinking to myself: In today’s world, you are not very smart to leave your handbag hanging like that lei! Anyone can just walk by and take it away while you are busy chatting with your friends! And if you are still new with this gadget, you may just walk off forgetting about your handbag because it is not within your sight and feel. Haizz, if that happens, “cry also got no tears”!
Just when I was enjoying my own thoughts, my handphone rang. Why lah? Cannot see me meh? My McDonald’s french fries, ice cream and premium roast coffee could not find me! Hahaha! No lah! Dear cousin claimed she could not see me; said she could not find my back wor! Such a big back also can miss meh! Haizz…
Just when we were settling down with salt sprinkled on the fries and sugar and coffeemate into the coffee, we heard commotion from the people sitting on my right. Ah, a foreign couple. The lady had a map spread on the table in front of her. The man was sitting with his arms folded against his chest. The lady spoke loudly, “You are always so impatient! You just want to get out there and get lost but I like to sit here, check the map and plan our next itinerary, okay!”
Wah! That is one fierce petite lady against one big hunk! How did it end? Both looked at the map, the lady gave her suggestions and the guy said okay and both left happily ever after! A clear example of having happy endings when the guy agrees with everything his gal says! Hahaha!
Oophs, have I been a busy body today ah? Why couldn’t my, once in a blue moon, McDonald’s meal be just another meal? Talking about it, I found their french fries not as tasty as they were before. Did I say I have their RM1 softie ice cream (sundea cone) too? That ice cream never disappoints me though! The premium roast coffee; is always good the first cup! But when it comes to the refill cups, they are just not as good. Did they use sub-standard coffee for their refills ah? I wonder…
That was just one lunch time at KLCC on a Saturday afternoon.
How was your Saturday afternoon.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Saturdays are spent with family. Both my wife and I would prepare a tasty lunch for our daughters. The elder one who lives on her own would come over during the weekend. Therefore, seldom will I get your experience of eavesdropping on others! LOL. No commercial fast food, too!

  2. UV, your daugthers are so lucky! Home cooked food are made in heavens, you know? Provided you guys can cook lah! Hahaha! Of course you can! I have eaten the tasty turkey n lam mee at your house before mah! You cooked one, right?

  3. too many "meh" in your written works may put people off.

  4. Hahaha, Anon, only 2 "meh"s and you are already complaining ah? Never mind lor, it is fun writing mah… not all my posts are like that one. Only do it when in a naughty mood lei… heh heh.

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